WATCHING: SLEUTHS  INTEL  Outer space: not so lifeless after all

SOUTHEASTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA mb=5.3 2004/06/20 04:47:55 57.3 N 139.0 E  Notes

SOS, MAYDAY! Really low on funds--I'm a householder too--and the family is low on potatoes. Funds should have lasted longer, but the Unexpected sadly kicked me in the butt this month.


Silly psyops send out trolls to scuttle the Net

Dubya's Dilemma: Daddy Doesn't Support the Iraq War

Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations

Washington - A group of 26 former senior diplomats and military officials, several appointed to key positions by Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, plans to issue a joint statement this week arguing that President George W. Bush has damaged America's national security and should be defeated in November. Former U.S. envoys want Bush voted out Prominent members include retired Marine Gen. Joseph P. Hoar, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East during the administration of Bush's father; retired Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., ambassador to Britain under president Bill Clinton and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under president Ronald Reagan; and retired Adm. Stansfield Turner, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

New Information Shows Bush Indecisive, Paranoid, Delusional

Oil chief: my fears for planet  Shell boss's 'confession' shocks industry

ALERT: Supertyphoon Dianmu 2

[Natural hazards]

[Left] Typhoon Dianmu regional imagery, 2004.06.16 at 1125Z. Centerpoint Latitude: 15:57:20N Longitude: 136:03:44E

Latest Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) Forecast Positions Discussion

NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division

Forecast 2 Movie

ESA: Perspective view of Mangala Valles

Signs of Seeping Water on Mars  Smokestacks On The Moon?  Cassini



Pentagon to begin spying in Amerika again and recruiting snitches too!

Date: 6/17/04 12:15:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, This speach by Senator Durbin outlines a broad historical analysis as to why the US must not ever condone torture.  It is a remarkably clear reminder of how and why the conventions barring torture had been drafted in the 20th century, and it takes us back through history, reaching back centuries to the time of Star Chambers, then to concepts embraced during the founding of the American nation, and subsequent deliberations on the subject of cruel and unusual punishment. Personally, i think this is worth posting because it summarizes the many historical reasons why the civilized world and Americans find torture repugnant.
RECRUITMENT-OFFICE PROTEST [Man faces felony charges for protesting Abu Ghraib abuse]: It was a skinny pair of stereo wires that got 21-year-old Joe Previtera charged with two felonies. A week ago on Wednesday, the Boston College student poked his head through a gauzy shawl, donned a black pointy hood, and ascended a milk crate positioned to the right of the Armed Forces Recruitment Center’s Tremont Street entrance. He extended his arms like a tired scarecrow; stereo wires dangled from his fingers onto the ground below. Without those wires, the Westwood native could have been mistaken for an eyeless Klansman dipped in black, or maybe even the Wicked Witch of the West.--CAMILLE DODERO Forum

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

Ain´t the techies cool. What is needed is a BlueBeam sweeping holographic projector--to make some ghost-protest-crowds for the Orcs to stun. --Kent

SWAN  Meteor Detection Live Comet Images

ARCHIVES: Site R - Raven Rock This offers information on a hardened US military communications facility, Site R (Raven Rock) Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC), located beneath Raven Rock mountain, near Waynesboro, PA, reported to be the bunker used by Vice President Cheney during the months after 9/11.

 The Armageddon Plan

NWO: Commie Pinkos or Capitalist Pigs?


John D. Rockefeller: The combination is here to stay. Individualism has gone, never to return.

I want to own nothing and control everything.

Competition is a sin.

CBS 60 Minutes Segment on Skull and Bones

ENERGY VOID: pulling out the big guns?

NAVY MANEUVERS? House OKs Pre-emptive U.S. Attack Against Iran Military testing system to jab GPS signal  JUNE 2004, MILITARY MANUVERS, FED RESERVE 


U.S. Navy Plans for Loud Sonar Raises Fears for Whales

Internet Message, 6/14.04 8:44 PST

This past week i was vacationing in the bahamas, and it seems that the dolphin population is somewhat absent

6/17/2004 10:20 pm EDT

I just finished listening to Jim McCanney´s internet radio show. It will soon be archived and available on his website. This is the first and only time in all of his shows i´ve listened to that he covered this topic so extensively. There is some sort of mini solar system entering into ours from the south. If professor McCanney says it´s real you can take it to the bank. You owe it to yourself to listen to this!



