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The first paragraph contains comments from the original source of this e-mail. I have no idea if the threat he sees in this technology is real. He does seem a little worked up.

The key issue about the link below is that an "Impulse Gravity Wave" is being emitted. Gravity waves and time waves are really describing the same thing. What is unique here is that this wave is in the form of an "impulse", which can be thought of as a 2nd order Time Wave, or shock wave! This is what made Tom Bearden, a leading researcher in this field insanely paranoid. According to Tom, NOT if but when, this technology becomes weaponized, the implications are beyond your wildest imagination! When a 2nd order Time Wave passes through a living organism, it SHEARS the mind/body interface of that organism. This instantaneous shearing action causes instantaneous DEATH of that organism and EVERY, EVERY organism that the wave comes in contact with. The secondary effect of this wave is that it leaves a volume of matter charged with "time energy". Since this is an impulse, ALL matter coming contact with this wave "instantly" becomes charged with "time energy".

Clocks will run at a different rate in this volume. It makes what Oppenheimer's and Einstein's work on the atom bomb back in the '40s child's play! Physicists look at the 4th dimension as being curled up with an energy density of a factor c^2. Releasing the energy curled up in this dimension makes a 100 megaton nuclear blast a mere insignificant pin-prick on the cosmic scale.


Physics, abstract

From: Giovanni Modanese <>
Date (v1): Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:13:38 GMT   (147kb)
Date (revised v2): Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:25:42 GMT   (147kb)

Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-y} Superconductor with Composite Crystal Structure

Authors: Evgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese
Comments: LaTeX, 32 pages, 7 figures in separated GIF and JPG files. v2: two misprints corrected; Ref. 4 corrected. Some additional material is available at
Subj-class: General Physics

The detection of apparent anomalous forces in the vicinity of high-Tc superconductors under non equilibrium conditions has stimulated an experimental research in which the operating parameters of the experiment have been pushed to values higher than those employed in previous attempts. The results confirm the existence of an unexpected physical interaction. An apparatus has been constructed and tested in which the superconductor is subjected to peak currents in excess of 10^4 A, surface potentials in excess of 1 MV, trapped magnetic field up to 1 T, and temperature down to 40 K. In order to produce the required currents a high voltage discharge technique has been employed. Discharges originating from a superconducting ceramic electrode are accompanied by the emission of radiation which propagates in a focused beam without noticeable attenuation through different materials and exerts a short repulsive force on small movable objects along the propagation axis. Within the measurement error (5 to 7 %) the impulse is proportional to the mass of the objects and independent on their composition. It therefore resembles a gravitational impulse. The observed phenomenon appears to be absolutely new and unprecedented in the literature. It cannot be understood in the framework of general relativity. A theory is proposed which combines a quantum gravity approach with anomalous vacuum fluctuations.


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