Subj: Gog Magog Crop Circle: Deciphered?
Date: 2/24/02 2:33:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

The Gog Magog crop circle may not represent an angel, but a specific date
or time period based upon a predictable and noteworthy event.   I believe
it represents an eclipse, however if you study the crop circle, you will
quickly notice that there is one too many celestial bodies involved.  Or is
there?   Could this point to the date May 16th, 2003, when an additional
planetary body is rumored to be scheduled to pass between Earth and the Sun
at the same time as this lunar eclipse, which would result in a Sun -
Planet-X - Earth - Moon alignment?

Total Eclipse of the Moon, 2003 May 16; the beginning of the umbral phase
visible in Europe, southern Greenland, eastern North America, Central
America, South America, most of Antarctica, Africa, western Middle East,
the Atlantic Ocean, the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and the western Indian
Ocean; the end visible in southern tip of Greenland, North America except
extreme northwest, Central America, South America, part of New Zealand,
most of Antarctica, western Africa, western Iberian Peninsula, the Atlantic
Ocean except extreme northeast, and the eastern Pacific Ocean.

                               d   h   m
Moon enters penumbra     May  16  1 05.3
Moon enters umbra             16  2 02.7
Moon enters totality          16  3 13.7
Middle of eclipse             16  3 40.1  UT
Moon leaves totality          16  4 06.4
Moon leaves umbra             16  5 17.4
Moon leaves penumbra          16  6 14.8

Magnitude of the eclipse:   1.133

Reported Planet-X Path Plotted From Feb. 2002 to May 16th, 3003.

Also note that 15 days later on May 31, 3003 there will also be an Annular
Eclipse, which would seem to be specifically depicted by the offset
alignment of the eclipsed crop circles.   Both eclipses will take place in
the Earth's northern hemisphere, which also appears to be indicated by the
offset of the crop circle's design to the upper part of the encompassing

Annular Solar Eclipse, May 31, 3003:
There are some rather interesting cities and points of interest along the
path of the annular eclipse.