E-mail dated July 10, 2000

From: Michele Quinn


Re: A question for Dr. LaViolette


Thank you for your wonderful work and insights. I cannot say I am able to digest all that I have read, but I can certainly recognize it as having great relevance for humanity at this time.

I have a question to pose that I think you may have the answer to. I’ll place it at the end of this letter, and should you have the time to answer it, you will not necessarily have to read the rest of this message (which I feel driven to include at any rate).

A couple of years ago I was suddenly introduced to the realm of spirit – or at least ‘invisible’ dimension, and I am still trying to decipher the three or so months of messages. Even though I am not a religious person, much of the message was couched in terms of two religions or myths – the traditional Christian stories and the Isis/Osiris stories. Most Christian-based messages were ‘verbal’, while most Isis/Osiris messages were ‘visual/physical’. The Isis/Osiris messages remain particularly enigmatic – I have little or no sense about their meanings.

I know I am not explaining this very well, but it would take a book to get it all out. At the time of these messages, I was guided to your book "Beyond the Big Bang". It was very difficult for me to focus on much written material at the time, and I didn’t get much read. I picked the book up again recently, and as lately I seem to be guided quickly along certain paths, it seems appropriate to offer certain of the channeled messages that seem to speak to the same things as your book – in much simpler terms, of course, since I do not have your scientific education.

The crux of the message(s) was, I believe, that we as a humanity are moving into a time when human consciousness will be raised to the point of being able to perceive higher dimensions (beyond 3D), and that this time is ushered in and influenced in main by the feminine forces. (Some of the more direct messages spoke of it as a time of war.)

Following are some of the relevant messages (in no particular order):

- You are, in effect, a "system" like all other living systems whose members form a group. These systems are not closed, however. They are interacting with other systems. When a system becomes closed, it must necessarily die for lack of infusion from and participation with other systems.

- Just as an ecosystem remains alive by the balance of predator-prey population cycles and the coupling of the two forces (predator & prey), the universe remains alive by the coupling and cycling of the time of the god and the time of the goddess.

- The time of the god and time of the goddess go in cycles. Now is the time for the goddess – there will be another time for the god. It is not a matter of time as we know it. Time is unimportant – timing is everything.

- The masculine dominates now, but the opposing woman-force must take dominance to maintain the alternating rhythm of the universe – cycles.

- This exchanging of positions of power between the god and goddess is by mutual consent. They work together to keep the universe alive. This means the exchanging of positions to create the alternating rhythms of the wave cycles.

- The cycling of the universe keeps it alive – from time of the god to time of the goddess – and both are right. They are the opposing forces that continue the cycling. 5D earth is the totality of both times – god and goddess together. 3D earth would not exist with the two in harmony – their opposition continues the cycling, which in turn creates the conditions for the universe to exist. For those who choose to stay on 3D earth, the alternating rhythms will continue. For those who choose to ascend to 5D earth, the alternating pulsations will cease to exist.

- The Place of Light supports both 3D and 5D earth. Lucifer, "the light", and Set, who supports Osiris, represent the Place of Light. I use "place" so that you may better understand, but it is really a time.

- Lucifer’s domain – the underworld – is not something "beneath" heaven. Rather, it is the underpinning. It is only under in the sense that it is a support – as Set was made to support Osiris. This light is the basis of your physical manifestation of reality.

- In the time of the god, the female force is the destroyer, as well as the destroyed, and the male force is the creator. In the time of the goddess, the opposite is true. In the time of the god, the goddess has been forced "underground", less visible, restricted, but still there. In the time of the goddess, that will become the role of the god. (This is depicted in the yin-yang symbol.)

- The separation of Is and Lucifer was the creation of the universe. The universe that we know would cease to exist if the two were reintegrated.

- What scientists see as entropy is actually integration – the many become the one. As your world continues to integrate foreign species with domestic – mingling of species from around the globe – it becomes more homogenized. The separate become integrated. This is the "natural" order of things.

