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1.000 03/2001 A                  D                                  O  U  
Hindsley, R.; Harrington, R.; Urban, S.
Catalog of Positions of IR Stellar Sources (CPIRSS) (Hindsley+ 1994)

1.000 08/1999         F              T                                      
Douglas, T. A.; Chamberlain, C. P.; Harrington, R. R.
Nitrogen-Isotopic Values as a Proxy for Land Use Patterns in the Connecticut River Watershed

1.000 01/1994 A      F  G      D          R  C      S          O  U  
Hindsley, Robert B.; Harrington, Robert S.
The U.S. Naval observatory catalog of positions of infrared stellar sources

1.000 04/1993 A      F  G      D          R  C      S          O  U  
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Guetter, H. H.; Riepe, B. Y.; Walker, R. L.; Pier, J. R.; Vrba, F. J.; Luginbuhl, C. B.; Harris, H. C.; et al.
U.S. Naval Observatory photographic parallaxes - List IX

1.000 09/1992 A  E                          R  C                          
Delyra, Jorge L.; Dewitt, Bryce; Foong, See Kit; Gallivan, T. E.; Harrington, Rob; Kapulkin, Arie; Myers, Eric; Polchinski, Joseph
The quantized O(1,2)/O(2)×Z2 sigma model has no continuum limit in four dimensions. I. Theoretical framework

1.000 09/1992     E                          R                              
L. Delyra, Jorge; Dewitt, Bryce; Foong, See Kit; Gallivan, T. E.; Harrington, Rob; Kapulkin, Arie; Myers, Eric; Polchinski, Joseph
The quantized O(1,2)/O(2)×Z2 sigma model has no continuum limit in four dimensions. II. Lattice simulation

1.000 06/1992 A  E                                      S  N              
Mueller, J.; Harrington, R. G.; Wilson, A. G.; Brewer, C.; Mendenhall, J. D.
Supernovae 1950N and 1950O in Anonymous Galaxies

1.000 05/1992 A  E                                      S  N              
Mueller, J.; Harrington, R. G.; Mendenhall, J. D.
Supernova 1955R in UGC 7740

1.000 05/1992
Harrington, R. S.
Double Star Head Count

1.000 00/1992         F  G          T      R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. W.
A Review of Dynamical Studies of Multiple Stars

1.000 00/1992         F  G          T      R                          U  
Harrington, R. S.; Douglass, G. G.; Worley, C. E.

1.000 10/1991 A                                                          U  
Harrington, Robert S.
Search for planet X

1.000 03/1991 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.
Some aspects of multiple-star ephemeris computation

1.000 01/1991 A  E                                      S  N              
Mueller, J.; Harrington, R. G.; Mendenhall, J. D.; Staples, S.
Supernova 1954ad in UGC 4467

1.000 00/1991                         T          C                      U  
Kammeyer, P. C.; Fliegel, H. F.; Harrington, R. S.
Optical Astrometry and the Global Positioning System

1.000 11/1990 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Douglass, G. G.; Harrington, R. S.
The U.S. Naval Observatory zodiacal zone catalog

1.000 08/1990 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Harrington, R. S.
The triple system G208-44AB/45

1.000 09/1989         F  G                                                  
Douglass, G. G.; Harrington, R. S.
Catalog of Zodiacal Zone Star Positions and Proper Motions

1.000 09/1989         F  G                                              U  
Harrington, R. S.
The Search for Planet X

1.000 00/1989
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.
Book Review: Astrophysics of brown dwarfs. / Cambridge U Press, 1986.

1.000 00/1989
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.; van den Heuvel, E. P. J.
Book Review: Astrophysics of brown dwarfs. / Cambridge U Press, 1986.

