Subj: GWEN info from old site
Date: 2/21/02 10:43:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Thanks to the 'Wayback Machine' on the Internet Archive's site  I found an old site I sorely missed: which had some VERY interesting stuff on it. It was taken
over by SAIC (gee! I wonder why?) and then dumped. Well, the archived story

dealing with HAARP has a GWEN connection - look about halfway down the
page: a couple of paragraphs BEFORE the topic "Dangerous Earth Anomalies From

where it says "This sighting occurred when that area was being hit with
giant standing-wave, long-lasting weather-blocking systems that were
generated by a combination of the Russian Woodpecker ELF waves and US GWEN
Tower VLF waves. The newspaper reported that these mysterious flashes
"resemble jellyfish. They are brightest where they top out -- typically
about 40 miles high -- so you have the jellyfish body at the top with
tentacles trailing down."

This was about the same time I was telling the Kane County (Utah)
Commissioners that the GWEN transmitters were solid state (which would
defeat the 'ostensible' purpose of surviving a nuclear EMP) - kinda says
what GWEN's REAL purpose is, doesn't it?

I also noted that Art Bell's show Tues/Wed discussed weather engineering. I
was surprised to hear that Art seemingly doesn't know about Wilhelm Reich's
techniques of weather modification using orgonomy and cloudbusting. Either
he's about 15 years behind the times, or he's not revealing what he really
knows. Maybe being told what NOT to discuss?

Additional stuff later on in that page regarding earthquakes and ELF signals
that Charlie might be interested in (so am copying to him).

As usual, you can quote any/all of this for your site.