8/16/2005 6:45:48 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, amounst the oddities in clouds we saw last Friday eve,  right 
about 8 pm our time (which I mentioned in the general email I sent 
out with my experiences in it), was what you now have on your site 
called gravity clouds.

I regret not having a camera with me, but frankly at the time 
wondered if we were seeing from an altered space and if what we were 
seeing would even show in pics!!

There were many lenticular clouds of varying shapes, also triangular 
shaped clouds (ships?) all sizes with varying "cabins" to them. Also 
there were some of the expected cumulus clouds one would expect to 
see with an approaching storm front, but not so many of them as there 
were just plain oddities of all kinds, like all manner of weather 
patterns were here in one place.

Back to the "gravity clouds".

I have never in my life seen such things..and I'm a sky watcher.

What I saw was 3 of these "gravity clouds", which were shaped into a 
90 degree angle, like 3 L's within each other, the third one sort of 
fading out.  This formation was up in the (pardon my description!) 
"heil hitler" area of the sky using the left arm, from Broadway 
facing west in Columbia, MO. In no stretch of the imagination could 
these clouds have anything but a 90 degree turn on them. Looking out 
through the outstretched arm, they would have fit into the thumb and 
finger circled 3 inches apart. There was clear sky behind them.

Now, are there any weather men anywhere on earth that will call that 
formation natural????

BTW, we now have 4 1/4 inches of gentle rain from that 
beginning....the drought is broken and the earth is reviving.