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September 26, 1999
10:50 AM PDT
Fair Oaks, CA US
Brilliantly clear day
KC-135 Fuel Dump photographically recorded
Olympus 35mm camera, Zoom 38-105mm
Kodak Gold, 200 ASA
HP 5200Cxi scanner; set at a resolution of  600 dpi, cropped,
copyright tag added -  not
altered in any other way
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PHOTOGRAPHER:      The Author
Ten photos were taken of a KC-135 fuel dump. The aircraft was traveling East from SAC VOR at approximately 12K',
then executed a Northerly turn. Two of  the  ten contained a
triad/trio of ships. They were not visually seen, but did register on
the film. I have made a portion of one photo available for general
viewing. This is a profile view as the vehicles were almost directly
overhead revealing a quasi-triangular configuration. One complete ship
and a portion of another is shown. 
The recorded intensity variation between each ship is
significant. The Sun rose at 6:56 AM PDT and was at an azimuth of 
approximately 136.15 degrees/seconds and an altitude of 40.36
degrees/seconds (Distant Suns 5.1b). The aircraft and fuel residue
dispersion was on an approximate East > West track with an altitude
of about 80 degree (referenced to the South). This places the Sun at the
bottom of the scan.  If the line-of-sight between the photographer
and the Sun is zero (0) degrees, then
smaller dispersion angles
(the difference between the angle of the ships and the angle of the Sun as
seen from the photographer's/observer's point-of-view), does enhance
both photo and visual detection. This
conclusion is repeatable demonstrable
; the laws of physics are
being observed. The ships are physical objects!

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