12/14/2004 5:48:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Had occasion very recently to talk to someone "in the know" about the armor and Humvees.
Seems that the company that does the armoring is operating at less than 50% capacity....on two shifts--forget the third.
400 'ish units a month, waiting on P.O.'s to come in to increase the capacity to help our sons, brothers, fathers, sisters, etc. to stay alive.
This is a sad story.  Capable of nearly 1000 armored Humvees a month--our boys continue to die--makeshift or none, armor.
But like in the Gensu Knife Commercial, "WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!"
It seems that someone in the "way up" echelon has decided that instead of MORE armored Humvees, we need BETTER armored Humvees.  (Sounds good, right--better is good, right?)
Yep, better is good.  Better is so much "good" that the US Military in their infinite wisdom is DIVERTING the moneys of the EXISTING contract of supply of Armored Humvees (remember the 400 per month?) to pay for the R&D of the "NEW AND IMPROVED ARMORED HUMVEE".  Lets recap here.
**Not only are our kids, brothers, Dads, sisters, uncles, aunts, mothers not going to get 1000 armored Humvees a month, they are now not going to get the 400 armored Humvees now coming off of the assembly line!!  They will now be getting about 200 Armored Humvees per month!!
Back to the Ginsu Knife Commercial...
"Wait, there's more!!"
Word on the street has it that almost exclusively, employees/administrators of Halliburton/KB&Root and the like (other contractors) are getting those Armored Humvees that monthly come off the line from Armoring.***
Reality Check Time--
When you "Just don't Understand, you simply don't know the agenda."  This is a war of attrition for both sides.  A war of destruction and maiming.  A war to destroy large sections of humanity and cause pain, fear, and loathing.  Who is behind this?
Find out.  It is your duty.