1.000 10/1988 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.
The location of Planet X

1.000 08/1988 A      F  G                      C      S                  
Harrington, Robert S.; Dahn, Conard C.
The Unseen Companion of G152-31

1.000 07/1988         F  G                                                  
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.; Fritze, K.
Book-Review - Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs

1.000 06/1988 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Geyer, David W.; Harrington, Robert S.; Worley, Charles E.
Parallax, orbit, and mass of the visual binary L726-8

1.000 06/1988                                                             U  
Harrington, R. S.
The Location of Planet X

1.000 05/1988 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Walker, R. L.; Harrington, R. S.
Positions of planets and natural satellites. III

1.000 01/1988 A      F  G      D          R  C      S  N      O  U  
Dahn, C. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Guetter, H. H.; Luginbuhl, C. B.; Riepe, B. Y.; Walker, R. L.; Pier, J. R.; Vrba, F. J.; Monet, D. G.; et al.
U.S. Naval Observatory parallaxes of faint stars - List VIII

1.000 00/1988
Kaftos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.
Book-Review - Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs

1.000 00/1988 A                      T      R  C                      U  
Seidelmann, P. K.; Harrington, R. S.
Planet X - The current status

1.000 09/1987 A                                                          U  
Harrington, R. S.
Planetary motion in Alpha Centauri

1.000 08/1987
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.
Book-Review - Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs

1.000 06/1987         F  G                              S                  
Harrington, R. S.
The companion to VB8 revisted.

1.000 06/1987                                     C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.; Harrington, B. J.
Barnard's Star - a Status Report on an Intriguing Neighbor

1.000 06/1987         F  G                                                  
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.; King, A.
Book-Review - Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs

1.000 05/1987
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.
Book-Review - Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs

1.000 04/1987         F  G          T                                      
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.; Bailey, M. E.
Book Review: Astrophysics of brown dwarfs. / Cambridge U Press, 1986.

1.000 02/1987         F  G                                                  
Kafatos, M. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Maran, S. P.; Vincent, F.
Book Review: Astrophysics of brown dwarfs. / Cambridge U Press, 1986.

1.000 09/1986         F  G                              S              U  
Harrington, R. S.
Barnard's Star Once Again

1.000 09/1986 A                                                              
Yeomans, D. K.; West, R.; Harrington, R.; Marsden, B.
International Halley Watch: Discipline specialists for astronomy

1.000 04/1986                                                             U  
Harrington, R. S.
Planet X?

1.000 03/1986 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Dahn, C. C.; Liebert, J.; Harrington, R. S.
LHS 292 and the luminosity function of the nearby M dwarfs

1.000 01/1986 A      F  G      D          R  C      S              U  
Dearborn, D. S. P.; Liebert, James; Aaronson, Marc; Dahn, Conard C.; Harrington, Robert; Mould, Jeremy; Greenstein, Jesse L.
On the nature of the dwarf carbon star G77-61

1.000 00/1986 A                      T                          L          
Kafatos, Minas C.; Harrington, Robert S.; Maran, Stephen P.
Astrophysics of brown dwarfs; Proceedings of the Workshop, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Oct. 14, 15, 1985

1.000 00/1986 A                      T          C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.
The astrometric detection of brown dwarfs

1.000 00/1986                         T                                      
Harrington, R. S.
Parallaxes with Large Reflectors

1.000 11/1985 A                              R                              
Harrington, R. S.
A review of astrometric observing

1.000 07/1985
Harrington, R. S.
A Perpetual Gregorian Calendar

1.000 02/1985                                     C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; Harrington, B. J.
The Astrophysical Zoo - Van Biesbroeck 8 and Van Biesbroeck 10 - Dark Companions of Nearby Stars

1.000 01/1985 A      F  G                  R  C      S          O  U  
Harrington, R. S.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Christy, J. W.; Dahn, C. C.; Riepe, B. Y.; Guetter, H. H.; Ables, H. D.; Hewitt, A. V.; Vrba, F. J.; Walker, R. L.
U.S. Naval Observatory parallaxes of faint stars - List VII

1.000 01/1985 A                                  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.
Implications of the observed distributions of very long period comet orbits

1.000 11/1984                         T                                      
Yeomans, D. K.; West, R. M.; Harrington, R. S.; Marsden, B. G.
Cometary Astrometry

1.000 11/1984 A                      T          C                          
Harrington, R. S.
The IHW reference star catalogs for Comets Halley and Giocobini-Zinner

1.000 09/1984 A  E                              C      S              U  
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.

1.000 06/1984 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Harrington, R. S.; Walker, R. L.
Positions of planets and natural satellites. II

1.000 05/1984 A                              R  C                          
Seidelmann, P. K.; Harrington, R. S.; Szebehely, V.
Dynamics of Saturn's E ring

1.000 02/1984 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.
The orientation of the orbit plane of Algol AB

1.000 01/1984 A      F  G      D          R  C      S  N          U  
Argue, A. N.; de Vegt, C.; Elsmore, B.; Fanselow, J.; Harrington, R.; Hemenway, P.; Johnston, K. J.; Kuhr, H.; Kumkova, I.; Niell, A. E.; et al.
A catalog of selected compact radio sources for the construction of an extragalactic radio/optical reference frame

1.000 01/1984 A      F  G                              S                  
Josties, F. J.; Harrington, R. S.
Photographic measures of double stars

1.000 09/1983 A      F  G                  R  C      S  N              
Harrington, R. S.; Douglass, G. G.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Smith, C. A.; Guetter, H. H.
Precise positions in the FK4 system for ten optical counterparts of extragalactic radio sources

1.000 07/1983 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Harrington, R. S.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Dahn, C. C.
Astrometry of the low-luminosity stars VB8 and VB10

1.000 06/1983         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R.
Apparent Objects of Jovian Mass Around van Biesbroeck 8 and 10

1.000 06/1983                         T          C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Liebert, J. W.
LHS292 - a New Late-Type Red Dwarf Within Five Parsecs of the Sun

1.000 05/1983 A  E                                                          
Kumamori, T.; Kosai, H.; Douglass, G.; Harrington, R. S.; Milet, B.; Stattmayer, P.; West, R. M.; Manning, B.; Skiff, B. A.; Shoemaker, C.; et al.
Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock (1983d)

1.000 00/1983 A                      T          C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; Franz, O. G.
Current techniques in double and multiple star research

1.000 00/1983 A                      T                                      
Harrington, R. S.
Some aspects of visual binary star orbit determination

1.000 03/1982         F  G                      C                          
Harrington, R. S.; Kallarakal, V. V.
The Astrometric Perturbations of G208-44, L850-62, W922, and Barnard's Star

1.000 02/1982 A      F  G      D          R  C      S          O  U  
Dahn, C. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Riepe, B. Y.; Christy, J. W.; Guetter, H. H.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Miranian, M.; Walker, R. L.; Vrba, F. J.; Hewitt, A. V.; et al.
U.S. Naval Observatory parallaxes of faint stars. VI

1.000 10/1981         F  G                                          O      
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.
Erratum - Summary of U.S..NAVAL-OBSERVATORY Parallaxes

1.000 08/1981 A                              R  C                          
Seidelmann, P. K.; Harrington, R. S.; Pascu, D.; Baum, W. A.; Currie, D. G.; Westphal, J. A.; Danielson, G. E.
Saturn satellite observations and orbits from the 1980 ring plane crossing

1.000 07/1981 A                              R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; Seidelmann, P. K.
The dynamics of the Saturnian satellites 1980S1 and 1980S3

1.000 06/1981 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.; Christy, J. W.; Strand, K. A.
The nearby quadruple system G 107-69/70

1.000 03/1981 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; Christy, J. W.
The satellite of Pluto. III

1.000 03/1981         F  G                                              U  
van Flandern, T. C.; Pulkkinen, K. F.; Santoro, E. J.; Seidelmann, P. K.; Harrington, R. S.
Perturbations of a Trans-Neptunian Planet

1.000 03/1981         F  G                                                  
Seidelmann, P. K.; Harrington, R. S.; Pascu, D.; Baum, W. A.; Currie, D.; Westphal, J. A.; Danielson, G. E.
Saturn Satellite Observations and Orbits from the 1980 Ring Plane Crossing

1.000 03/1981         F  G                                              U  
Harrington, R. S.; Seidelmann, P. K.
The Dynamics of the Saturnian Satellites 1980S1 and 1980S3

1.000 02/1981         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.; Westerhout, G.