- The integration of Lucifer and All That Is to their original state of being together will be experienced as the end of this particular universe, this All That Is. All That Is and Lucifer are working in concert. It has always been so. They have never been at cross-purposes. This is merely the birth and death of a universe. There are infinite universes. Life always is – not God, but Life.

- Your life operates on several levels – for instance, molecular, cellular, spiritual, cultural, individual, social, etc. The universe itself operates similarly on several levels simultaneously.

- All time exists at once. Universes are being born while others are dying, and your future exists in space just as literally as your past. If you could harness and control the ability to switch focus, then you could literally visit your past and future, for they most assuredly exist and are just as real as your present.

The Question

I have had two visions while in the waking state – one has been somewhat satisfactorily explained, but the other is one I think you may have an explanation for.

In "Beyond the Big Bang" there is an illustration titled: "…representation of how virtual particle fluctuations would spontaneously appear…" The illustration is a grid representing the space-time continuum, with "bulges" or "pockets" – positive and negative pairs. The text then speaks of ether fluctuations being similar, but not paired – "individual pulses".

My vision was very simple and very clear, but meaningless to me. It appeared to be a sheet of fabric – or at least woven, looking much like an ordinary bedsheet. It was perfectly flat, with the exception of one indentation – or pocket – as though an invisible ball rested on the sheet and made an indentation – like the illustration in your book, only the very odd thing about it to me was that the indented portion of the sheet had the exact density of woven threads as the rest of the sheet – where, if stretched, it should have been ‘thinner’ perhaps. It didn’t make any sense that this should be a woven material and have the property of uniformity where the indentation was. Later as I thought about it, I thought that perhaps the ‘stretched’ pocket had extra threads woven into it, but there was no sign of that, nor of any ‘wrinkles’.

I’m sorry I’m not able to describe this any better. But my question is, if that vision appeared to you, what would you believe you were seeing?

Thank you so much for your time, and again for your work.

Bless you.

Michele Quinn


E-mail dated July 12, 2000



To: Michele Quinn

Re: A question for Dr. LaViolette

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your interesting letter and for saying all those nice things about my book. Your visions are very intriguing and the account you give shows that they are portraying a deep understanding of this ancient metaphysics. Indeed, this metaphysics, and what I describe in Beyond the Big Bang, is a feminine approach to understanding the universe, e.g., virgin birth of matter (feminine) as opposed to the big bang theory (masculine).

It seems you had a very interesting experience. It seems that you might have the makings of a good book. My own work involved following a "spiritual path" of discovery. There was indeed guidance for me, much the same way as you were guided to my book. this has gone on throughout my investigation.

The idea that I can visit my future by switching focus, that may be true if you mean the future that our unconscious is currently planning. But they say that the longterm future is indefinite, even though we are creating it.

As for your question, the vision of the etheric plane with the indentation, for me, represents the fertile region where matter/energy creation can take place. It is an image I often have in my mind. The fabric represents the concentration magnitude of the G ether (the ether responsible for producing gravitational fields. This indentation would be the "G-well" which if sufficiently deep would produce a region where the ether reactions were "supercritical" (i.e., a fertile region) and where X/Y fluctuations could grow in size and eventually develop into a subatomic particle. The image of a fabric may convey the idea that this bedsheet represents the fabric of physical existence, i.e., the ether.

As to why the fabric threads are not stretched in the indentation, perhaps this indicates that the geometry of space is not altered by this indentation. Because they believe in Einstein’s theory of general relativity, physicists believe that a gravitational mass warps space-time, and they picture this warping as an indentation with the space-time "fabric" deep inside the well having a different metric than that more distant from the mass. However, there is much wrong with relativity as I have shown in BBB. In subquantum kinetics (and the ancient metaphysics) masses do not warp space. Space is Euclidean. The metric does not change. But concentrations of the ether filling space do change. So the indentation may signify a region of reduced ether concentration (a G-well) which does not alter the geometry of space.

The G-well concept calls to mind the astrological principle of Virgo, which signifies virgin birth (parthenogenesis) occurring in a fertile region. Also refer to figure 5.1.

