Subj: Planet X, Nibiru, etc.
Date: 12/31/01 7:59:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

G'day Kent,
Please just refer to me as 'helper', if at all.
I think you're doing a fine job of work.  I always click on some of the advertisers, but realise they don't give you much money.  I wouldn't complain too much if you charged a small fee for coming here.  It's a lot of work.  I couldn't afford more than one site, so I'd pick yours.  (You'll have to do it sooner or later you know  :<)
May the Universe protect you and yours.
I read Mother Shipton's stuff years ago - and always thought she spoke the plainest.  I spent some time going through and working out what it all meant.  It was her - I think, that led to my finding out about X.  To put puzzle pieces together... what the Dogon knew... Sumeria, Sitchin, even Velikovsky.  Watching recent events and weather - and so on. 
Oceans getting warmer from 'Greenhouse Effect'?  How can the atmosphere warm up the oceans so thoroughly... so quickly?  Seems like the other way around, to me.  Magnetic field collapsing.  Solar system more complicated than pointy-heads think?  Binary system!  I hear tell binary systems more common than not, out there.
This means the passage affects all the known planets - and the Sun.  Not a new theory - I know.  Comes down to magnetic and gravitational aberrations - never before recorded (in our short memory).  That's exactly what we're seeing right now.  Naturally, when you think about it, It couldn't be only affecting JUST the Earth  - and not anything else, since it's still a long way out from everything in the previously known solar system.  It'd affect everything in the neighborhood.
Hmmm, but... this is a perfectly natural occurrence then.  It's just novel to us because we live such short, forgetful lives.  In the history of the world, it must have been around thousands of times.  Ahah!  But the world's still here - right?  Diversity is fine, if we don't think about our own depradations.  As a planet, Earth was fine before we messed around with it.
I take the Zeta communication with a grain of salt.  'They' seem to be pushing the 'fear' button just a little too enthusiastically for my liking.  This is 'channelled' stuff... I don't care what name's applied... all same.  Communications are possible this way, but must go through the personality of the recipient.  Lots of things get twisted in the metamorphosis.  Such things come as 'feelings'  - that must then be vocalised.  It's the word of one person only.  Nobody's infallible... not even little enigmatic grey dudes.  Besides, there's some stuff 'they' say, which, if it happened all over - would have left the Earth a barren wasteland unable to bring forth life in the first place.  This chunk of rock's been back round thousands of times, as I said.
Okay, I'm getting to a point.  The point is gravity.  Don't know what it is - but know what it does.  Think about it.  When this thing comes roaring through like a Bondi tram, one fine, time-frozen morning.... it's not going to grab the Earth and swing it round like one would grab a bowl of water... with the water spilling, because of it's fluid inertia.
This thing is going to exert gravitational force, which negates inertia in that sense..  Gravity will pull on all the molecules and atoms and little bits equally.  Well, more or less.  It doesn't pull the continents and not the oceans... it pulls everything.  For instance, the moon causes tides in the oceans, but it also causes tides in the crust itself - and most likely - right down to the 'core'.
As X comes in - and passes us, we turn toward it as the Sun's gravity is momentarily over-ridden by it's proximity of passing - and it's density.  But everything turns.  Then everything realigns with the Sun... until X comes back on its outward swing - and does it all over again. 
If the oceans are supposed to be slopping about like water in a bucket - when all this happens, then the moon would produce world-wide tsunamis, everytime it went round.  But it doesn't.  That tells me something about gravitational exchanges between very large objects, including Nibiru and its sister spheres.
There will be a moon affect, but it will be much greater.  Gravity has been likened to a 'well', but it's more like a whirling funnel (Gabriel's Horn).  There's a centre to it... an eye, so X will distort the part of the Earth facing it, towards itself, producing the mother of all tides, but not as a result of 'slopping about'.  The Earth itself will tend to distort... like a ball photographed through a bad lens.  It will try to form a teardrop shape, with the pointy bit toward Nibiru (according to their polar attractions).  The rising and falling of the water will be controlled by the passing planet's 'gravity whirlpool'. Gravitationally - not physically.
The 'whirlpool's' influence is vast, but there's a point at which one can always determine that they've entered one.  That's the point where things really speed up, just like a real whirlpool does.  In this case, the edge is  that point in the passing, where X's gravity field begins to physically wrest us away from the Sun, by virtue of the interracting energy fields.  The centre is where the Earth stands momentarily still, at some zenith of brief equilibrium, before the decay side of the (first) passing.
Two distinct things.  1: A big tide comes in... the waters rise, perhaps a long way, but there're no thousand foot high tsunamis raging about all over the place.  2: A big tide goes out. 
Depending on where you are in the world at the time, it could be either of those two, because the tide will drop in all those areas near the bottom of the aformentioned teardrop (those facing away from X).  This probably takes place over about three days.  Even before the second passing - of the outward swing, there will be massive upheavals between the Sun and X, as they reach the zenith of their interraction.  Expect massive flares, as they re-energise each other in their passing.  Should be spectacular, if we get to see it.  I can imagine that this will make the return of X, on it's outward swing, a much more horrendous event than the first passing..
Two effects of two events... of one big ongoing event.
Yeah, but... when the tide either rises or falls on a beach near you - and it doesn't want to stop, there will also be a tide rising or falling in the crust beneath you... right down to our own planet's centre of gravity.  So as the tide moves, the volcanoes let off steam and fire in it's wake.  And the ground squirms like tar on a hot day, as earthquakes vent their stresses too.  And storms will rage across the waters as they move.  And so on. 
A ripple effect.  Where have we heard that novel idea before?
The whole event will be controlled, like a deep inbreath on a cosmic scale, then the equally deep outbreath.
Man!  Evolution could be galvanised by something like that!  It won't be like dropping eggs.
Because of all this possibly boring conjecture, I think the changes will be everywhere, but more or less constrained by the immediate geography and and location - in ways that will be less disastrous than we might think.  But I'm speaking in racial terms, rather than social terms. 
I don't think the NWO (which by the way, is just the O(old)WO trying to hang on to things past their use by date) - will be in business after the event... although they grow crazy trying to ensure they do.  Expect some really lunatic stuff to come.  Could be funny, if you look at it in a certain way.
I commend the work done on Mother Shipton's talk of the passing.  At the risk of being a bore, I've reproduced it here with my own added comments in blue.  What I think she means.  Hope I'm not sticking my beak in where it's not wanted... apologies if so.

