Landfall:  Maningrida

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An ABC cameraman has described the scene at the community of Maningrida as devastating. Weaker Monica to spare Darwin  Cyclone Monica is moving towards Adelaide River following the caravans which fled Darwin yesterday. The cyclone has now been downgraded to a category 1 storm. About 1,000 people drove to Adelaide River to escape Monica's force but most are now heading south to Katherine.

Cyclone brings ghost nets to surface


ALERT  20S GLENDA  2  CAT 4  News  Cyclone Glenda makes landfall  TRACK [150 mph]  SAT   FORUM
LARRY PAST:  CAT 5: Cyclone Larry Northern Queensland, Australia 2 3  News 2 3 4 5 6  Cam 2  Radio  Photos 2 Video  Forum  Katrina 'helped save' Larry lives  Tropical Cyclone Wati Floyd  "It is a shocker," he said," it's blowing a million miles an hour," he said. "She's bloody coming in hard."