Subj: Fwd: [TimeStar] Update on today's eclipse
Date: 7/6/01 12:18:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time

When the U S. Geological Survey updated its web site this afternoon, the results for recent earthquakes were more startling than I had anticipated.  Thirteen (13) of the 21 recent earthquakes were in Japan, most of them in Honshu.  These numbers are especially interesting for two reasons:
1.  The 13: 21 ratio is very close to the "golden ratio" of the Greek Phi, or .618.  This means that the number of earthquakes in Japan reflected the golden ratio that is found throughout nature.  This is the number I look for because I often see it in the number of events in a TimeStar window, which is 1/20th of the planet's area, compared to all other events on the globe.
2.  Honshu, Japan became a very significant location when I laid out the TimeStar tetrahedron for the June 27 to July 9 window on the East Kennett crop circle made discovered June 21, 2001.  By using a mathematical sequence that approximates the golden ratio of .618 (Fibonacci) from the center of the tetrahedron, the coast of Honshu, Japan was identified by latitude and longitude.  I've tried several different methods of describing areas for each TimeStar window over the years, and concluded that the geometries of the East Kennett crop circle were the most efficient, which is another way of saying "elegant" in the strictest meaning of the word. 
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