For storms will rage and oceans roar << Increasingly weird weather.  (Mother of all tides rising) 

When Gabriel stands on sea and shore << "Gabriel" 7th Atlantic hurricane; 9/11/2001. (Nibiru's gravity whirlpool pulling at the planet)

And as he blows his wondrous horn << Hurricanes look like a horn's funnel from above Old worlds die and new be born. << As in New World Order?  (Yep, as in civilisations and the death of 'Old World Orders') 

A fiery Dragon will cross the sky << Planet X approaching from behind/below the sun? (Nibiru is reputed to have about seven major moons and much debris fanning out into it's gravitational wake.  Looks like wings and is reddish, hence dragon, hairy star, winged star descriptions from long ago) 

Six times before this earth shall die << Visible only 6 days prior to passover  Mankind will tremble and frightened be For the sixth heralds in this prophecy.  (This civilisation.  "Six times" could refer to the four stages of the inbound and outbound approaches with the null points included as the fifth and sixth distinct times that humanity will "tremble and frightened be".  Not necessarily six days, I think)

For seven days and seven nights

Man will watch this awesome sight.  (Maybe it does refer to the time, or maybe this is a coincidence, but she's quite specific here) 

The tides will rise beyond their ken << interplanetary tidal forces  (Mother of all tides) 

To bite away the shores and then

The mountains will begin to roar << sudden tectonic plate subduction   (Yes, as the 'gravity ripple' massages the underlying layers)

And earthquakes split the plain to shore.  (Same thing) 

And flooding waters, rushing in << inertial tidal forces from stopped rotation   (Please see above, stuff about gravity and inertia... but aye, the water will come rushing in from such a ridiculously high tide)

Will flood the lands with such a din  (Had a dream about this, all in cold greys.  Spooky.  It was roaring like voices of some sort - lots of them)

That mankind cowers in muddy fen << Fen = mud bog. Being a "stick  (Most of humanity reduced to pre-stone age) 

in the mud" a good way to survive.

And snarls about his fellow men.

