An overview summary by  Doug Lewis
When one asks a person to explain why fellow humanity invades, slaughters, deceives, pillages, burns and rapes, often the reply will allude to gaining power, wealth, resources, expanding control and geographic holdings. When one asks a person what their greatest wish would be, often the reply will allude to wealth, power and riches.

Deeper within the labyrinth, there is only one answer to the greatest wish - immortality, avoidance of death and disease whilst habiting a place of uncrowded paradise.  ..


At the moment I am googling this to see what comes up:

Oh, yes, the next time you are in the Capitol and feel like climbing the Washington Monument stairway, about halfway up there is a stone inscribed:


["My language, my land, my nation of Wales - Wales for ever!"]

[did some think of America as New Wales?]

I have some years ago spoken to an Iroquois Elder in Denver at a powwow. I was trying to track my own genealogy to a Passamagquoddy woman only known in my family records as Annie Alley who married my Welsh multi-Great Grandfather through the Day-Dee Welsh line.

He said that long ago before Columbus, before the Vikings, they had big battles with red-headed warriors. Although dismissed by some historians I wonder if the legend of the voyages of Madoc ap Owain Gwynedd might have some basis.

Madoc am I

the son of Owain Gwynedd

with stature large and comply grace adorned

No land at home, nor store of wealth

My mind was whole to search the Sea.

Castell Dolwyddelan

The Gwennan Gorn

America's Stonehenge

Moundville  Wide View

I have even more edgy thoughts to wonder if some of the so-called Celts originated here in N. America?

Consider at all the tens of thousands mounds here.

Meriwether Lewis was allegedly Welsh and in search of the Welch Indians.

The Definitive Journals of Lewis and Clark

The great River is called by the Natives the Mult-no-mack [Multnomah] River; it is 500 Yards wide at its mouth; & continues that width, as high up, as where we ascended it. The Indian guide that was with us, told us that it heads Near the head Waters of the California, ... Our guide also mentioned that he had seen one of the Indians of the Clark-a-mus Nation, & that this Indian was white, & that he mentioned they had fire Arms among them. From the above information received from our guide,

I am of opinion, that if any Welch nation of Indians are in existence, it must be those Indians, & not the flatt head Nation, as before mentioned; this I believe, from their Colour, numbers of Town, & fire arms among them, which I flatter myself will be confirmed, whenever the River Mult-no-mack is fully explored. April 02, 1806 Joseph Whitehouse, Lewis and Clark Expedition

...our officers told them taht we would Speak to them tomorrow and tell th[em] who we were and what our business is and where we are going &C. these natives are well dressed, descent looking Indians. light complectioned. they are dressed in mo Sheep leather Deer & buffalow robes &C. they have the most curious language of any we have Seen before. they talk as though they lisped or have a bur on their tongue. we Suppose that they are the welch Indians if their is any Such from the language. they have leather lodtes to leive in some other Skins among them. they tell us that they or Some of them have Seen bearded men towards the ocean, but they cannot give us any accurate [account] of the ocean but we have 4 mountains to cross to go where they saw white men which was on a river as we suppose the Columbian River. April 02, 1806 Joseph Whitehouse, Lewis and Clark Expedition
In 1833, artist George Catlin visited the Mandan. Catlin painted and drew scenes of Mandan life as well as portraits of chiefs including Four Bears or Ma-to-toh-pe. His skill at rendering so impressed Four Bears that Catlin was the first man of European descent to be allowed to watch the Okipa ceremony. Catlin believed the Mandan were the "Welsh Indians" of folklore, the descendants Prince Madoc and his followers who had emigrated to America from Wales circa 1170, a view that was then popular but is not accepted by the bulk of scholarship today.
...amongst the women particularly, there are many whose skins are almost white, with the most pleasing symmetry and proportion of features; with hazel, with grey, and with blue eyes, -- with mildness and sweetness of expression, and excessive modesty of demeanour, which rentier them exceedingly pleasing and beautiful. --Catlin
Did the druids send Madoc to survey a more ancient homeland?

There's more to this from the Buried Giants topic to remains found here and there

[a dry lake in Nevada, Kennewick man, also the China mummies 2, etc.]

At the Denver powwow I asked a Mayan Elder about this. He said that interface with redheads goes back thousands of years. Alas, he said they were known as devils.

I feel it necessary to lay down my own sleuths and musings which goes back many years initiated from a sleuth of my own lineage.

So when Doug Lewis recently emailed he said he noticed the meanderings and wanted to lay down the scoop as an umbrella for further investigations. Doug declared considerable urgency:

I have spent many hours digging and looking for the "kernel" behind all of the popular and known "secret societies" which over the years have "seemed" to be the instigators of NEW WORLD ORDER initiatives and realized they were all Gomerite subsidized "cover" and "smoke screens" for the deeply buried "source", which of course has the intention of remaining completely off the radar. The ultimate goal of the Gomerite dynasty is so despicable to the general population that exposure of them and their almost completed agenda would certainly jeopardize both the dynasty and the ultimate goal.

The problem with exposing the Gomerite NWO and it's agenda is that the journey through the ages is complex and can easily usurp the "punch line" of their designs, suffice it to say "The ultimate Gomerite goal is to "master and own genetic engineering" - for a very specific purpose.

NWO represents the final phase of the Gomerite initiative - the purpose of the initiative is quite surprising - it is about.... Gomerite immortality on a sparsely inhabited planet. --Doug Lewis

Footnote 1:

I'm wondering if this urge toward genetic Engineering goes way back, wayyyyy back, and that we might have to look for clues into sources such as the Sumerian lore.

