Subj: Hamitic people; the Bible; and the quest for Truth
Date: 2/5/02 9:31:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

What does the average person believe about our ancient history?
How about asking the average person to read all the text in these links.
Then ask them again.
Either they clam up, or they get curious.
How about you?

Did Hindus Help Write the Bible?

Arthur C. Custance ( wrote a lot about, uh,
bible theory, and his name immediately comes up when searching for links
related to the first one, above.

Check out this HUGE list of accomplishments here (which comes from
Custance)!  An amazing list.
Accomplishments of the Hamitic people; and time lags:

A neat little chapter describes a WHOLE lot about history that I was
never told about:

You might want to read all this.  It sounds interesting!
The Genesis Chronicles: A Proposed History Of The Morning Of The World

After reading that, ask yourself:
just when DID Cro-Magnon man walk the earth?  Hmm!
What if Cro-Magnon man was relatively recent?
It's amazing the ancient history that's kept secret from us!

I found a lot of information at that I'm not sure is
valuable, but it does catch your eye.  The reader is asked to download a
Xerox plugin.

Secrets of ancient Egypt:

Esoteric Chronology and Origin of Ancient Egypt:

Rastafarians in Ancient Egypt:

Meaning of the Sphinx in Ancient Egypt:

Astonishing secret behind the Sustainable Prosperity of Ancient Egypt:

Human Systems Theory of Chronic Poverty:

Causative Detail of Chronic Poverty:

Aboriginal human health maintenance system:

Page9, Page10, Page11, Page12, etc. are all here in the main page: