Subj: Test email: is your internet backbone allright today?
Date: 2/22/02 11:35:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

ANY IDEAS? This message was posted to RumorMillNews Reading Room. Maybe they're "forcing" an internet provider to go down and slow the whole 'net? When will Bush & the gang's madness end? That Army dude did say to watch out for today: I wonder if this is what they meant? HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE INTERNET OR RMNEWS POSTS? Posted By: Rayelan Date: Friday, 22 February 2002, 11:34 a.m. From Agents and Readers: Raye... what's up? Did you delete me? I can't get on the forum. Rayelan, I can't post messages. I can get the template for posting, but when I try to post, it says the page doesn't exist. Dear Webbbs, I can't get your page to come up. Have they shot you down? To Whomever: What happened, your page is gone. Rayelan, I can't get a message to post, what's the problem? From Rayelan: I don't think there is anything wrong with the webpage, I think it is the Internet -- I can't get on the web with my Mindspring connection most of the time, and when it does connect I find that I can't open most webpages. They time out before they open. AOL still seems to work. I am also having trouble with my Mindspring email. I usually receive 500+ emails daily. For the last week, I have had about 10 emails each day. Yesterday I received three! The day before there were 10, but I had to read them on the web, they wouldn't download into my Outlook Express program. I can't state that Rumor Mill News is being singled out for this treatment, it seems more like it is the Internet. Take a look at the collection of articles below. I wonder if "someone" is getting ready to "crash" the Internet because people are "waking up" too fast? What do you think? In the article below you will see mention of events that slowed the Internet to a crawl... 9-11 -- a tunnel fire in Baltimore -- If the Internet is slowed down by certain catastrophes, then what catastrophe can be blamed for the last few days? What has happened that we haven't been told about? R

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Bob Date: Thu Feb 21, 2002 7:36 pm Subject: Qwest about to bring the internet down And today, Qwest, shut out of the short-term commercial paper market, said it would exhaust a $4 billion credit line set up by J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. J.P Morgan also wrote off $351 million in losses from exposure to Argentina. ________________________________________________________________

A scrapped $110 million purchase order by Qwest Communications International Inc. , a local telephone company in 14 states, especially weighed on Corvis [the optical switching company Qwest needs to keep from starting the inet dominos to fall]


Subject: Another quick 105% gain. YOUR TURN next??? Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:58:27 EST From: Reply-To: Here's the truth about today's so-called communications "fiber glut" that everyone keeps talking about: "Qwest -- one of America's biggest carriers -- recently said they're 60% loaded on their network. That doesn't sound too bad...until you understand how these networks operate. You can't load a network much past 65%. In fact, 70% is virtually CATASTROPHIC[for the whole internet!!!]" WHEN the World Trade Center got hit, the Internet slowed down -- very noticeably slowed down. In fact, it nearly came to a grinding halt! That means there isn't nearly enough capacity or redundancy built into the system to accommodate a blip in demand. Sources tell me that the government is very worried about this problem[but they "worried" about Enron]. After all, this is the second time it's happened. Back in July, a tunnel fire in Baltimore [clue #2 - draw a line NYC/Balt/ChantillyVA! -Bob] slowed the Internet to a crawl for two full days. That means our communications systems -- and therefore our economy -- are very, very vulnerable. [reconcentrated inet! -B] Shares Sag on Outlook, Downgrade Fri Feb 8, 3:56 PM ET COLUMBIA, Md. (Reuters) - Shares of Corvis Corp. fell nearly 7 percent on Friday, a day after the optical network gear maker posted a wider fourth-quarter loss, forecast flat to lower current-quarter revenues and said a major contract had been canceled. A scrapped $110 million purchase order by Qwest [despite irrelevent security show parade, 9/11 no fighters from Andrews AFB, and Qwest approaches its inet sabotage point BUT cancels Corvis order!!!! -Bob] Communications International Inc. , a local telephone company in 14 states, especially weighed on Corvis shares, analysts said. "There is a lot of uncertainty there," said Jeffrey Lipton of J.P. Morgan H&Q, also citing concerns about future orders from Broadwing Communications Inc. and Williams Communications Group Inc. , Corvis' only customers in the fourth quarter. While analysts will keep a close watch on how Corvis' talks with Qwest progress, investors will also look harder at equipment trials Corvis has overseas, including one with Spanish telecom giant Telefonica , said Merrill Lynch analyst Simon Leopold. [founder, CEO] Huber said Corvis expects to see revenues from Telefonica in the first half. He also said Corvis should see first-half revenues from another global carrier, which he did not name. the longest SEC insider selling Form 144 list I've ever seen Dr. David Huber, president and CEO. "Yet, during 2001, Corvis achieved a number of significant milestones including delivering the world's first all-optical network." >From point-to-point links to all-optical networks, Corvis Corporation delivers innovative optical network solutions that drive carrier profitability faster than any other vendor. Corvis continues to demonstrate optical leadership with numerous industry firsts, including the first and only commercial all-optical network and integrated all-optical switches, [no translation to digital data and back -B] the first to transmit over 6000 km without costly electronic regeneration and first to deploy Raman amplification commercially. Corvis' innovative solutions enable carriers to provision new wavelength-based services rapidly and to tailor dynamic service level agreements for rapid revenue generation. Corvis' future-ready product portfolio solves carrier network challenges with scalable, robust solutions that reduce capital and operating expenditures.