HAARPsters admit to low frequency ELF propagation experiments:
Date: 3/23/02 6:29:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

roughly around 22 oct 2001: section from spooks-digest:

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:13:14 -0700
Subject: [Spooks] Fwd: Re: Signal on 5.8 MHz (Mystery solved)

Hi all,

Here's my email to the HAARP folks from last night, and their response. 
More later, but I guess this should be my last post to Spooks on this topic
as it doesn't appear to have anything to do with spies.

Sure was fun 'investigating' this.  What a great hobby.

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From: webmaster <webmaster@haarp.alaska.edu>
CC: webmaster@maestro.haarp.alaska.edu
Subject: Re: Signal on 5.8 MHz
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 07:29:05 -0400

Thanks for your inquiry. There is a current research effort underway
at the HAARP Observatory and 5.8 MHz is one of the frequencies being
used by the HF transmitter. The research campaign, which is scheduled
to end after today, is studying propagation of ELF signals in the
magnetosphere, the region above the ionosphere. You are probably
hearing the modulation on the 5.8 MHz carrier signal. These tones are
converted into independent ELF signals at the same frequency
(approximately 1 - 3 kHz).

Although the primary purpose of the test is study of ELF propagation
mechanisms, we are certainly interested in any technical details you
can provide on the HF signal. Also, we would be happy to send you a
QSL card to confirm your reception report if you like. I assume we
can find your address in the callbook.

Best wishes,
>To whom it may concern,
>For a number of days now I have been monitoring a strange signal on
>5.8 MHz.  I note that your spectrum monitor chart shows it clearly,
>as well as a number of other intermittent signals in the HF
>spectrum.  Can you tell me if this signal is an ionosonde or other
>HAARP signal?  And if so, are you willing to provide me with any
>technical details about this experiment?
>I am a radio amateur who is interested in unusual HF signals, and I
>am in contact with a large number of like-minded individuals
>worldwide.  If you are interested, I can probably arrange for you to
>receive reception reports.  The signal has been quite strong in
>western North America and around the Pacific Rim, but monitors in
>Europe have had little success receiving it.
>Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.
>Squamish, BC, Canada