4/11/2005 8:43:15 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Kent,

  I have enjoyed your site for awhile now. Excellent
job!! I must say. Now for the good stuff.

 I have a passion for all science, physics and
quantum physics. I read the books as a hobby of mine. (geek)

I started this road back in 2001 when I noticed that
the solar maximun did not end in 2000 and the wild
changes to the solar system. Well is now 2005 and I
have gather enough data to come to a conclusion of
what's happening to the solar system and our planet.

Believed or not all points to a massive object that
comes with it's own deadly dust cloud heading our way.
There are many hypothesis on the net, but only an
incoming object like the one described above can
account for ALL the changes that we are seeing...

Most the info on your pages point to just that.
Called it X, Niburu or whatever, the Fact remains that the
object it's inbound and there is nothing anyone can do
about it.

 I just want to say thanks to all who are actually
awake are aware of whats going on. Enjoy while
it lasts. ETA 2005-2010.

  You can post this if you want and email any
questions regarding science or physics that you might have.