Date: 3/18/04 2:11:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Rannells

Nice>but not correct>where are effects of 100 million years of erosion>none there!>would be cover up with at least space matter, wind erosion,etc.There is an on going system at this present time (on Mars) , or it would not appear on Mars exactly like it does on Earth(Morrison).>Water, Atmosphere, Life, and yes, Dirt
To understand Blue Spheres, he should study one (send him sample, when you receive) , He is very close. They need to study Morrison>not every thing else(dis-info maybe, very well done post)
I notice that NASA, and every body discuss spheres with Canada, S. Afirca.Yellowstone etc.,but never where these come from>Morrison>and we have samples. Where are theirs?(they are letting whole story out, just like we did, only slower).And as I am sure that you have noticed>they sure have adapted well, to the Geology, posted here and on Godlike Forum?

the inter-planet arc theroy>did not happen>no burn (we have all seen elect burn patterns, I do not see any on either planet)>no fused materials of various sizes (slag at least house size to mm size>remenber , would take quad trillion amps to jump planet to planet, lots of damage) from burn>and have you ever tried to get a bolt of lighting in a Vacuum?

Not a Vug>no pryrites!

Simple bacterial that learned, how to consume Minerals eons ago>that simple!

There is life on Mars.

And Morrison.