Recent Articles posted on Rense.Com ( - see below this article for a full listing) have discussed concerns over the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and have alluded to current US plans to capture Paki nuclear warheads in the event of a fundamentalist Muslim coup overthrowing Pakistan’s pro USA leadership.

Obviously such stories will have stirred up pre-existing Paki paranoia about possible US or Israeli intentions regarding the Muslim BOMB and other existing Paki nuclear infrastructure. These news stories will therefore have promptly ensured that the Paki Nukes have been even more deeply hidden and protected, thereby removing any possibility that US troops could easily locate and secure same. It would appear that the USA cannot keep secrets or else someone is playing another kind of intel game ???

I can add some personally gleaned info regarding the Paki nuclear bomb programme and quite recent historical designs against it by the USA and Israel that your readers might find of interest. The following information was provided several years ago by credible persons in Pakistan and India - whom I have no reason to believe were lying.

In 1988 I, and a fellow geologist, travelled to Pakistan to inspect some gold and platinum group metal (PGM) mineral prospects for a consortium of Australian investors. We flew from Perth, Western Australia, to Bangkok, Thailand, to connect with a Pakistan Airlines 747 jumbo jet for passage on to Pakistan’s capital - Islamabad.

In Bangkok our small Swiss Army pocket knives were confiscated by Paki Flight Attendants before we were allowed onto the Paki jumbo jet. The entire rear half of this jet was a giant cargo hold - passengers were only carried in the front section – forward of the main wing. There were several Paki secret service agents on board – each armed with small automatic machine pistols. We saw them standing around the aircraft prior to their boarding - after all passengers had boarded and ground crew had departed the area. We set next to one in the upper deck business class. He proudly showed us his machine pistol and informed us the intense security was due to the nature of the cargo – namely nuclear components for the Paki bomb project.

This jet had just arrived from the USA en-route to Pakistan – it was a good bet that the nuclear components were of US origin ??? Yet extant World press stories suggested this Paki bomb was a totally home grown affair, or possibly aided by Chinese technology transfer ???

It is an interesting mental exercise to travel in front of a batch of nuclear bomb components flying over the Indian Ocean quite close to Pakistan’s avowed enemy - India.

Upon arrival in Islamabad we forwarded on an internal flight to Quetta in central western Pakistan. Quetta is currently in the news re the US war on the Taliban. It is an amazing place. I considered Quetta to be a modern version of a Wild West town – say Dodge City or Tombstone. Every other person had a Kalashnikov automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, or a revolver, or a wicked looking large curved dagger in his waste band - often all three.

The Afghan – Russian war was in full swing and the town was full of Afghan refugees. The markets had rows of Russian army uniforms, shirts, boots etc., and those fur "bear" caps with little Russian Red stars on them – all for sale at very cheap prices. Every one of these uniforms or hats had a small calibre dark red lined hole right through it and was often dark stained over a larger area – visible in-spite of obvious attempts at cleaning. It was fairly easy to see how the previous owner had been persuaded to part with his clothes……………..

You could buy any kind of weapon in the market place or you could visit backyard factories where they specialised in working copies of modern guns. The Sten gun and the Uzi were some of their favourites – both being fairly easy to fabricate in a primitive middle ages style metal work shop. Yep – Quetta was a really wild place - yet quite likeable in a sort of John Wayne sense.

In company with Paki Government Geological Survey geologists, drivers, and field assistants we drove by light truck from Quetta on the highway running west towards the Iranian border. This highway runs just south of Afghanistan through fairly rugged dusty mountains and across very desolate volcanic explosive debris deserts. There is very little vegetation in sight anywhere. It felt a bit like living in my childhood "Boys Own Annual" stories of the North-West Frontier, or in a Colonel Harry Flashman adventure. There were armed soldiers, checkpoints, and hill forts – literally armed with muzzle and breech loading canon (of British Raj vintage) – every few miles. I kept expecting to see Gunga Din come over the hill at any moment.

