Subj: [Fwd: Museum of Harmony and Golden Section]
Date: 11/27/01 9:39:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
(Charlie Plyler)

Hi there Kent,

I received this letter from Dr. Alexey Stakhov from Ukraine and found
it very interesting.  Please check out the link to his web page. His
study of the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section is thorough.

Dear my Friend!

 I am Prof. Dr. Alexey Stakhov from Ukraine. Many years I study Fibonacci numbers, Golden Section and their applications to Nature, Science and Art. I am a specialist in Computer Science and my main scientific results touch upon applications of Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section to this area. And I have decided to tell popularly for scientific community about my life and my scientific results and about everything that I know in this area. I have used the Internet as the best means to deliver knowledge to scientific community. I have created the WEB-site with the unusual title “Museum of Harmony and Golden Section”

 The main purpose of my Museum is a statement of the new world outlook based on the principles of Harmony and Golden Section, the new mathematics, Mathematics of Harmony, the new measurement theory, Algorithmic measurement theory, the concept of new computers, Fibonacci computers, the concept of new coding theory based on Fibonacci matrices. My Museum is an attempt to show a unity of Nature, Science, and Art. And the Golden Section is a mathematical foundation of this Great Unity.

 I would like to invite you to visit my Museum to enjoy with the Golden Section, the great discovery of ancient science, which penetrates all history of human culture and which was used by the Ancient Egyptians in their Great Pyramid in Giza, by the Ancient Greeks in their Parthenon, by Leonardo da Vince in his famous “Mona Lisa” and possibly by the God at the creation of the Universe.

I would like to wish you happy journey through my Museum. Write to me about your impression.


Sincerely yours                         Alexey Stakhov

Doctor of Engineering Sciences in Computer Science, Professor

Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences