Subj: hello again 
Date: 3/12/02 12:11:56 AM Pacific Standard Time
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I wrote you...its seems a couple of years ago, but probably closer to
one year plus a few months, telling you about reality
creation...socio-econmically and occultically, in combination, to less
than desirous ends for some.

What I believe we are witnessing is the eternal battle of good vs evil,
as evolution vs devolution, held on a cosmic scale where meaning is
everywhere, in everything, where forces of dark and light are locked in
seeming mortal combat.

The war is fought on many fronts.
The combatants are western culture vs any other culture.
The victory for western culture lies[pun] in being able to manifest god, as son of man, as son of God. The unruly son of man as
an unruly child [man manifests good AND evil] attempting to be ruler of
its own destiny, similar to the symbolism in Kubrucks 2001 SO monolith
symbology[think of symbology as symbiology, able to manifest its
symbology by getting others into trusting symbols, but not able to
manifest its own symbiology...unless it can find a way by using man, its
parent, as the vessel to manifest itself into, using the love and trust
of a parent as a tool against the parent, distorting Gods message, for
prophet, profit and gain over the centuries.

This IS the never ending story come alive in our lifetimes...

This is basic biblical truths coming alive...those that have the eyes,
see. Those that have ears, hear. Those that do not, do not.

The war is fought on every front, every day. The war can also be
considered as godless scientific though vs god-belief scientific
thought, with many sub-set battles residing within. Some larger, some smaller.

Others are
Truth vs Lies
God vs Satan
Good vs Evil
Light vs Dark
Man vs Machine
Man vs Himself

Its a spiritual war fought for grand design stakes.

This may frighten some people...its best to keep it under wraps unless a
solution can be found to reduce greatly, if not eliminate fear so the
new paradigm can be brought in. Again, this is the evolution of creation
and the creation of evolution, all wrapped into one plump and tasty
burrito. People MUST  be allowed to evolve on their own, at their own talk of armageddon does nothing but frighten the easily frightened.

The answer is to offer a politically arrived financial solution where
the need to lie is taken out of the equation of life. Target greed and
you unravel lies. The quickest way to the truth is through the pocketbook.
Western culture is godless scientific thought run amok. Numbers as
Pythogorean/Platonic/Aristotlean/Socratic reality manifestation.
Currently manifested as an AmWay scheme out of control with the
machinery of high finance dictating human needs instead of human needs
dictating machine needs.
A fine point, but reality is often found on fine points. The devil is in
the details has never been more true.

So, at one of its deeper levels, this war is numbers vs God. God created
numbers though. War cannot be waged against God, so war must be waged
against the next best thing. Man, made in the image of God, with some
men making the choice long ago to make reality come alive via numbers,
shunning God. Parables in the bible are filled with examples of this
choice presented and made. Few have the eyes to see or the minds to listen.

God is in charge, that you can be sure of, even if it doesn't seem that
way at times. God can have bad days too... :-)
If you don't believe me, trust me, your'e wrong :-)

But, if you want to help, you could check out this site...
Eliminate the need to lie by taking away the financial incentive to lie.
Remove greed by eliminating money.
Eliminate money by talking about it.
Make it a national self interest and talking point.
The idea markets an idea that needs no marketing.
You have the reader base.
Greed creates ALL problems.
Need for greed markets ALL problems.
Utopia[heaven on earth, cash free society, ceasefire, paradigm
shift...etc] solves ALL problems.
Its evolution in action...

If youv'e made it this far, you are either aghast of bemused...I don't
expect a reply, but if you deem what I wrote needing further
examination, by all me.

north pole ak