alchemike:  whoa...just read that something that went 'bingo'...

alchemike:  BLUE MOON ALERT:  Mount St. Helens in Washington is spewing ash and steam, and scientists say a bigger eruption could happen soon. This means sky watchers in western North America should be alert for blue moons in the weeks ahead.
alchemike:  That's right. Blue moons. Airborne particles from volcanoes can act like a color-filter, tinging the moon (or even the sun) blue. In recent years people have seen blue moons after the eruptions of El Chichon in 1983, Mount St. Helens in 1980 and Mount Pinatubo in 1991. The moon rises tonight at about 9 p.m..
alchemike:  blue star???
alchemike:  watch the volcanoes???
alchemike:  you have 3 winters...
alchemike:  nov 2004...
alchemike:  [Quoting Elder's Prophecies] indexback28.html..
alchemike:  gulp

BARDSQUILL:  pressure built up again, expecting it to blow
alchemike: alchemike:  awesome site
BARDSQUILL:  steaming now
BARDSQUILL:  a whole mountain steaming, pretty awesome
alchemike:  what's rainier doing these days???

BARDSQUILL:  3 quakes/min
BARDSQUILL:  dunno rainier

BARDSQUILL:  TV crews only 4 miles from mountain, they gonna be toast if it blows like '88
alchemike:  what if it blows worse???
alchemike:  how bad could it be??? is there any way to even know???
alchemike:  might blow off the whole western seaboard...
alchemike:  heh
alchemike:  hope not tho...
alchemike:  then bardo is pyroclastic toast...

BARDSQUILL:  They Evacuating area around Helens
alchemike:  watch the volcanoes...
BARDSQUILL:  they think next eruption might be a hummer
BARDSQUILL:  with magma at the surface
alchemike:  gulp

BARDSQUILL:  Earthquakes have stopped and Helens going into a state of tremor, which means the magma is rising
alchemike:  gawd
BARDSQUILL:  gonna blow bigtime fire belching, leave a big hole in ground, a lot of magma with fresh magma from deeper down
BARDSQUILL:  gone into tremor, weird freaky term
alchemike:  i'm laughing...i always start giggling when i get really nervous
alchemike:  yea...tremor...
alchemike:  weird term...
BARDSQUILL:  the feds and geo-dudes live now, seem freaked out
BARDSQUILL:  constant tremor
BARDSQUILL:  they bookin outta there
BARDSQUILL:  15 miles further away
BARDSQUILL:  incrementally bigger blast than they thought
BARDSQUILL:  oboy, fun
BARDSQUILL:  top of helens alive now, stuff happnin
alchemike:  kent...tonight is gonna be incredible...
alchemike:  i can feel it...
alchemike:  i think this whole radio thing is a way for us to document and record and share all of these things that are happening...
alchemike:  the timing is toooo much
alchemike:  i mean i am shaking...
alchemike:  i can just feel this
alchemike:  electric...
BARDSQUILL:  they are mentioning an event with worldwide consequences