Subj: Time for Ginger
Date: 11/29/01 9:44:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

Time to reveal GINGER - everybody thinks they know what it is...  time to see behind the curtain...
The REAL acronym decode for Dean Kamen's  G. I. N. G. E. R. is:
         Gyroscopically Induced Negative Gravity Effect Rover
So there...  Ginger simply refers to, means and is a new class of transportation devices
        "I got a Ginger"  (noun)
        "Lets Ginger on over to Hal's"  (verb)
No exotic technology -  just a couple flywheels, two ground wheels, a hydrogen powered sterling engine, and fuzzy logic code for self balancing, and a bicycle like handlebars for steering.   Cool invention.
    No free energy (just good old hydrogen - or even ethanol)
    No anti-gravity (just flywheels and fuzzy logic vertical balancing controller software)
    No diamagnetics (wait another 20 years kids)
    No new power technology  (Sterling Engines first invented in the 19th Century)
Efficient, non-polluting,  nontoxic,  low cost, easy to ride, practical and fun. 
Road laws will need an overhaul. 
Road designs may need an overhual.  
Legal first on bike paths probably.  
Major regulatory problems to be faced.
The big oil lobby won't be worried for the first couple years on the market. 
Go Dean Go!         
Watch the Today Show on the 3rd.
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