I see that you have an email address in the Missouri area. This Friday, the 12th at 10 PM central time I will be interviewed via telephone on a radio talk show broadcasting in St. Louis from station KTRS. Perhaps this is within your listening area. We will be talking about my most recent book "The Talk of the Galaxy". See website (www.etheric.com) for information on this.

As you see, Beyond the Big Bang is a bit too much on the technical side for a lot of people. If you can write up explanations of your visions to express this metaphysics in simple terms for the common person to understand, you will be doing a great service to humanity.

Best wishes,

Paul LaViolette


Email dated July 12, 2000

From: Michele Quinn



Re: A question for Dr. LaViolette

Thank you so much for your reply. It was much more than I expected. I won’t continue to take up your time, but to say a bit more in response to your message. (Is that female – the ‘last word’?!)

>>The idea that I can visit my future by switching focus, that may be true if you mean the future that our unconscious is currently planning. But they say that the longterm future is indefinite, even though we are creating it.<<

I don’t always know what I mean! And this is one of the areas about which I am not able to have a clear belief. Creation/future (and choice is another big one). Anyway, one of the things that came through for me was, "we can only arrive at the edge of creation". In other words, ‘time’ is something like the growth of a tree (this was the pattern I was given). The living, creating portion of a tree is a ring just beneath the bark (the cambium) which contains the dividing cells. As a tree grows through ‘time’, the cambium expands outward in ‘space’. The ‘past’ is layers or rings of ‘dead’ wood, and even though the creating portion moves outward in space, it is always in the ‘present’. What exists in the environment that interacts with the cambium and bark will affect the tree’s ‘future’ shape. There’s so much more just beyond the ‘edge’ of my ability to grasp it. I think I’m growing toward it – just not fast enough to suit me.

I think I told you that I only had two visions, but suddenly I realize that’s not true, and not only have I had other visions, but also been given audio snippets. I remember now asking ‘the guides’ about a particular message I ‘heard’, and they said that it was not that it was a message for me, but simply that it was something I happened to ‘pick up’ – like changing the dial on a radio, I guess. That’s a bit of the same idea regarding switching focus.

Thank you for your explanation of the fabric and the G-well. I will have to read it a few more times – I have the feeling that it is indeed my explanation.

>>This Friday…I will be interviewed via telephone on a radio talk show broadcasting in St. Louis from station KTRS.<<

Thank you so much for letting me know. I will try to find the station and listen in.

>>As you see, Beyond the Big Bang is a bit too much on the technical side for a lot of people.<<

Me included, but I try anyway, because I can feel the truths right on the tip of my mind, and I so much want to understand.

>>If you can write up explanations of your visions to express this metaphysics in simple terms for the common person to understand, you will be doing a great service to humanity.<<

Strange that you should say this. One of the things that ‘the guides’ said was, "you are going to write a book". Before they even got to the end of that sentence, I was shaking my head. We’ll see. (It’s no wonder they once said of me, "you are the most difficult woman I know".)

Thank you so much for your work and for your letter. I hope to hear you on Friday.

Best wishes,



Email dated July 14, 2000



To: Michele Quinn

Re: Interview time change


Thanks for your email. I agree with your tree analogy of time. Please note: my KTRS radio interview time was changed from 10 PM to 9 PM central time.

Best wishes,
Paul LaViolette


E-mail dated July 20, 2000



To: Michele Quinn

Re: Your vision experience


I am interested to learn more about your visions and in what context you began having your experience. As I mentioned to you, my own investigations into this area seemed to have a mystical origin, a feeling that I was in inward contact with some great Intelligence. I was getting philosophical insights that sparked directions of exploration. But to relate them to the framework of (then) twentieth century thought required quite a bit of work - - a lot of reading and attempting to assemble ideas through writing and continuous revision. As I progressed to one level of understanding, I was then in a position to see the next insight. My experience was much like the fictional journey described in the Celestine Prophecy, but in my case it was real. Perhaps you have also realized a similar pattern in your case. My "guidance" has been quite subtle, through insight, synchronicity, and intuition. I have never had direct auditory communication. The work part for me was to give all this structure and give it a firm scientific grounding.

