Subj: Global Hawk; passengers worked for Raytheon
Date: 2/26/02 9:41:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: one of the latest postings at RumorMillNews mentions Global Hawk,
and the following link.  After that, my notes are below.  I might have
found an interesting link or two for you.

Global Hawk; Raytheon employees on WTC flights:

Raytheon employees that were passengers:
Kenneth Waldie
Herbert Homer
Stanley Hall
Peter Gay
David Kovalcin

ECOlogic Corp employee: Charles S. Falkenberg

Passsenger lists that actually INCLUDE terrorist names:

Verbose/more-detailed passenger list:

Other "summarization" web pages about 9-11 tragedies:

Gnostic Liberation Front articles:
Index and Overview of All Articles

"My Country Right or Wrong", by Mark Elsis:

A German site analyzes the 9-11 evidence too: