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Date: 1/21/03 6:03:41 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Having looked at the 5 years worth of thousands of solar images and data, one common denominator repeats itself with reference to the appearance of our Sol cruiser, or plasma carrier as we ccalled it a few years ago - that is the SC appears 99.9% of the time either just prior to or during an initial CME event. If you spot the SC and the sun is relatively quiet, you can be sure that not long after a large CME will erupt. Durring an event of this type you will often observe some sort of plasma beam from the SC to the sun.

Now this offers two concepts.

That the SC - or Plasma carrier as we called them as it appeared to be collecting plasma energy - is either causing the CME in order to utilise the energy from the sun, or it knows in advance when and where a disruption will take place thus urtilising the energy displaced...hence that unusual "plasma beam" it collecting or discharging? - that is the question.

I believe it to be collecting (may be both) - charges up and shoots off to power up some large container "battery" somewhere (possibly just beyond Jupiter) returning to repeat the process....

As earth's time begins to merge with the sun's time, hence all this activity, we believe you will see much more activity soon.

This activity may also account for the soon to arrive incoming from the outer reaches of our own sol system - whether you would call it Planet X, Niburu, wormwood Katchina blue star or whatever...SOMETHING is disturbing our sol and someone out there knows this and making use of it!

In my Solar anomaly CD I have made mention of Liz Edwards a number of times and especially in the acknowledgements...I wish her a speedy recovery.

Best wishes

Howard - Amabilac

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Well the important aspect of these observations is that one leads to another and another.

We simply watch and then theorize as we go, but to make really certain that we don't toss everything in a theory file without examining the specific details.

For instance, there are indeed particles that smack the lens so to speak, but some are different from others, some have CCD wings, others not. Some seem to be really dramatic, CCD artifact or not:

The Thunderbird:

(an event is an event, whatever the explanation, and why is one event so powerfully marked over another?)

Also by starting with the Sun Cruiser observations we begin to come in contact with other phenomena, the strange play of the plasma, the geometry, etc.

For instance today, 1/21/03 the sun blew a smoke ring:

Question, through what medium is this smoke ring carried or staged? Do these rings form in empty space, in a vacuum? What is going on?

Also today, 1/21/03, the sun tossed out a second CME that has "right angles'? What is the cause of geometry? Do we smoke a pipe and it blows out cubes? What in the name of plasma causes this effect?

So you see one investigates leads to one thing and it leads to another. Premature explanations sometimes logjam even more startling realizations.


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Bravo, Kent. I think that the comment on the CCD artifacts was specifically focused upon the "suncruiser" phenomenon, but as I understand it, as much as that seems to make sense, there are times where there is evidence which seems to confirm that these things are more than just a glitch. In any case, glad that you wrote that.