Subj: UFO's in Idaho
Date: 6/22/01 12:37:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, this is a letter I wrote to art bell the other night after a sighting.  Art Bell is out of town for a while so I thought I would run It pass you and see if anyone else has seen this.
{12:33 am June 18.  My wife and I were out side using our telescope and tracking satilites when I noticed 4 UFO's in formation. I suspect they were very high, It looked as if they were skimming the upper atmosphere.  I first noticed them through the trees, at first I thought they were a metior burning up, but they left no trail and they were in a military V type flying formation and they kinda floated closer and further away from each other, being a former US Marine, the pattern looked military.  They resembled Mars in color, a little lighter and about half as bright, but probably X10 in size.  Hazy around the edges and brighter but more solid twards the center.  Wow, I thought this would never happen to me, especially in a small non UFO sighting place in Fruitland Idaho.  They were to the north of Fruitland coming from the East moving Twards the West at about the same declination as Polaris.  It only took them a few seconds to travers the sky.  It was so weird, Ive seen metiorites in the sky, and these were definatly not them.  I should also note that prior to this sighting, I kept seeing brilliant flashes in the sky, and I kept asking my wife if she had seen them.  Wow, it really freaked my wife out and she insisted that we come in from outside.  She didnt want anything to happen to us.
Please ask your listeners if they had seen the same thing I did.}

Thats it, thanks
Fruitland ID