EICMP and TECStorms


2004/06/16 04:07:21 36.73N 89.69W 3.2 3.3 SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI

2004/06/15 08:34:22 36.67N 89.68W 9.1 3.7 SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI

WATCH: Asteroid 4179 Toutatis (1989 AC)  Asteroid 25143 Itokawa (1998 SF36)

Asteroid (2004 MR1) 2004-Jun-21 20:36 00:04 1.5/0.0038 1.47/0.00377 Simulation

NEO 2004MC SIM EARTH 2004/06/29.44215 53185.4 Approach max: 0.0092109 AU min: 0.0090946 AU

NASA Spacecraft Reveals Surprising Anatomy of a Comet  Comet Wild 2’s jets and craters astound astronomers

Hot Shots from SOHO The 2004 Venus Transit

Defenses Down, Galactic Dust Storm Hits Solar System

Observations by the DUST experiment on board Ulysses have shown that the 
stream of stardust is highly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field. In the 
1990s, this field, which is drawn out deep into space by the out-flowing 
solar wind, kept most of the stardust out. The most recent data, collected 
up to the end of 2002, shows that this magnetic shield has lost its protective 
power during the recent solar maximum...

WEIRD LIGHTNING STORM SEATTLE [feels tropical and under a high pressure system]
6/3/04 Fireball

Meteorite sighted in NSW June 17, 2004 A METEORITE reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police said today.

6/14/2004 2:54 am EDT Red Fireball

Hello From Four Corners

We had another big fireball in the sky hear this evening. This was red and was streaking across the sky low in the horizon. This will not make the news any more than the other two made the news. I am not sure about the one seen in the Southern part of the state last week which was also seen here. That makes four not counting the numerous smaller chucks seen falling. I will let you know if anymore are seen.
Date: 6/16/04 1:21:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, the peice of rock I have. I have shown five people as well as your pic of the one in New Zealand. They look like twins. Do you know someone I can call about it? It landed in my backyard two days before the New Zealand rock.

Location: Virginia Beach

UFO DOGFIGHT IN ARIZONA?  Teleportation breakthrough made  Radio Interview with an ET

INTEL: Cyprus site of Atlantis  LUCAS: Ancient Civilization


Due to away-time, which by the way more is forthcoming, I've gotten behind with the CDs, will try to catch up today. Here's where I left off. If you have ordered a CD please watch for your zipcode to come up. If it doesn't by today, let me know.


Good time to order when I am focused on production--Kent

RECENT CD MAILINGS TO ZIPCODE: 97504  WN8 0EP UK  06777  81006  66204  N4L IAF CA  17555  82834  34950  99337  32080  45658  01468  22312  3904-AU  49669  89410  85331  17603  01468  63629  10025  60148  83703  63304  85331  53144  80135  68005  63021

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Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street #119A; Seattle, WA 98148

Date: 2/10/04 4:24:49 PM Pacific Standard Time Hi Kent, I received my CD today and just have to say that I'm blown away! The massive effort this must have taken to put together.....incredible job!!! Thank you so much for hanging in there Old Coot!

Date: 3/6/04 9:33:05 AM Pacific Standard Time Holy cow! If your CD isn't consciousness expanding I don't know what is! A bright beacon in the darkness.

Date: 4/25/04 4:33:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time Hi Kent, Thank you for the CD ROM. It arrived on Saturday and it works fine. What a great resource it is Kent. I am pleased I asked for a copy.

NORTH DAKOTA: 27,000 PELICANS DISAPPEAR- ABANDON NESTS YELLOWSTONE GOES CRAZY WITH SMALL QUAKES Wait! It's a ... : Unidentified creature stumps experts  New Crop Circle   How we got homeland security wrong The fortification of Wyoming, and other tales from the new front line  23-acre body of water disappears in St. Louis suburb U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border U.S. nuclear inquiry finds China-Iran link  Iran massing troops on Iraq border <careful, could be political spin Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State  Prominent DC Shrink Diagnoses Bush to be a Paranoid, Sadistic Megalomaniac  A Temporary Coup Reagans not embracing Bush  Inquisition wasn´t quite as bad as people think, says Pope
Allawi: Iraqi officials to get Saddam in 2 weeks Pentagon officials unaware of immediate transfer plans

 Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam

The U.S. general in charge of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq was told by a military intelligence commander that detainees should be treated like dogs, she said in an interview broadcast on Tuesday

BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

On June 8th the Marharishi Mahish Yogi declared to the world 
press in a news conference from Holland

The dark days of tyranny and destruction are coming to an
end and the long sought ideal of Heaven on Earth is about to
dawn for all mankind thru the rise of natural law-- the
light of god--in world consciousness.

He dismissed the remaining patches of destruction in the world as
nothing but the humming of mosquitoes soon to be extinct
forever. The time of darkness is now over. 

REQUEST: I need a craftsman-Luthier to help me realize the building of a mountain dulcimer using the Golden Ratio. It would be revolutionary and MAGICAL--a life long dream. I have the design details, but lack the shop, the good eyesight and the skills--Kent

Watch the Earth - Not the Sky by D.M.


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