Subj: Smoking Gun in Enrongate - Let the impeachment begin?
Date: 1/27/02 7:02:19 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Smoking Gun in Enrongate - Let the impeachment begin?
By : Mike Hersh - 01/24/02

Former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Curtis Hebert, Jr.  is
going public with explosive allegations.  Hebert says Enron CEO Ken Lay--the
largest contributor to George Walker Bush--made improper demands.

When Lay threatened that his close friend Bush, would fire Hebert unless he
obeyed, Hebert refused.  Lay ordered Bush to fire Hebert, and Bush complied
in August 2001.  Hebert has been on record about all of this for months,
but he recently made a new, even more explosive charge.  Hebert says Bush
also let Lay INTERVIEW him and other candidates for FERC Chairman in the
first place!

In a nutshell: Enron gave Bush $millions to sponsor his rise from a losing
Candidate for the US House to the "leader of the free world."  In return,
Bush gave Enron "hireand fire" authority over the FERC, and performed other
favors in return for money.  This directly and personally ties Bush to the
Enrongate scandal in all its illegality.

Bush betrayed his oath to the American people when he let Ken Lay hand pick
regulatory watchdogs we entrusted to prevent the massive meltdown that cost
Americans $billions.  This makes letting the fox guard the hen house look like
tender loving fiduciary care.

This is nothing new for Bush, who fired Texas Funeral Service Commission
(TFSC) director Eliza May in retaliation for her investigations of Service
Corporation International and its CEO Robert Waltrip. Waltrip--like
Enron's Lay--is a longtime Bush patron.

Bush lied under oath regarding this political quid-pro-quo, then he and SCI
settled a lawsuit to keep May quiet.  Texas taxpayers picked up $155,000 of
the hush money tab, while SCI paid May the other $55,000, according to a
Dallas Morning News story published 11/09/2001.  Texans know this scandal
as "Funeralgate."

The Rule of Law requires that Bush testify under oath about Funeralgate, his
and his Brother John Ellis Bush's Votergate activities during the 2000
election in Florida, and Enrongate.  We already know George Walker Bush has
an established pattern of helping his friends and backers evade regulation
and possibly even criminal charges!

We must demand action now, because Enron and its accountants at Anderson have
been destroying evidence by the box-load.  We must know what Bush did, and why
he did it.

Enrongate is not just a Bush scandal: this is a Republican scandal.  Other
top GOP officials like VP Dick Cheney, White House advisor Karl Rove, House
Leader Dick Armey and Sen.  Phil Gramm also helped Enron plunder and evade
regulation.  They helped Enron rip off consumers, investors and employees.

Ignore Republican and media efforts to spin this as a business scandal or
a bipartisan scandal.  This is not about the generous, but legal
contributions Enron made: 73% to Republicans, 27% to Democrats.  This is
a GOP political scandal because Republicans helped Enron pay no taxes in
four out of five years, while hiding profits in offshore accounts.  Despite
the hype, no Democrat did anything of the sort.

Even with all these special favors, golden boy Ken Lay ran Enron into
the ground. Adding insult to injury, if not perfidy to perjury, the
Republican "stimulus porkage" aims to give Enron and Lay even MORE of
your tax money.

This Republican scandal exposes GOP corruption at the highest levels,
but more profoundly, it reveals the bankruptcy of the GOP "government
is the problem" ideology.  It blows the lid off Bush's Enronomics, and
his plan to Enronitize Social Security, energy and other policies.

I am currently working on another article concerning these fundamental
failures in Republican philosophy.  For now, back to the immediate
scandal.  Already, Armey and Gramm are quitting politics to escape
Enrongate, but ending their careers to enjoy tax-paid pensions may not
be enough to satisfy justice and the Rule of Law.

These top Republicans--all outspoken critics of President Clinton's
conduct in office--should welcome full-scale investigations into their
own apparent influence pedaling.  As should House Whip Tom DeLay,
VP Cheney, George Walker Bush, and other GOP leaders.  As should
Ken Lay, Sen. Gramm's wife Wendy--a former regulator turned Enron
board member.

If they broke the law, they should pay the penalty.  That's been the
Republican mantra for nearly a decade.  Let them prove they meant it
by volunteering to testifybefore the US Senate--under oath, on national
television.  If they're innocent, what do they have to fear?  They
should welcome the opportunity to come clean or set the record straight.

Despite their nonstop pontificating about others' lacking accountability,
I'm not confident these Republicans will step up and do the right thing. 
We must take it upon ourselves to demand justice and uphold the Rule of
Law.  Call the media and your elected officials NOW to make sure they
understand the real issues in Enrongate, Funeralgate, and Votergate.

Let the investigations, perhaps even impeachment begin!

Mike Hersh is a contributing writer for
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