I find intriguing the similarity of your information to the material I’ve developed. If you would like to discuss your experience further or have any questions I can answer in regard to interpretation, feel free to call me. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Best wishes,

Paul LaViolette


E-mail dated July 21, 2000

From: Michele Quinn



Re: Your vision experience

Dear Paul:

Thank you for writing. Yes, my experience is similar to yours in a way – it seems I have been drawn along by bottlenecks which then open up into a next higher plateau. How interesting life is becoming.

When I first had the experience of the spirit conversations in early 1998, I picked up your book (as I’ve already indicated). As I was reading what portion I did at that time, I had certain vivid ideas, and I asked whether I should write to the book’s author. "Spirit" always replied to those types of questions with "you decide", but this time they said, "not right now". Apparently that meant that there would be a time when it was appropriate.

After listening to your radio interview, I again had certain ideas which seemed to want to be conveyed, but, in the absence of direct spirit messages, I’ve learned to sit with things if I’m not certain, and the answer will make itself known. Your e-mail message to me at this time doubles as a message that those ideas need to be stated. I have no judgment about their value, and they may mean something to you or not – but I’ll set them out now.

Before I do, however, I want to relay another vision I had in the early hours of this past Sunday morning. I have no explanation whatsoever for it, but it seems to be on the order of the indented sheet vision. This one was a sheet (of paper?) with a diamond-pattern grid printed on it. The sheet was pulled back into some apparatus that I could only see the edge of – like a sheet of paper being drawn back into a printer from which it emerged. (The machine was on the left side in the vision.) I had a sense of apprehension – what’s coming? This action precedes something, but I don’t know what. I had a great sense of anxiety about it. Not that I had a sense of whether what this signaled was good or bad, just that it signaled something. It seems that the number 6 was associated with the vision, but I didn’t see any number. (Later, a number came into my mind, and I wasn’t sure whether it was 556 or 1556.) This is the first time I have had an emotion given to me with a vision. It was part of the vision – not something I felt afterward when thinking about the vision.

Now, immediately after reading your e-mail message, I received recall of certain things to bring up, and I jotted them down, since I was unable to respond to you just then. They are as follows:

1.) Within the past couple of weeks, I have had a number of ‘messages’ about a lion. In the past few years, I have had other strong lion messages, but separated by a length of time, so that they didn’t make a big impression. I think because of the timing of these recent lion messages, however, that they may constitute a message to share with you.

One of the things I think I wrote you earlier was this message: "In the time of the God, the female force is the destroyer, as well as the destroyed, and the male force is the creator. It is the opposite in the time of the Goddess." These recent lion messages introduced me to an Egyptian Goddess I was unaware of – Sekhmet. Does she perhaps fit into your reading of cosmology? (I apologize if you cover that in "Beyond the Big Bang" – I am still in its first pages.)

2.) A message I got a couple of years ago said that the secret of Ra’s identity which Isis won (coerced) from him was this: that Isis IS Ra.

3.) During that same period, I was led to the website of an Egyptologist – Larry Hunter. I was led to send him this message (sometime mid-1998): "Isis is returned and will reveal herself in November." (Now, at the time, I thought the message came from Isis herself, and that it was talking about that coming November. I had no idea what it meant that she would reveal herself.)

Mr. Hunter immediately wrote back asking who told me to give him the message, and whether I knew anything about the blue lights appearing at the Sphinx. I didn’t know anything about the lights, and I was led to tell him that I believed he knew who sent the message. I suppose he wrote me off at that point. At any rate, some time later I got the very odd message that Isis and Set were the original pair, not Isis and Osiris, and that I should tell Larry Hunter this, and tell him that he would find this information "hidden on a stone". He didn’t bother to respond to that message. (I never thought of myself as a crackpot or a kook before 1998, but sometimes I feel rather foolish with this!)