1.000 00/1981 A                      T                                      
Harrington, R. S.
Planetary orbits in multiple star systems

1.000 00/1981
Tombaugh, C. W.; Harrington, R. S.
Book-Review - Out of the Darkness - the Planet Pluto

1.000 11/1980 A  E                                                          
Pascu, D.; Harrington, R.; Seidelmann, P. K.
Satellites of Saturn

1.000 10/1980 A                      T          C                          
Christy, J. W.; Harrington, R. S.
The discovery and orbit of Charon

1.000 09/1980 A  E                              C                          
Harrington, R. S.; Christy, J. W.
1978 P 1

1.000 06/1980 A                                                              
Harrington, R. S.; Harrington, B. J.
Pluto - Still an enigma after 50 years

1.000 05/1980 A  E                                                          
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Christy, J. W.
Probable Occultation by 1978 P 1

1.000 04/1980 A      F  G                      C      S          O  U  
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.
Summary of U.S. Naval Observatory parallaxes

1.000 03/1980         F  G                      C                          
Christy, J. W.; Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Strand, K. A.
The Nearby Multiple System G107-69/70

1.000 03/1980         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.; Christy, J. W.
The Orbit of the Satellite of Pluto

1.000 02/1980 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Harrington, R. S.; Christy, J. W.
The satellite of Pluto. II

1.000 01/1980 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Kaplan, G. H.; Kallarakal, V. V.; Harrington, R. S.; Johnston, K. J.; Spencer, J. H.
The coincidence of the radio and optical emission from SS433

1.000 00/1980
Szebehely, V.; Harrington, R. S.
Book-Review - Dynamics of Planets and Satellites and Theories of Their Motion

1.000 00/1980                         T                                      
Whyte, A. J.; Harrington, R. S.
Book-Review - the Planet Pluto

1.000 08/1979 A  E                              C                      U  
Kemp, J. C.; Arbabi, M.; Klemola, A.; Harlan, E.; Harrington, R.
SS 433

1.000 07/1979 A                                  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.; van Flandern, T. C.
The satellites of Neptune and the origin of Pluto

1.000 04/1979 A  E                                                      U  
Harrington, R. S.

1.000 00/1979
Harrington, R. S.; Harrington, B. J.
The Discovery of Pluto's Moon

1.000 08/1978 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Christy, J. W.; Harrington, R. S.
The satellite of Pluto

1.000 07/1978 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Walker, R. L.; Christy, J. W.; Harrington, R. S.
Positions of planets and natural satellites

1.000 04/1978 A                                                          U  
Harrington, R. S.; Harrington, B. J.
Can we find a place to live near a multiple star

1.000 00/1978         F  G          T          C                      U  
Dahn, C. C.; Harrington, R. S.
Subluminous Stars in the HR Diagram

1.000 00/1978                                     C                          
Harrington, Robert S.
Fifth catalog of trigonometric parallaxes of faint stars

1.000 09/1977 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Harrington, R. S.
Planetary orbits in binary stars

1.000 09/1977         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.; Kallarakal, V. V.
Systematic Errors of Naval Observatory Trigonometric Parallaxes.

1.000 09/1977         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.; van Flandern, T. C.
A Dynamical Study of Escaped Satellites of Neptune.

1.000 06/1977 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Harrington, Robert S.; Miranian, Mihran
Observational Selection in Binary-Star Eccentricities

1.000 05/1977 A      F  G          T      R  C                          
Harrington, R. S.
A Review of the Dynamics of Classical Triple Stars

1.000 05/1977 A      F  G          T      R                              
Harrington, R. S.
Multiple Star Formation from N-Body System Decay

1.000 04/1977 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.
The perturbation of Wolf 1062.

