Remember that black water photo you posted? 

3/29/02 5:37:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

The answer to Wayne's question could very well be the truth about this black water photo you mentioned.  Too many people are ignoring all the little stories about floods and poisons filtering in our water.  It's time for us to stop polluting the earth and fire people in charge if necessary.

Wayne: Commercial fishermen along the Southwest Florida coast are reporting a massive dead zone that is almost devoid of marine life in an area of the Gulf of Mexico traditionally known as a rich fishing ground. (  Can you tell us what is going on there and what is the cause of this dead zone?

This is in part due to the hog farms that are putting contaminants into the water.  These hog farms are located on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.  If you remember some months ago, there was a great flooding in that area and the poisons and contaminants followed a natural current of water down around the coast of Florida and into the Gulf area, where there is a type of jet stream.  If you remember the news stories of some time ago, there were fish being found dead, eaten alive by some type of microorganism and this in part is what has happened to the fishing grounds.  Also remember that these same microorganisms were found along the coastlines all the way to Texas and had begun to travel some distance inland.  These microorganisms were found in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.  There have also been reports of the flesh of humans also being destroyed.  These incidents are reported but never heard of again and your scientific community has been giving serious warnings that, unless these issues are addressed and soon, much trouble could lie ahead for human beings.

At this point I would like to mention that over the last couple of days we have mentioned world conditions that could become dire.  We are not exactly making predictions, but only what appears to us as to be potentially volatile situations.  All of these conditions are subject to change based upon the activities of your consciousness.  Now remember that to change prophecy, you must utilize what we call the Tensor Equation.  You will find reference to this equation in the book called We, the Arcturians.  Basically, to reiterate, it is using one part mental energy and two parts emotional energy.  To make the equation work, your mind forms a theorem and then your emotionally charged energies ratify and implement the plan.  The desire body must become very intensely fired by your kundalini energy in order to implement the plans of the mind.  It is very good to sit in meditation and reach the state of peace within you, but that should only be the first step of your meditation.  You must open the doors to both the world of your mind and the world of your emotions and become very creative in dialoguing with your high self conjoining with the many levels of your soul energy.  The Education of Oversoul Seven by Seth and Jane Roberts speaks of the many levels of soul and these levels are what we have called ‘composite beings.’

As for the dead zone areas, there are many of these areas forming at this time upon the planet.  There has been much talk by your scientists of frogs that have been born deformed.  There have been many serious oil spills and also, if you remember the oil fires of Kuwait, the consequences of that burning is also being seen in genetically-impaired life forms.  The consequences of all of these conditions can become very dire and great warnings to governmental officials have been issued by many scientists, who issued warnings to the governments that they would release to the public their findings.  And again, we would remind all of the readers who use our information for positive purposes to use the energy of both the great blue-white cross and also the star tetrahedron.

Oh those hog farms, my how they are forgotten...

See? It wasn't hard to find related Florida pollution stories. Several word combos in will work:

florida million-gallons flooded

...that kind of thing. That pollution happened in 1995, and then the magic seven years came up. In 2002 it's like the Almighty is reinforcing the "what comes around, goes around" heavenly rule. Or you reap what you sow.

All kinds of corruption from accounting to environmental issues will be exposed this year. We must fight to eliminate corporate corruption this year, or the angels might just stop helping us and let the earth go to pot. But I'm fighting every day. I won't let the earth fall apart if I can help it...