Cc:Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 10:26 PM

Subject: What you TV will never show you The Realities of GAZA

Its nearly 4 a.m. here and I decided to go back to my computer to communicate to my friends around the world what every single mainstream media channel..., whether American, European or Arab, is FAILING to communicate in regards to what is happening right NOW in Gaza, Palestine.  I have been in front of television for the past few hours monitoring the news and I was shocked to see NOTHING on Gaza except for on 2 local Arab channels and one Arab satellite channel which I shall not name for their own good..., lest the United States with its Israel lobby decide to shut down.  Even Al Jazeera channel, to my utter shock, didn't so much as mention Gaza in its last 2 news broadcasts!!  Let me tell you my friends what I have been watching for the past few hours and what I am still listening to on my head-phones:
Southern Gaza is in TOTAL DARKNESS.  Three quarters of the television frame is PITCH BLACK while northern Gaza has a few lights.  About an hour ago, Israel bombed with F-16's the only power station left in Khan Younes plunging it in TOTAL DARKNESS too.  Do you know what it means to be without electricity for 10 days in today's world???  No water, no sewage, no cooling, no storing of whatever food is left, no communications....etc.  As though this were not sufficient for those poor Palestinians, tonight, like every night, Israel has been bombing and missiling Gaza and flying over it all night with sonic booms to scare the people and especially the children who are totally terrified.  Yesterday a one and a half year old child died in an awful way of injuries sustained by Israeli bombing and mainstream media instead of covering it is allowing a terrorist like Ehud Olmert to take the microphone and tell the world that Israel never targets civilians.  It has been 10 days now and all Israel has done is target civilians and kill dozens!  One of the strongest armies in the world has declared war on a population that does not even have an army! Water is lacking, food is scarce, medicine has run out, FUEL has run out... and Israel refuses to let trucks carrying supplies enter Gaza to save a civilian population which was already condemned to live in refugee camps because Israel kicked them out of their homes and stole them.  Even Palestinian hospitals hardly know how to operate.  When Israel first bombed Gaza's power mains, hospitals resorted to using their generators.  But generators can only keep going if there is fuel.... and there no long is fuel.  The sick and elderly who live on machines are slowly dying.  Babies in incubators are dying.   With the increasing rubbish that can no longer be picked up from the streets, diseases are starting.  A humanitarian disaster is taking place in Gaza  NOW and Mr. Bush, his Israeli White House, his corrupt AIPAC stooge of a  Congress, Mr. Bolton and Mr. Annan are laying the grounds for their attack on Syria and Iran.... and who knows what else.
And the world is silent.  And mainstream media is behaving as though nothing were.  All it cares about is that damned Israeli soldier that means ZILCH amid 1.4 million innocent civilians who had nothing to do with his capture!
Last, but not least...., NONE of this would be happening were it not for the American tax-payer who for decades financed and is still financing every bullet and missile being shot from Israel.    What does it take for the American tax payers to understand that they are ultimately paying for their own destruction.  The US has created a monster that now controls it.  US soldiers are fighting Israel's dirty war in the Middle East.  US soldiers are dying so that Israel can prosper.  US families are losing their loved ones so that Israel doesn't have to.... After all, what is an American goyim near an Israeli life.  American soldiers are kidnapped all the time in Iraq and they are not even mentioned in the news.  Yet, when an Israeli soldier is kidnapped, the president of the United States himself comes out to speak on his behalf!  Where are the American people?  Where is that great nation that we were all told represented "freedom" and "liberty"??  It is being held on a leash by Ehud Olmert and AIPAC.  At least in the Arab world we have the excuse of being the underdeveloped third world.  What is America's excuse?  If only Americans knew that Israel will use them and dump them in a split second.
While I am writing this, I am watching the rescue of bodies from a building that collapsed in Gaza about an hour ago after it was bombed by Israeli F-16's.  I see panicked and scared Palestinians lighting the collapsed building with their torches and digging with their hands in the rubble to find survivors.  I see a hand sticking out the rubble and it is still moving.  A body is under a heavy concrete wall which no one can move without a bulldozer..., but there is no fuel and no bulldozer to help.   Palestinians don't have bulldozers. 
I am writing this to my internet friends because it is my duty to relay what I am seeing.  I cannot just go to sleep as though nothing were.  Mainstream media world wide,  is obviously complicit in the new world order and I am hoping that the internet community will stand out and will spread the news of Gaza, like we spread the news of Iraq. 
I have recorded the horrible events of this evening...  and of those past few days..., and I shall find a way to have this footage out.  The world must find out what a criminal country Israel is.  Tomorrow also, unless my IP is blocked again, I shall be sending you interesting news on Israeli inside Iraq...., also something that mainstream media is conveniently forgetting to mention.
Regards to all,