10/12/2004 3:36:09 PM Pacific Standard Time


What do you tell a soldier you meet at the airport that is on his way to Iraq?

Do good?

Be Safe?

Take care?

Thank you?

I know you don’t want to be there, but you are making us safe………really?

Come back with all your digits and body parts?

Don’t kill any children if you can help it?

I know you are scared to death, and you are questioning your life’s decisions at this moment…you are wondering if you will ever get back to see what is causing that bulge in you beautiful wife’s belly—and if you do, will your baby ever see you? And if it does, will you live long enough before illness and cancer sets in to see it graduate? You must have asked yourself 1000 times, “How did I make this decision?” But now, it is simply a time for filling in the blanks—the blanks of “what ifs”.

I mean…what are we doing there? The whole NeoCon group sold us down the pike. I thought that our leaders…well…led? I see that they don’t—it is now getting clearer that the really issue is to make the population feel like they are in charge when really, they never have been. This is ~~THE BIG FOOL~~ occurring for us—I don’t want to say “now” as I am becoming quite sure that this is simply becoming more visible rather than “just happening”.

They all knew for sure that Osama was in Afghanistan so we went there and put on a show—hell, we probably even sent some nuclear bunker-busters down the Afghani “rabbit holes”—at least there were enough seismic signatures in the areas we were striking to lead one to believe this. (Kinda like the 2.5 mile diameter mushroom cloud in N. Korea that wasn’t a nuke.) But really, how did we get into Iraq? I mean we ALL knew that Osama and Sadam were not friends—even bordering on, well, enemies? So, how did we get to Iraq? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Sure, we sold them all to him. Along with Germany and France and England and…. But, so what, 18 years ago Mortekai Vannunu felt a humanitarian obligation and lost his freedom by spilling the beans about Israeli nuclear production—hell, for a time, Israel was the third most powerful nuclear force in the world—right behind America and the Soviet Union. So what was this big fear that the Zionists were raising—over 200 nukes 18 years ago? How many now? But, how did we get into Iraq? Ritter said over and over and over again that everything that was categorized as WMD had been destroyed after GW-I. The UN inspector stated the same thing—over and over and over again.

So what happened? We are there. Our depleted (how about an oxymoron here?) uranium is killing from GW-I and we are laying it down like carpet in GW-II. But we aren’t just killing their soldiers—we are killing the next 10,000 or more generations of people who try to live in Iraq—this of course does not take into account the deaths of our men fighting over there, and the illness and disease that they will be (and are) bringing home to their families and children. Why are we there? What got us there? How? Why?

Now that we all know that we were “buggered” and lied to, can’t we just remove this administration and bring our soldiers home? You say why? Because it was wrong in the first place, it is wrong now, it has always been wrong. But you will hear the screams from the Zionists that will follow this concept. Why again? Well, the short of it is they want that FREE oil pipeline (not the little one from the 1950’s, but a newer, BIGGER one—oh, one that they don’t pay for, or the cost of securing it. That’s right, they just use their entrenched Zionist NeoCons in the US to make this all happen with no risk or cost to them, while they continue to scream “anti-Semitism” when anyone questions ANYTHING about their agenda or actions. And we—America’s NeoCons (Not the Public, or John Q. Citizen mind you) push forward with the lies and inventions to justify making it all happen.

Of course the next move--and it is already happening in N. Korea--will be to scream !DANGER! again, and go there to spew poison and death under another false pretense. And, if it is questioned, we will simply “allow” the CIA to make it look right—of course with the help of the Mossad, just as an insurance policy to see that it gets done….right. But, then probably, because they will be so busy with Iran, and Syria, and whoever else might have natural resources over there they might miss something if they didn’t work as a team.

How did we get there? Well, the media helped—it only told the populace what the NeoCons wanted us to hear—and that was—“Stay afraid, and go shopping, we can handle this.” Now though, the media is whining that they made a mistake trusting the Government’s information without checking it out. Hmmmmmnnnn, doesn’t that sound both convenient and familiar—plenty of prior training on this one. So how did we get there? Do you really want to know? How can you ask? ----------YOU--------- let it happen! Actually it was all OUR faults. It began when we first allowed our elected group to not be held responsible for their actions. It continued when we allowed the corporations to manage these politicians into their own camps for their own reasons. It soon became evident (and no one said or did anything) that there was a “buy-off” in place. At the corporate level, at the Judicial level (See: Operation Overlord—1969—Chicago) And at the political level. The fix was in. We all allowed it. Now we are all about to become history students—the Course name will be NAZI GERMANY—102.

Oh! Don’t worry about waiting lines for classes--you ARE already signed up. And I think the drop/add period has already gone by. However, if we all got together, we might be able to speak to the professor and get a ……….W……… Think about it. Its your children’s lives.