Subj: A Hyper Dimensional Resonator? Which year should I travel to first?

Date: 8/25/02 7:01:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Have you ever read about this Hyper Dimensional Resonator?

It comes from this page.

Kent, it just hit me that the above link might possibly be related to

the Becker-Hagens grid points. I'd have to do some research into UFO

sightings, to find out where the time travel power points are.

If this Resonator thing works around the Becker-Hagens grid nodes, I'm

gonna need some tutorials about time travel. Suppose I buy one of these

Resonator things: will someone be able to help me time travel with this

thing? Which year should I travel to first? Go back to September 10,

2001, and email thousands of people about 9-11 and the Pentagon? Or if

I go back and disable the implosion bombs in the WTC towers, will all

the buildings stand back up again? Wouldn't that be NEAT? Or if time

gets changed, will I be the only one seeing the new reality of the twin

towers never getting bombed? Or would the cosmos allow me to copy down

the Powerball lottery numbers and give them to someone?

Boy, I don't remember H.G. Wells mentioning this earth grid point stuff.

Maybe I've got an interesting idea, here, huh? I need to find a time

travel expert.