This Western Highway was built by the British in 1938 to supply their operations in Iran and Iraq during WW II. I can attest that that was obviously the last time it saw tarmac and a smooth surface and that consequently our progress was slow and very bumpy – it often being better to drive off the road. I am used to very poor quality Australian bush roads and can confirm that Pakistan has developed the art of poor roads to greater heights – even surpassing some Mexican Baja highways.

We were guarded by two truck loads of Kalashnikov toting troopers from the "Horan Rifles". This fine band of men were there to stop zealous Mujahdin from Afghanistan kidnapping us and selling us back to our home country for a US$ Million each – as had apparently been happening recently to the odd luckless foreign aid worker. Non of this was known to us - as it had not made our Australian press. But we were assured by Paki army officers that the Australian government had recently coughed up $2 Million for two of our fellow countrymen engaged in aid work, and that this was a far from unique experience that had also been enjoyed by the USA and other Western nations. Apparently the money was used to buy weapons to fight the Russians………………..

Our guardians were eager to please and we would stop for lunch and blaze away with their guns at distant hillside rocks with prodigious quantities of ammo. I particularly liked a sort of Chinese Bren Gun clone and our soldiers would cheer with genuine delight if I managed to hit the target rock. We spent several days traversing the region west of Quetta, sometimes staying in military forts, and at other times camped under the stars.

Around the camp fire (as you do) we told stories and discussed the world’s problems comparing our differing points of view. These were all good men – our Pathan guides especially so. Being border Pakis they all had relatives from the same tribe who were technically Afghans by virtue of where they lived. The border was actually non-existent other than a line drawn on maps. It being located within very rugged mountains where only the passes were guarded.

Drug smuggling and general brigandry were popular forms of local endeavour, to which had recently been added gun and ammo smuggling for the war against Russia.

One afternoon we saw on our southern horizon a large dark range of mountains. Glancing at the geology map of Pakistan I noticed this was a large ultramafic complex, so being professionally interested in such rock types and their potential for Nickel and PGE mineralisation, I asked if we could visit same ……………

My Paki geologist associates laughed and said this was THE ONE place in Pakistan that we could not go – nor could they – it was host to the Paki nuclear bomb project facility in deep underground tunnels. This was where they manufactured and stored the Muslim bomb…………….

Anyone attempting to go into those mountains would be shot dead – no questions asked. The Paki Geological Survey had some field geology mapping parties beaten up just for venturing near those ranges. [Just imagine say the USGS field guys being beaten up for venturing near some US Secret facility in say Colorado, or the BGS crews being beaten up for venturing near Salisbury Plain ………………….]

After three weeks of travel and a host of adventures worthy of a Kipling novel we returned to Quetta to fly out to Islamabad and thence home. After take-off one of the Paki geologists travelling with us showed me that morning’s local Quetta Newspaper – There was a headline story about a band of "Communist’s" who had been apprehended the previous night hiding at the end of the Quetta airstrip armed with Russian shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles. Their "interrogation" by Paki police had led to the conclusion they were intending to shoot down the morning flight to Islamabad – our flight………………….

I was thus quite relieved that our rock assays demonstrated no interesting gold or PGM values and we were not required to return to Quetta. I had found Pakistan to be a fascinating place full of contradictions, but on the whole better socially organised for the support of the poor than I had seen in India – this being apparently a Muslim support thing. Even the poorest family had a tent to live in whereas at this time in India the poor lived in the street or under the stars. The wisdom of such poor countries building nuclear bombs eluded me completely then - and still does today.

Several years later (in 1996) I was back in the sub-continent working in India looking at defunct British Raj Victorian era gold deposits for possible re-development. I had dinner one evening with our Indian agent at his Delhi residence. This old gentleman was well placed in Indian Government power broking circles. One of his equally well placed relatives joined us for whisky after dinner. This person was a serving senior intelligence officer in the Indian Airforce.

