8/8/2005 4:28:19 AM Pacific Standard Time

" are some full resolution clips of the previously posted
videos, and some new ones. I keep finding things while reviewing the
footage. I will post any new stuff I find.
These are large files so 56kers beware.
I am reviewing the timeline at the moment, and will post the approximate
times and orbit for each clip if possible.
They are all between when the shuttle undocks and shortly after the

Have fun.

Shuttle UFO CLIP 1
23.1MB 720 x 480 .MPG2 30 seconds long

Shuttle UFO CLIP 2
25MB 720 x 480 .MPG2 28 seconds long

Shuttle UFO CLIP 3
30MB 720 x 480 .MPG2 39 seconds long

POSSIBLE DEBRIS CLIP 1 (I think they said it was lense glare)
38.7MB 720 x 480 .MPG2 59 seconds long

POSSIBLE DEBRIS CLIP 2 (makes a 90 degree turn though)
19.5MB 720 x 480 .MPG2 33 seconds long

I will explain quickly the way that site works in case you are impatient like me. On the first page you get scroll down and click the "Free" button next to "select your download." On the next page you get if you scroll to the bottom it will show you how long you have to wait until the download starts... usually about 25 sec I think. Then you should get a link to click or it might open a save as box.