Date: 8/27/02 1:44:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi. I have found a Hi Res color image of EIT 284 from 1997/11/06. It also has that glowing mass above it as on the image from 1997/11/06 01:06:20. the picture you guys gave "the Wierd Award" to. Hope it helps.

Subj: Glowing Mass Original Photos

Date: 8/26/02 2:22:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Perseus

Hi Kent. I have finally find them.The originals.

The glowing masses are two, the other is at left high just in the limit  of the photo.

Look at the HL.3 photo. There the sun is almost lost but the mass Remains there in black color (negative?)

MPEG 2 3