Over a good malt (as you do) we discussed our careers, work, and the world. He informed me he had been a fighter pilot during the last Indian – Pakistan war, and described his dangerous moments. I mentioned my geological expedition inside Pakistan a few years earlier and described my experiences near the "Nuclear Mountain Range".

Then he stated that India had (just a few years previously) been approached by the US Government with a "crazy plan" for a joint Israeli-US-Indian attack against the very same Paki Nuclear Bomb Facility and other nuclear infrastructure – such as reactors etc. This feeler approach was made just a couple of years after Israel had bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor and bomb development facilities.

The "crazy plan" involved Israeli jet bombers flying non stop from Israel over the Arabian Sea, being refuelled by USAF aerial tankers en-route, and attacking targets inside Pakistan. These aircraft would approach Pakistan from the south-west and would utilise micro nukes to achieve their tasks.

A couple of US aircraft carriers would be located south of Pakistan to offer air support in suppressing Paki radar and fighters etc., and to pick up any pilots if needed, or to act as emergency landing fields for damaged aircraft. The attacking aircraft were to eventually depart Pakistan flying south and then divert south-east into India for refuelling and servicing at Indian Air Force bases prior to flying home to Israel over the Arabian Sea with further USAF tanker support en-route.

India rejected this plan outright as they considered it far too crazy with a high possibility of it going completely and horribly wrong. They considered that Pakistan would certainly believe the attack had been arranged and sourced from India, and that therefore India could easily find undamaged Paki nukes coming back their way in retaliation. At the very least it would probably precipitate a major war between Pakistan and India. There was also a reasonable fear that Israeli and US jets might actually attack Indian nuclear facilities near Bombay under the guise of the same plan.

At this time there was general ill will in Indian government circles towards Israel and the USA – caused by Mossad and CIA support for the Tamil Tiger insurgency in southern India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Apparently India views Mossad as the major supplier of arms and training to the Tamil Tigers. In Indian eyes both the CIA and Mossad were therefore ultimately responsible for (if not directly complicit in) the then recent terrorist bombing murder of the Indian Prime-Minister - Mr. Ghandi.

Interestingly the USA Bush administration has now branded the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organisation …………… When will it do the same to Mossad and the CIA ???

The Indian refusal of the US-Israeli plan should also be seen in the context of the post war history of Indo-US affairs – such as provocative US aircraft carrier task force action in the Bay of Bengal during the last Indo-Pak war. Indian aircraft were actually en-route to attack a USN nuclear aircraft carrier located south of Calcutta but were recalled after the US and Indian leaders reached a last minute hotline understanding. India has long seen the US as supporting Pakistan in her fight with India over Kashmir etc.

In fact go back far enough in time and you will find that many Indians blame the USA for political manipulation and covert action that led to religious civil war and the break up of Greater India after WWII into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India. Churchill actually blamed Mountbatten and never forgave him for complicity in this USA design. This geo-political game appears to have been motivated by a desire to reduce the economic power potential of Greater India in the post war world. The pot has been kept boiling over a long time by several wars and skirmishes against either the Pakistanis or the Chinese – sometimes both. [Today the front line in Kashmir is highly dangerous with regular active artillery fire and skirmishes plus infiltration of Muslim guerrilla terrorist bands across the border].

Thus Indian military and government officials had no particular reason to trust the US-Israel plan re bombing the Paki nuke facilities. In fact the entire proposal could have killed two birds with one stone so to speak by taking out the Muslim bomb AND igniting another war between India and Pakistan – to keep them both embroiled and thus unable to aspire to greater economic heights and the big boy power league. The "Divide and Rule Policy" still reigns supreme - long after the passage of perfidious Albion.

My friendly Hindu Indian intelligence officer then mused that Israel and the USA would almost certainly ultimately "get" the Paki bomb – "since these Zionists could not stand the idea of a Muslim bomb as it was such a threat to Israel’s long term goals and their very existence".

