Harmless halo around the sun causes a buzz in South Florida, IMPORTANT 

5/18/02 6:19:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent. 
Harmless halo around the sun that causes a buzz in South Florida was NOT caused by an icy layer of clouds 30,000 feet above all those spectators and it is NOT harmless.

It is caused by aerial chemtrail sprayings. 
This are chemical compounds (of barium, aluminum, magnesium) and polymers, that are being sprayed from the unmarked US Military/ NATO airplanes at 30,000 feet as a part of non-recognized global operation that started in 1999, whose semi-official purpose is to counter the global warming and irreversible ozone depletion by an artificial sun-screen.
However, other levels of this operation are of strictly US military origin and their goal is total battlespace environment control (jet stream, weather, visibility, atmosphere composition) that allows use of advanced over-the-horizon radar systems (VTRPE), direct energy weapons (laser, microwave), communications (natural and artificial ionosphere mirrors and ducts, elf), and mass population control (elf). 
The hallo that is now seen around the Sun during clear days, and Moon during clear nights, are airborne sub 10 micron particles that, falling form the 30.000 feet, now saturate the atmosphere we all breathe. Because of this, even during the clear, sunshiny day our skies are not blue as they used to be up to three years before, but are light blue. If you light a 1 million candle torch and aim it skywards during the night, you can see that the air is dense with this chemtrail dust that has turned our atmosphere in plasma, and that is tying the airborne moisture thus causing the worldwide drought. 
In June 2000 I was first to prove that the NATO is the executive arm of this operation. This find was published on Jeff Renese's site at 
More about this event and it's local developments can be found in this section of my site: 
This operation is continuously monitored and documented, in the form of diary with images and comments, in Croatia (Europe) at: 
Bossier (LA) at: 
and Auburn (Me) at: 
Main, publicly known researcher in this field is Clifford Carnicom with site at: 
Unfortunately, this is only a part of much larger project that includes 911 event also. 
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