Betavoltaic Industries Inc was founded by Michael McDonnough, their President, and Michael Stephen Ruiz their Vice President and Chief Information Officer, with the intent of bringing together top scientists and management professionals to advance the technology of direct conversion of subatomic energy into usable electric power for portable devices and provide power directly from beta decaying isotopes for use in devices ranging from nano-scale electronics and mechanical devices all the way up to macro-scale power applications such as main power for spacecraft.

The Real Secret Word of The Freemasons  by D. M.

Perseus-]+[- n4/30/2004 11:59 pm EDT Strange Signal @ H2O Freq

Hi all. I hear a strange signal at 1420mhz, 1,420Ghz. Its the H freq. Its bandwidth is from 1418 until 1440mhz. Sure it is not ISS or low orbit satellite cause the signal is very stable for many hours and very strong 9++. What this signal can be?  You can also watch the topic at sci.astro.seti and hear the signal at  sound.wav [use loop mode] GOES sat anomaly full res captured loop  Live sat source  Forum 2

More Weird Sat 2  

Pentagon Preps for War in Space But pursuing such a strategy may actually put the United States in greater jeopardy, argues David Wright, with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Iranians Captivated by UFO Sighting 2 [BlueBeam?]  There have been a number of sightings in Iran. And a Connecticut man has the pictures that he says prove something is out there. Flying Saucers for real  

MAAR - Malevolent Alien Abduction Research Web Site

Oceanside Cam [San Diego, April 28]


BELTANE STUNT? East-to-West Woodpecker transmitter Compare

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Sure looks like an external tuned signal is being dumped into our NEXRAD transmissions, that's SCALAR STUFF! Plus the sat images that look like somebody turned on a hair drier by the TV set. It's like my electric guitar, to get a fuzz tone you interfere one signal into another. Do it right and you kick up the sustain, rings forever and the windows rattle--Kent


EICMP and TECStorms




NEW MADRID QUAKE: 2004/05/03 19:25:47 36.28N 89.45W 2.6 2.7 TENNESSEE

2004/05/03 05:12:40 14.35N 90.82W 125.2 5.7 GUATEMALA

2004/05 04:36:51 37.64S 73.21W 30.0 6.6 NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE


200405030524:03May2004 05:14:14.5 34.5N 82.7W 10 Mb=5.5 B A South Carolina, Uni

Subj: Strange Signal @ H2O Freq

Date: 5/1/04 4:35:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time

SLEUTHS Is this the moon? Other? Calculation requested Full resolution NOTE EMAIL: Date: 5/1/04 12:37:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time  it just appeared and the next shot it was gone additional file source UPDATE: Subj: Re: Emailing: fulldisk_c04.jpg  Date: 5/3/04 10:34:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time kent, his isnt the moon


Date: 4/27/04 10:00:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: cplyler

We have finally been able to provide near real time data again to the  web. It can be found at: This graph is uploaded every 30 minutes to include the past 4 hours of  data from 0 to 30 hertz. Thanks, Charlie Plyler

Seventeen Cattle Mysteriously Die at Gilmer Ranch

The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page

 CHECK YOUR COMPASS: North Magnetic Pole could be leaving Canada  Forum

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are working with the Army to develop a detection system that would involve modifying federal radar stations in nearly three dozen cities.

Date: 5/4/04 8:53:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Morning Kent, Review of the Lasco C2 mpeg files, shows at least three bogeys moving left to right on the screen. The first begins 2004/0503 1106 thru 2004/05/05 1006, yes, 24 hours on screen. It begins about 1/4 down the left side and moves until the end of tape to about 1/4 of the way in on the screen. There are two other bogeys, one about 2/3rds down the screen moving toward the sun, and another farther down the screen moving left to right, then taking an apparent sudden vector at about 60 degrees to the SE.



Comets Bradfield and LINEAR Rising [more comets?]

Toutatis hits mainstream news City-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth This Fall

ALLEGORY: The Three Cosmic Wisemen approach the Son/sun, and everything going into high vibe

Close Encounters and Collisions of Comets with The Earth

Meteor Explosion Over Kerala Brings Red Rain, E.T. Microbes

MARS  Mission thread

MARS, THE SEEDS OF LIFE [New Discussion Area]

FORUM: Mars, Destroyed By War? Valles Marineris Palace of Marduk


 Opportunity Lead Rover Fans on a "Bunny" Chase

Giant human skeleton found in Saudi Arabia They were so tall, wide and very powerful that they were able to pull out big trees just with the one hand...[note: some declare this fake, {left} most likely Photoshop, but let's SLEUTH further, hunch, the way the Intel, thought-cops OPerate, sometimes we see reverse-fakes to draw off the heat--anybody have more ACTUAL photos from the alleged Saudi dig?]  The Lovelock Mummies Spirit Cave Man: Timeline More Giants

Ancient Artifacts That Should Not Exist Strange discoveries of objects that should not exist have often placed a huge question mark against what we know of the world. Particularly compelling is the evidence that suggests that deep in antiquity Mankind was considerably more advanced than we have ever dared to imagine.  Karl Rahner´s Transcendental Anthropology


[details please read]

Good time to order when I am focused on production--Kent

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