He bares his teeth and fights and kills   (Ditto)

And secrets food in secret hills  (Could refer to OWO diggings and doings under large pieces of rock) 

And ugly in his fear, he lies  (This fits them as well.  And I think 'lies' is meant as 'untruths', which connects it to next bit)  

To kill marauders, thieves and spies.  (They tell lies to justify their killings) 

Man flees in terror from the floods

And kills, and rapes and lies in blood

And spilling blood by mankind's hands

Will stain and bitter many lands.  (So this fits into what is being done in  the War on - you know what )

And when the Dragon's tail is gone, << Planet X's debris field (red dust and meteorite hail)  (And its, possibly inhabited - major moons.  This is the first passing, so more thought needs to be given to the 'six times frightened ' bit )

Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on  (Duhhhhhh........  "Okay folks, it's all over now, time to get your shots") 

To apply himself -- too late, too late  (Those who now know that Nibiru will be making a return performance, but didn't do anything about it before it was certainly there, will frantically try to prepare, but it will be too late... not enough time - and devastation everywhere.  I'm hoping this line applies to the OWO)  

For mankind has earned deserved fate.  (Well, SOMEBODY's earned it for us) 

His masked smile -- his false grandeur  (Aye) 

Will serve the Gods their anger stir.

And they will send the Dragon back << 12th planet's return outbound passage? (c. 2011-12)  (Aye) 

To light the sky -- his tail will crack  (Could mean the debris trail comes much closer to Earth, appearing to part across the sky - and lighting it up a dull red)   

Upon the earth and rend the earth  (Then, parts of the debris trail crash and rend the Earth with fragments?)

And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf.  (This is the point where civilisation/OWO actually collapses in on itself) 

But slowly they are routed out   (They don't give up easily)

To seek diminishing water spout ("Water, water everywhere - and not a drop to drink")

And men will die of thirst before   

The oceans rise to mount the shore.  (So, it only takes that long for X to come back on the outward swing) 

And lands will crack and rend anew  (Then it all happens over again, the second time)

You think it strange. It will come true.

And in some far off distant land

Some men -- oh such a tiny band  (Survivors who made the right preparations - and presumably, quite lucky as well) 

Will have to leave their solid mount  (Important clue about getting to high ground here)   

And span the earth, those few to count,  (Some survivors will be scattered all over the globe) 

Who survives this (unreadable) and then

Begin the human race again.

But not on land already there

But on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare  (Now - wait a minute.  The old land will have to provide sustenence for a time, because the sea-bed will be barren for a long time.  [Bloody rainforests don't pop up on drained coral reefs overnight you know]    But if she's still right despite that, then we would have to have some sort of technological intervention from - (ahem)... 'outside') 

Not every soul on Earth will die

As the Dragon's tail goes sweeping by.   (Even though it will seem so at the time) 

Not every land on earth will sink   (Refer to above mention of drained sea-beds)

But these will wallow in stench and stink  

Of rotting bodies of beast and man

Of vegetation crisped on land.  (Quite understandable - really.  So the survivors MUST go to the sea?) 

But the land that rises from the sea

Will be dry and clean and soft and free

Of mankind's dirt and therefore be

The source of man's new dynasty.  (Free of the pollution and pestilence - no diseases) 

And those that live will ever fear   

The Dragons tail for many year  (Aye.  How could one forget?) 

But time erases memory << "If all things must pass, even a pyramid

won't last." - Allan Parsons  (Hence our abysmal ignorance of this issue, outside a few select circles) 

You think it strange. But it will be.  (Most will wait 'til it hangs in the sky - before they believe)

And before the race is built anew  (In fact - without the following, perhaps the race has little chance of a future, other than to live in a very spacious and austere stone age) 

A silver serpent comes to view  (Craft: metallic, perhaps long and cylindrical.  UFO)

And spew out men of like unknown  (Aliens, but not so different from us, that they can't be called 'men') 

To mingle with the earth now grown

Cold from its heat and these men can

Enlighten the minds of future man.  (This is why they wait and observe now) 

To intermingle and show them how

To live and love and thus endow

The children with the second sight.  (This refers to the next evolutionary stage, on the mental scale.  The getting of 'knowingness'.  Like telepathy, but not as we think it might be.  The OWO will never rise again, because the children will learn how to use their 'second sight' to detect fallacy and deceit.  They will 'know' the truth.

A natural thing so that they might   (The church has been afraid of this for a long time.  The OWO has been too.  But it's perfectly natural - and WILL be)

Grow graceful, humble and when they do

The Golden Age will start anew.  (Self explanatory, really)


Hope this is of use.  Sorry it's so long, but you never know.


Best regards