Pakistan therefore has a genuine right to it’s "paranoia" concerning designs against it’s nukes. Pakistan should definitely wonder how safe it’s nuclear industry and it’s nuclear bombs are in the current "War on Terrorism". But that might not be the only worry for Pakistan ……….

The real issue could well be that US military actions are aimed not only at grabbing control of Afghanistan, but at stirring the pot in Pakistan to catalyse the creation of a "popular" Muslim up-rising and a Paki civil war. During civil war all manner of incursions and incidents can occur – such as actions against nuclear weapon stores and ultimately taking covert control of an entire country???

Civil wars – or revolutions- can be relatively easily taken over in their closing stages by a simple push to the main popular revolutionary vector eg. the Russian Revolution and the late power grab by Lenin utilising Western funding to buy and terrorise his way into control, or the Iranian revolution and the late arrival of the Ayatollah from his well funded Parisian safe house hibernation.

In both these cases the apparent prizes for the funding sources behind these figureheads were huge – namely (1) control of Russian oil and other resources and a pivotal chess piece in the game of planetary control that ultimately created the Berlin Wall encompassed slave empire of the USSR and it’s satellites , and (2) the removal of a deluded God (the Shah of Iran – originally emplaced by a CIA designed and executed revolution – who replaced the previous British emplaced ruler) and ultimately thereby control of both the Iranian and eventually the Iraqi oil output.

Stalin first reared his head well before the Russian Revolution whilst organising the Baku oil workers to burn down the oil fields there. This action benefited the early Rockerfella New York based Standard Oil company in it’s distribution fight in Asia against Samuels London based Shell Oil. Later after Lenin figure-headed the take over of the Russian Revolution Stalin pounced and took control of Russia. Was Russia thereafter a country subverted and covertly controlled by certain "Big Oil" interests ???

The Ayatollah and Sadam Hussein soon obliged Big OIl by leading Iran and Iraq into a major war that required the trade of their copious oil production to fund their arms and food requirements – bought at expensive rates from the West, Russia, China, and North Korea by shipments of very cheap oil.

The terrorist strikes against the USA on September 11 have provided the excuse for the US to now carryout big stick policies against Afghanistan with the stated aim to remove the Taliban from control and to grab or kill Osama bin Laden. Several reporters have recently pointed out the existence of huge oil resources in the northern Caspian region and a requirement by "Big Oil" to build a pipeline to get this oil to the western market via Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian sea. There is also a possible need to re-instate the world opium and heroin trade after Taliban interference with same. Thus there exists a big need to install a friendly king or ruler in both of these countries too.

The horrors of September 11 have turned out to be so terribly convenient…………….

There have been other similarly convenient events affecting Muslim countries in recent times:-

Recently the World’s largest Muslim country - Indonesia - has seen an increase in internal dissent that has lead to fears amongst her political elite that the country could be in progress of dismemberment into an Asian Balkans. These insurrectional activities followed on rapidly from the great Bre-Ex Busang gold mine scandal and attempts by then President Suharto to grab majority equity control of this supposedly huge gold resource.

At one time it was alleged that the newly "discovered" Busang mine rivalled the Witwatersrand South African Gold Fields in ore reserves size. The Canadian promoters of Bre-EX made fortunes on the stock exchange with this wonderful "fairy story".

Ex President George Bush Snr. was reportedly pushing for "his" US mining giant Barrack Gold to acquire a major share holding in this new monster gold deposit. Suharto played his control hand grabbing a huge personal family equity from the grasp of Bre-Ex and Barrack Gold, then came the discovery that the gold resource had been deliberately salted, their geologist committed "suicide" by jumping out of a transport plane (no body found). You have to laugh about these rogues all fighting over a non existent scam – there is a God………………...

