Subj: FWD:NWO Uses HAARP as 'Lens', Destroys West Rainstorms
Date: 3/24/01 1:44:08 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Date:  Tue Mar 20, 2001 3:18am
Subject:  URGENT/NWO Uses HAARP as 'Lens', Destroys West Rainstorms


NWO Uses HAARP as 'Lens', Destroys West Rainstorms

-- bush/China 'Manmade' West Drought Brings Cal To Its Knees

HAARP Used as 'Lens' to Destroy West Weather Fronts: Confirmed

We've been tipped off by a well-connected and technically very
knowledgeable source that the global gangsters of the New World Order
(including the BushMob and the Red Chinese regime) are configuring their
HAARP transmitter arrays to CREATE what he described as a "VIRTUAL LENS"
in the upper atmosphere/ionosphere above western North America and the
Pacific Ocean, which is being used more or less like a giant magnifying
glass and directed upon weather systems as they generate and gather
strength over the Pacific Ocean and the West coast; literally and
actually melting them away into nothingness. INCINERATING them, in fact.

Remember how some kids used to burn leaves (or ants!) with their
magnifying glass? Well, that's more or less what the FedGov is doing to
the entire length and breadth of western North America.

And you know what? We all here at Top View did our homework (for once),
checking all materials we could find on HAARP. And GUESS WHAT?! There it
is, in black and white ALL OVER the official gov't documentation on
HAARP! Absolutely NO doubt about it: HAARP transmissions CAN be
configured to in effect create one of several VIRTUAL LENSES in a
specifically-chosen sector of the atmosphere, which can then be
used/targeted as desired. It's not even CLASSIFIED information; it's
right out in the open.

So, isn't this just great? Western North America is being burned to a
crisp by a bunch of transcendentally  deranged, vicious,
mutant psychopathic gutter slime with their GIGANTIC MAGNIFYING
GLASS! Wow. What a way to go....

-- bush/China 'Manmade' West Drought Brings Cal To Its Knees

-- "demand for air conditioning power..., combined with ...a LACK OF
HYDRO POWER FROM THE PARCHED NORTHWEST left California with dangerously
thin electricity reserves, prompting the outages, the ISO said." --

But don't worry; the very best is still yet to come.

This PLANNED, ENGINEERED hi-tech drought, and as we've said consistently
big help to the ailing US/global economy.

Make NO mistake: the drought AND the ensuing/resultant devastation of
western North America is being implemented in furtherance of one of the
New World Order/4th Reich/BushMob's PRIMARY, PRE-EMINENT agendas/schemes
for bringing the people of America TOTALLY to their knees, under the
iron heels of the upcoming global government ...

...In WHICH, by the WAY, COMMUNIST CHINA will assume an exceptionally
PROMINENT and authoritative position. We've already detailed in previous
bulletins how Communist China is presently working hand-in-glove with
the global gansgta plutocrats of the BushMob/New World Order; generously
utilizing their own HAARP-style transmitters to literally
erase/disintegrate ANY and ALL moisture-bearing weather fronts from
existence across the Pacific coast of North America.

What close, close pals they all are!

Yuppo, we'd say: "Gear up for a real good time."

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WIRE: 03/19/2001 4:45 pm ET

California Power Grid Managers
See Blackouts

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California power grid managers said the latest
round of rolling blackouts ordered to cope with the state’s critical
power shortage would likely last through 8 p.m. PST (11 p.m. EST)

Jim Detmers, vice president of operations for the California Independent
System Operator (ISO), said the rolling blackouts ordered shortly before
noon PST (3 p.m. EST) Monday would continue — and could expand as demand
for power rises in early evening.

“It is expected to continue through 8 o’clock this evening,” Detmer told
a news conference Monday.

The decision to order rolling blackouts to cope with a severe shortage
of electricity across the state marked the Þrst time that outages had
been ordered in Southern California and the third time this year that
outages had been imposed in the northern part of the state.

OfÞcials said warm weather in the Southwest, drove up demand for air
conditioning power. This, combined with power plant maintenance outages
in California and a lack of hydropower from the parched Northwest left
California with dangerously thin electricity reserves, prompting the
outages, the ISO said.

The ISO said the outages were ordered in territories served by the
state’s two biggest utilities — Southern California Edison and PaciÞc
Gas and Electric Co. — in a bid to avoid a widespread collapse of the