1.000 02/1977 A  E                                                      U  
Taylor, G. E.; Dunham, D. W.; Harrington, R. S.
Occultation of gamma Ceti by (6) Hebe on 1977 March 5

1.000 10/1976     E                                                          
Donn, B.; Harrington, R.; Miller, Freeman D.
Background for a Mission. (Book Reviews: The Study of Comets. Proceedings of a colloquium, Greenbelt, Md., Oct. 1974)

1.000 09/1976         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.
Planetary Orbits in Binary Stars.

1.000 08/1976 A                                  C                          
van Flandern, T. C.; Harrington, R. S.
A dynamical investigation of the conjecture that Mercury is an escaped satellite of Venus

1.000 04/1976 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Behall, A. L.; Harrington, R. S.
The perturbations of G 96-45 and G 146-72.

1.000 03/1976         F  G      D          R  C      S                  
Dahn, C. C.; Harrington, R. S.
LP 380-5/6, a binary system containing a late-type degenarate star.

1.000 00/1976                                                         O      
Dahn, C. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Riepe, B. Y.; Christy, J. W.; Guetter, H. H.; Behall, A. L.; Walker, R. L.; Hewitt, A. V.; Ables, H. D.
Fourth catalog of trigonometric parallaxes of faint stars.

1.000 00/1976 A                      T                                      
Donn, B.; Mumma, M. J.; Jackson, W. M.; Ahearn, M.; Harrington, R.
The study of comets, part 1

1.000 00/1976 A                      T                                      
Donn, B.; Mumma, M.; Jackson, W. M.; Ahearn, M.; Harrington, R.
The study of comets, part 2

1.000 12/1975 A      F  G                  R  C                      U  
Harrington, R. S.
Production of triple stars by the dynamical decay of small stellar systems

1.000 09/1975 A  E                              C                          
de Vegt, C.; Gehlich, U.; Murray, C. A.; Harrington, R. S.; Kosai, H.; de Graeve, E.; Martin, G.; Koch, R. H.; Ambruster, C. W.; Hull, A. B.; et al.
Nova Cygni 1975

1.000 08/1975 A  E                                                          
Fehrenbach, Ch.; Andrillat, Y.; Dossin, F.; Woszczyk, A.; Devinney, E.; McCracken, C.; Mrkos, A.; Debehogne, H.; Roland, G.; Waterfield, R. L.; et al.
Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon (1975h)

1.000 07/1975 A  E                                                          
Clark, M.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Gilmore, A. C.; Debehogne, H.; Milet, B.; Seki, T.; Tomita, K.; Osawa, K.; Giclas, H. L.; Kantz, M. L.; et al.
Comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon (1975h)

1.000 06/1975         F  G                                              U  
Harrington, R. S.
The Stability of Triple Stars

1.000 03/1975 A      F  G                  R  C                  O      
Brandt, J. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Roosen, R. G.
Interplanetary gas. XX - Does the radial solar wind speed increase with latitude

1.000 03/1975
Brandt, J. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Roosen, R. G.
Are There Latitudinal Variations in Solar Wind Speeds?

1.000 00/1975                                     C                          
Harrington, Robert S.
Third catalog of trigonometric parallaxes of faint stars

1.000 00/1975                                                         O      
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Behall, A. L.; Priser, J. B.; Christy, J. W.; Riepe, B. Y.; Ables, H. D.; Guetter, H. H.; Hewitt, A. V.; Walker, R. L.
Third catalog of trigonometric parallaxes of faint stars.

1.000 12/1974 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.; Guetter, H. H.
The Nearby Double Star G208-44/45

1.000 09/1974         F  G                                              U  
Roosen, R. G.; Harrington, R. S.
Variations in the Solar Constant.

1.000 09/1974         F  G                                                  
Harrington, R. S.; van Flandern, T. C.
A Dynamical Investigation of the Conjecture that Mercury is an Escaped Satellite of Venus.