4.) In "BBB", you have a figure 2.5: variations of the uas scepter. In the text, you say the staffs were sometimes made from wood with the forks forcefully molded. However, when I looked at the picture, I immediately registered that the staffs were the plain branch inverted. It struck me that this would have some meaning for the position in which Osiris holds the image of Set. I don’t know what value that tidbit holds, if any, but it was asking to be related, so there you have it.

5.) In listening to your interview, I had the subtle message that there is a very good reason some of the astronomers were not interested in the idea of ET intelligence – they are holding the energy of ‘not knowing’. This is necessary because of timing. Once, someone was telling me about her 102-year-old mother. She said the woman did absolutely nothing but sit and complain about still being alive, and that she had been for the past 20 years. She was wondering what possible purpose a life like that could have. The words came to me immediately" she is helping to balance the universe. I do believe that we give expression to energies that balance the universe.

I have been collecting bits and pieces of my puzzle these past two years, and I have the sense that we are all collecting our puzzles to put them together in the grand picture. I have been set on a quest for explanations to the strange messages I received in that intense first three months of 1998, and it has led me to diverse connections. Some of my messages came from the Isis/Osiris myth, some from the Christian tradition, some from the Native American tradition, and lesser messages from prehistoric Africa and the Arthurian legends. I even have unwittingly made a connection with a man (remainder deleted to protect the individual mentioned – involving ET presence). The other vision that I told you about originally whose meaning has been explained belongs in that relationship.

I am slowly learning to accept the reality of all these strange events and situations. Synchronous events and the increase in subtle messages and signs lately, plus accounts from other people on the net regarding similar experiences, makes me think that our evolutionary leap, or transformation, is rapidly approaching.

I thank you for the time you have given me to think and talk about these things – and for your work in grounding them in scientific terms. I think this will be happening more frequently with the younger generation of scientists coming along now. I recently sent your website link to a brilliant young man I met on the web when my ‘awakening’ began. He is now enrolled at Oregon State and wants to study systems theory in the physics department.

I was surprised to read of the theories of the universe as hologram a while back. It brought to mind messages I had received regarding ‘the Light’ and ‘the Place of Light’, and particularly, "light is the basis of your physical manifestation of reality". Of course, light is a frequency – energy – the wave. (I had many messages about the wave, and some that seemed to equate the creating force with DNA – so many mysteries.)

I apologize for the length of this letter. There is just so very much. Sometimes I would get such a burst of energy and what seemed like being downloaded with things I wasn’t equipped to handle. Once, I felt as though I would explode into infinitesimally small particles and disappear. At other times, I would ask desperately for the knowledge to be given to me. (A channeler recently told me that he was being shown that the information was coming to me in a very clear channel, but that things in our universe are changing at this time, and I don’t yet have the information with which to interpret what is being told me – that I am getting things "about a half-step ahead" of the changes. ??) Today, I read something more on your website that may explain the problem: "Confusion results if material is delivered at a pace faster than the student can assimilate, since the evoked thoughts require sufficient time to take full root in the student’s personal feeling tone fabric that he is perpetually weaving."

Thank you so much. If you don’t mind, I may have future comments or messages. I have no way of knowing at this time. It was very kind of you to entrust me with your telephone number. I can give you mine, if you should have any need for it: XXX_XXX_XXXX.

Sincerely, and with gratitude,

Michele Quinn


E-mail dated July 22, 2000



To: Michele Quinn

Re: visions

Dear Michele,

"Beyond the Big Bang" is only the first of three books I have written which are interrelated. You can get some of the meaning of the Lion images from BBB where the aker sphinx is discussed and from the astrology chapter. As for Sekhmet, the lioness destroyer, this relates more specifically to the next book in the trilogy – Earth Under Fire. She is involved in the destruction of the world (see the myth about the Eye of Re in Ch. 3 of that book). Although I don’t mention her there, myth relates that during the destruction of the world, the Eye comes first as Hathor and then as Sekmet (sometimes written Sakhmet). As I write there the Eye signifies the exploding Galactic core and Hathor and Sekhmet are the destruction brought by this cosmic event.