Deluge (mythology)

Footnote 2:

Sometimes I also wonder if marooned mortals are trying to signal the Cosmic Genetic Engineers. Toward what?  Get us off this rock, and return to us our origins.

From the Muses--a tale:

If you were to trip a silent switch you would remember the time parallel when the world was only a vacation, a place with meadows and streams. A place to project into form -- a becoming of meadows and streams or even strange creatures with flesh and passions; or to stalk void-night with battles against the dark Firbolg who had fallen so far. Our kind would not stay on Terra long for soon would come a weariness of form. Off again we would soar into the stars in tease of other worlds or to leap beyond substance into planes where flow rivers of light. But even with our many distant wingings Terra would call the return, and She became for unspoken eons our favorite island, our "Homeworld."



4/25/2007 9:14:38 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time


I ran across this tidbit which looks like it is very much up your alley. I was going to try to run down some of the reference when I get time, perhaps you would like to in the mean time - anyway, good hunting :-) It does suggest that Celts were on the continent at the time of Stonehenge - perhaps one of the other Japheth tribes went that away....Such a small population at that time -


4/23/2007 10:43:53 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

If you trace family linages back that far there are many similarities also many famous names - must be the same for all of european -Celt background - most of U.S.

so why does it seem we are being set up?


4/23/2007 12:35:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

Another note on your Gomerite list. Although I am descended from John Quincy Adams, I am unaware of his Gomerite affiliation and would like to know upon what that assertion is based. Also, you might want to note to your readers that Robert Morris was not only a Declaration signer, but also the chief domestic financier of the American Revolution, being the richest man in the United States, both during and after the Revolution. Although it was the Dutch loans that were negotiated by my forebear John Adams that really saw the US through the Revolution and the early, economically rocky years after the Treaty of Paris, it was Morris' financial backing that provided much of what little economic wherewithal the fledgling government possessed during the battle for liberty before Adams managed that remarkable feat. The more that I study American Revolutionary history, the more I am amazed at the energy, talent and achievement of the founding mothers and fathers of our country.

4/23/2007 12:27:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

Pertinent to your current homepage listing of prominent Americans who were part of some esoteric movement, Charles Evans Hughes was far more than just the governor of New York. He was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, a presidential candidate and an Union officer who was wounded several times in the Civil War, as well as being a prominent author (as was his father). At the very least, you might want to consider revising his historic achievement as being that he was CJ, for that is surely what he is best known for to history. What was remarkable about him in a way was how he served as a vigorous link with our history even into his old age. He served on the Supreme Court when FDR was President, even though he had also served as a young officer in the Civil War, narrowly escaping death several times. He was recruited by his friends to join them in commanding the "Glory Brigade" of all free black troops, but declined, a decision that also averted certain death, as it turned out. When he was in his 80's, walking down the long steps of the front of the Supreme Court building with a couple of his law clerks, a comely lass crossed their path, upon whom all gazed appreciatively but without comment, until Hughes broke the silence with, "Ah, to be 70 again!" whereupon all three broke up with laughter.


For details regarding this work in progress best to go straight to Doug Lewis

I am descendant of the Welsh through the Day-Dee line as well as early intermarriage with Native people of the Passamaquoddy, New Hampshire [also my Brit, Germanic, Irish-Celt, Viking DNA].

I do have some serious questions about the early European immigrants however as a result of exploring my Native American roots-- the history kept by the indigenous people is not always so heroic and pleasant. I have tracked this road with intent to find out, and I believe that something is askew.


Depopulation of vast cultures


Piracy of various sorts.

Beyond the controversy I want to find out the score on all this because I have a hunch that some of the schemes are not over...

Anyway the Gomerite theory is offered by the author with some urgency...

Doug Lewis





4/22/2007 12:32:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time


GomerITes huh? If so, gomerism must exist then. To me, gomerITe'ism is monied fraternalism of whose dogmalogik we perceive our digital reality facilitated and financed by gomerITeism. More importantly this same frateranal dogmalogik growth is what keeps us obedient slaves in denial to the frateranal scientific godless financial machine that many simple knee-jerk defend without further consideration.

I say the time has come to declare our freedom from financial slavery. This lofty goal can be easily has through simple, viable, logical economic reform designed to empower the masses in logical simple peaceful viable ways. at

How about forwarding a solution worldwide at grass roots levels?

Simple solutions ALWAYS SOLVE complex problems.


4/19/2007 8:43:20 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Kent -

Heh, heh - sheesh... a bunch of bonafide "Gomers" indeed! I am absolutely incredulous as to how these people actually believe that this 3rd density physical incarnation is the be-all and end-all of existence. How utterly narrow and banal! To work single-mindedly toward the pointless, dead-end goal of immortal meat sack reflects a state of being which is obviously devoid of any trace of soul-consciousness or the concept of spiritual growth. When viewed from a broader perspective, their quaint reptilian-minded agendas are completely laughable and irrelevant - unless, of course, one chooses to empower them by actually buying into them. And, admittedly, there's a lot of that going around fer sure.

I agree with Mike Hagan in the sense that these pathetic clowns are all just a bunch of screeching, shit-slinging monkeys who don't have a clue, and who only think they're in control of whatever the hell they think they're in control of.

Oh, well - whatever floats their dingy...


4/19/2007 12:43:58 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

I think that immortality may be very boring! I am 76 years young, I have experienced in my life more then anybody else and would not continue the same experiences (including travels in many countries all over the world) for still other 76 years.


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