1.000 00/1974
Harrington, R. S.
The Dynamical Decay of Unstable 4-Body Systems

1.000 00/1974         F  G          T          C                          
Strand, K. Aa.; Harrington, R. S.; Dahn, C. C.
The U. S. Naval Observatory Parallax Program

1.000 12/1973 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.; Behall, A. L.
The mass ratio of L 726-8.

1.000 11/1973 A  E                                                          
Urata, T.; Klemola, A. R.; Harrington, R. S.; Spinrad, H.; Smith, H. E.; Leibert, J.; Waterfield, R. L.; Morris, C. S.; Meisel, D.; Jones, A. F.; et al.
Comet Kohoutek (1973f)

1.000 06/1973         F  G                                                  
Brandt, J. C.; Harrington, R. S.; Roosen, R. G.
Is There Meridional Flow in the Solar Wind?

1.000 01/1973         F  G                                                  
Brandt, J. C.; Maran, S. P.; Williamson, R.; Harrington, R. S.; Cochran, C.; Kennedy, M.; Kennedy, W. J.; Chamberlain, V. D.
Possible Records of the Crab Nebula Supernova in the Western United States.

1.000 11/1972 A      F  G                  R  C                  O      
Brandt, J. C.; Roosen, R. G.; Harrington, R. S.
Interplanetary gas. XVII. an astrometric determination of solar wind velocities from orientations of ionic comet tails

1.000 06/1972 A      F  G                      C                          
Dahn, C. C.; Behall, A. L.; Gutter, H. H.; Priser, J. B.; Harrington, R. S.; Strand, K. Aa.; Riddle, R. K.
The Low-Luminosity Star G51-15

1.000 06/1972         F  G                                              U  
Brandt, J. C.; Maran, S. P.; Kennedy, M. M.; Harrington, R. S.
A Northern California Pictograph That May Be Another Record of the Crab Nebula Supernova Explosion.

1.000 00/1972
Harrington, Robert S.
Stability Criteria for Triple Stars

1.000 00/1972
Harrington, Robert S.; Mintz, Betty F.
Positions of bright minor planets

1.000 00/1972                                     C              L          
Harrington, Robert S.; Mintz, Betty F.
Positions of bright minor planets

1.000 11/1971 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Harrington, Robert S.
The Perturbation of G24-16

1.000 09/1971         F  G                                                  
Harrington, Robert S.
Systematic Errors in the AGK3 in the Region of the Pleiades.

1.000 01/1971
Harrington, R. S.
The Naval Observatory Sunspot Program

1.000 00/1971                                                     L          
Harrington, Robert S.; Miranian, M.
Sunspot areas 1907-1970

1.000 12/1970 A      F  G                  R  C                          
Harrington, Robert S.
Encounter Phenomena in Triple Stars

1.000 09/1969
Harrington, Robert S.
The Stability of a Two-Planet Model for Barnard's Star

1.000 00/1969
Harrington, Robert S.
The Stellar Three-Body Problem

1.000 08/1968 A      F  G                  R  C      S                  
Harrington, R. S.
Dynamics of the triple system zeta Aqr.

1.000 04/1968 A      F  G                  R  C      S              U  
Harrington, R. S.
Dynamical evolution of triple stars.

1.000 00/1968 A      F  G                                                  
Harrington, Robert S.
Triple Stars with Perpendicular Orbits.

1.000 00/1968                                     C                          
Harrington, Robert Sutton
The Dynamical Evolution of Triple-Star Systems.

1.000 08/1953 A  E                              C                          
Harrington, R. S.
Comet Harrington (1953e)

1.000 12/1952         F  G                      C                      U  
Harrington, R. G.
The 48-inch Schmidt-type Telescope at Palomar Observatory

1.000 08/1952 A  E                                                          
Harrington, R. S.
Comet Harrington (1952e)

1.000 06/1950         F  G                      C                      U  
Harrington, R. G.; Wilson, A. G.
Two New Stellar Systems in Leo