Here is something about Sekhmet I pulled off of John West’s website (http://hometown.aol.com/jawsphinx/curcom.html):

"But before constructive gardening and landscaping activity can take place on a grand scale, before the ponds can be purified and restocked with fish, the ground first has to be thoroughly cleared. The brambles have to be chopped down, the poison ivy pulled out by the roots, the deadwood cleared away and the weeds composted. In Egypt, this was the work of Sekhmet, the lioness, female aspect of the fire principle, she who both destroys and heals…through fire and purgation. appropriately equipped with flamethrower and chainsaw to cope with the stubborn contemporary breed of weed, bramble and poison ivy, it is Sekhmet’s twenty-first century job to clear the way for the gardeners and architects; to apply the wrecking ball to the Church of Progress."

So to understand the Sekhmet visions, try to get through BBB and move on to the next book "Earth Under Fire". Also there is a video based on the book. The apprehension you experienced is perhaps fear associated with the destruction which will eventually be brought upon us some time in the future by the approaching superwave. The important question to ask your guides is when will the superwave arrive (the main forefront of the event)? We, as physical beings, cannot see these approaching cosmic rays, because they travel towards us at the speed of light. When we see the event appear in the sky, they will already be upon us.

The image of the printer and sheet, in the context of the superwave, could be referring to the gravity field. A vast gravitational disturbance, or wave, will travel with the cosmic rays as they move outward from the Galactic center. The leading edge of this region may extend out ahead of the approaching volley of cosmic rays, light, and EM radiation. The first effect of its arrival may be the pulling or tugging of celestial bodies toward the Galactic center. This is symbolized by the printer drawing the paper inward back towards itself. The printer signifies the Galactic core, while the paper signifies the core’s surrounding gravitational field matrix – its outward extending G-well in which the surrounding stars of the Milky Way are embedded. The pulling of the paper suggests that these stars will be drawn back toward the core. Could the dream be signaling that the superwave’s arrival is imminent?

As for the time of transformation. Yes it is upon us now. I have noticed through my own experience that events have been proceeding at an exponentially increasing pace the past few years.

Thank you for your nice long letter. You mentioned others who you have come in contact with who have similar experiences. Do any of them, like yourself, receive images relating to the ancient metaphysics described in Beyond the Big Bang?

Best wishes,

Paul LaViolette



E-mail dated July 23, 2000

From: Michele Quinn



Re: visions

Thank you once again for your letter. I will try to get a copy of "Earth Under Fire". I will also look for the video.

>> The apprehension you experienced is perhaps fear associated with the destruction which will eventually be brought upon us some time in the future by the approaching superwave. The important question to ask your guides is when will the superwave arrive (the main forefront of the event)?<<

This will be tricky. The guides do not respond directly as they once did. I recently came across some channelings on the web that say the guides for a certain ‘spiritual family’ have left off now, as it is time for the members of that family to make the final leg of the journey across the chasm on their own. The rest of those channelings seem to strike a chord with me, so I suppose it is possible, and it certainly seems that I am going ‘alone’ – but guided – now. I do still receive subtle messages and signs – along with dreams. All seem to be indicating that whatever the cataclysmic event is, it is rapidly approaching. Timing is the one thing that I never was able to pinpoint, and typically, I have been ‘misled’ into believing events would take place in the immediate time frame of the signs – that has rarely proven true, so I don’t stake much on the timing of things any more.

>>We, as physical beings, cannot see these approaching cosmic rays, because they travel towards us at the speed of light. When we see the event appear in the sky, they will already be upon us.<<

Maybe I haven’t been asking the right questions. The guides always made it a point to say I needed to ask the right questions. (Eg., early on I asked how can I help the earth, and the answer was: "Knowledge of hidden truths both in the coming truth of the world. Most of your questions are better answered through the mirror of time. Ask better questions." And, when I confronted them with the fact that sometimes they lied – and always suspecting that I was just talking to my subconscious anyway – I asked whether that meant that I was lying to myself. The answer was: "No. They [the lies] are simply a way to make you think about your questions.")