This was rapidly followed by the Asian Financial Crisis, which, according to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir, was caused by the US Treasury and George Soros collectively and deliberately manipulating Asian currency markets. Indonesian currencies fell to unheard of low levels against the US Dollar. Then internal civil wars flared up across Indonesia involving previously little heard of local "Peoples Fronts". All this instability led rapidly to the apparent removal of Suharto from power and his replacement by a democratic leader.

Suharto was yet another CIA installed asset who apparently forgot where his bread had been buttered. Noriega, the Shah, Sadam Hussein, and Suharto – all anointed despots who strayed – three on George Bush Snr’s watch………………….

This orchestrated destabilisation of the Indonesian Empire then culminated in Indonesia’s loss of East Timor (previously stolen by Indonesia from the Timorese people - after the withdrawal of the previous Colonial overlord - Portugal). There was thereby a change of ownership in the vast new oil fields recently located mid-way between Australia and East Timor - in the Timor Sea. To great acclaim Australian and UN troops moved into East Timor to stabilise the change of resource ownership and restore "democracy" to the Timorese– under UN rule……………..

Of course no one can deny that Indonesian military atrocities against the Timorese, or their other archipelago minorities, were, and continue to be, unacceptably oppressive, and like the medieval Taliban, that they are fully deserving of rapid removal from "office". Of course one should not look too closely at who installed these regimes or trained and armed them in the first place ……………

Having worked and travelled in several Arab and Muslim countries I am certain that the present US bombing actions in Afghanistan coupled with their labelling of Osama bin Laden (without presentation of real proof) will eventually trigger major internal dissent in many Muslim countries. This will easily lead to civil war in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Indonesia and other Muslim states.

Any Muslim leaders supporting the US line on "Terrorism" will, apart from being similarly guilty of humbug, become a target for assassination. Saudi Arabia is already reported to be in the throws of a power struggle within the royal family as to who is to replace an ailing king, that is quite apart from other Saudi forces who dislike that particular royal family line with great intensity.

Now a series of Muslim civil war/revolutions would open up untold opportunities for "Big Oil’s" covert behind the scenes boys. The list of possible booty could including the Paki nukes, access for Caspian oil to the west via a "tamed" Afghanistan and Pakistan, control over the vast Saudi oil reserves, and a fully dismembered Indonesian empire and control of her offshore oil assets. If Sadam Hussein, and Iraq, are also re-invoked and finally handled then the enemies of Israel would have all but been eliminated, and the known mega oil fields of the planet would have been just about fully tied up. Not to mention a probably sizeable reduction in planetary population on the way……………..

Now that could take 50 years – as advertised …………………..

Divide and Rule is the name of the Game – with the prize being total control of the entire planet’s known mega oil reserves – that means ultimately control of you .………………..

Now if you are tempted to believe that such conspiracies do not happen outside of the Conspiracy Theorists head then I have one final tale to tell.

In the mid to late 1970's I worked for the Anaconda Mining Company of Denver USA in their Australian exploration operations. The company had been taken over by the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company. ARCO was a spin off from Standard Oil demanded by US anti-trust laws - somewhat similar to the court ordered dismemberment of Bell Telephone. ARCO was ruled by a President appointed by the incumbent Rockerfella from out of his senior Standard Oil staff. Anaconda had seen it’s major assets (huge copper mines in Chile) nationalised by the new democratically elected socialist ruler of Chile – one Salvador Allende.

On a visit to the USA I was entertained with several other geologists to dinner by the chief geologist of ARCO in Dallas. He spent the entire dinner crowing about how the CIA coup that had overthrown Allende had been arranged by him and his boss with the CIA - at the urging of Rockerfella. Rockerfella was pissed off with the loss of his copper mines and paid for their return and the demise of Allende. This was the coup that installed General pinochet as dictator of Chile.

The date of that very successful Chilean coup d’etat was September 11th (1973)……….

Obviously just another co-incidence.



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