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Hi Kent, thank you so much for all your hard work...I received this in my email last night and thought you might like to read it.....blessings

Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 7:26 PM
Subject: The Holy Trinity Appears TONIGHT, April 23rd, 2002


Tonight with your lovely two naked eyes, you can see the splendor of a
rare planetary configuration.  Venus, Mars, and Saturn form a tight
and compact triangle, a pudendum of sorts, for time-space penetration.
  All three planets will shine as brightly as a full moon, just not as

This "holy trinity" will be something to tell your grandchildren
about, expecially since the Asteroid Vesta is very close to this
alignment, and Nostradamus had foretold this long ago.

It looks like the Pope in Rome will soon go to heaven!!

It comes as no shock that the Earth has in just the last week,
undergone THREE SEPARATE Coronal Mass Ejections [CMEs] from the sun,
and they have each IMPACTED Mother Earth.

The last one collided with the Earth yesterday, and is still lingering
around a little today, for the Trinity above.

Go to http://www.spacew.com/aurora/forum.html  for more on this.

Sunspot complex 9906 left the west limb of the Sun and is a large and
significant X1.5 solar x-ray flare, producing a prompt space radiation
storm with very very energetic protons.

Something BIG really BIG is coming down the celestial pike, and will
culminate around May 5th and May 23rd, as some two or three "comets"
join the gang around Earth.

Maybe something wonderful and mysterious will flush out the devil from
the Garden of Eden, ... something like that, and soon reduce all the
little devilish minions to dead cosmic lice.

Then our cowed astrophysicists will finally understand what is a
supernova, and why they exist, and the truth of black holes and disks.


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From a web site dedicated to the upcoming planetary conjunction....

Another piece of the puzzle?
A quote from page 12 of http://ikeya_zhang.tripod.com/illusion.html


Vesta has a diameter of about 500 km.
Vesta is a dry body that has been resurfaced by basaltic lava flows.
During April and May [2002] the time for which Vesta can be seen after
sunset  will gradually diminish. However in mid May there is a grouping of the 5
naked eye planets to the north west which will gradually become visible after

Vesta will also be amonst them, visible in binoculars.

Cen. 10, Qua. 6
The Gordon will flood Nimes so high
That they will believe Noahs flood reborn:
Into the colossus the greater part will fly away,
Vesta tomb fire to appear extinguished.

" *Vesta,... tomb,... fire to appear extinguished".

In every other quatrain "vestal" is spelled "vestale". Erroneously 10-6
was included in this Index. In C10-Q6 the spelling is VESTA, and is unique
in that distinction.

Colosse, which translates "colossus" is interpreted as "Coliseum" in
most texts, and is presumed to be the amphitheater in Nimes. Nostradamus
often capitalizes proper names even when they are masked. An example is the
capitalization of the word "Tub" which he substituted for "Atlantic",
but DID capitalize. Since, colosse is not capitalized and clearly represents
something huge or colossal, the possibilty exists that the population of Nimes is
engulfed by a colossal wave, that coincides with Deucalion [Noah's

A similar error is made when translators write "the greatest one of Rome
will die, the night over". Implying that the Pope dies, even though other
prophecies clearly state that he flees Rome to die at a later date. When
Nostradamus writes "the greatest of Rome", it clearly a possibility that he was
stating..."most of Rome". A horrendous observation, I admit, but clearly a likely
interpretation...along with..."Into the colossus the greater part will disappear".
Again,..a horrendous observation, BUT...I didn't write these damn things, I'm just trying to interpret them.
As Nostradamus warned??????