I will try now to ask these questions regarding a Galactic core explosion and a superwave and see what messages I might get. I’ll let you know if I recognize anything – of if I have further visions that I can’t explain, I’ll send them to you, and maybe you will see their meanings. (Just as an aside – have you seen the old movie, "The Last Wave"? It contains lots of ‘coincidences’ with what we are talking about.)

>>The image of the printer and sheet…The printer signifies the Galactic core, while the paper signifies the core’s surrounding gravitational field matrix…The pulling of the paper suggests that these stars will be drawn back toward the core. Could the dream be signaling that the superwave’s arrival is imminent?<<

I don’t know. And it really wasn’t even a dream – it was just a picture I was shown before I fell asleep. If it is talking about the superwave, then my sense is that it is indeed imminent. However, about a year ago, I had an actual dream that had signs in the sky which went unnoticed by the vast majority of people. (There were three, and I can’t recall the third one, but the first two were a Native American man carrying a bow, and a horse.) As yet, I am not receiving signs that I can correlate with current events – rather, I don’t know how ‘current’ the signs and their events are.

>>You mentioned others who you have come in contact with who have similar experiences. Do any of them, like yourself, receive images relating to the ancient metaphysics described in Beyond the Big Bang?<<

I don’t know if they have. None have mentioned it. I did look at some dreams that are chronicled in a site maintained by Joe Mason (I think it’s called ‘Great Dreams’), and while the dreams all seem to be talking about the same ideas of transformation and the birth of a new world, I didn’t see any that were using the symbology of the ancients.

However, while I was undergoing the intense period of messages that left me sometimes thinking I was going mad, and receiving most of the Isis/Osiris messages, a colleague at work told me one day that he had a dream the night before that I was wrapped in strips of fabric, crying desperately, alone in a desert, as though my heart would break. And about that same time, he said his sister in Florida called him in the middle of the night in a panic because she had a vivid dream that he had been cut up into 14 (I think) pieces and thrown in a river. To me, those were more Isis/Osiris messages, but I have only been able to think that they involved me and this friend somehow in the myth.

I was thinking that I had some more to write to you about the coincidences in my messages and your book, but now that you have mentioned your second book – led by my lion messages – I think there is something there I am supposed to go toward. I’ll not dwell further on the BBB similarities, except I did want to mention a couple of things.

Before I read your book, I had this exchange with the guides:

Q: The original creation came from desire?

A: Yes. It also came from wanting something else.

Q: From a sort of ennui or boredom?

A: Yes, in a way.

Q: And this was the Big Bang?

A: Always that is how you describe it, but it was not a Big Bang. It was the na..(pause)..L A M..

Q: Hmmm…shall I forget that question?

A: Yes. You are not in a place of light, so you are having trouble.

Q: Physically, you mean, or understanding you?

A: I mean it is not time for you to understand.

Then, the finding of your book was the beginning of the end of the direct question and answer conversations, and the beginning of a subtler form of exchange. A short transitional phase included a bit of automatic typing, with this exchange (punctuation left as typed and recorded) – 3/15/92:

Q: This book I am reading about science and spirituality is very close to correct, isn’t it?

A: so ds sess say it

Q: I’m not getting what you are trying to tell me.

A: I am not trying to tell you anything. I am trying to type what you think.

Q: When the author keeps wondering how the ancients were formulating their scientific postulates, I am thinking I know how it happened, and that it didn’t happen by observation of the physical world.

A: and you are right. They were Talkers, too. say it

Q: Will it be a good idea for me to write to the author with that sentiment?

A: yes in a way but it is not time

And this last little bit seems to want to be related:

Q: Are you Isis?

A: Isis is not in a place of light. She is the goddess of light.

Q: So does she direct what happens in the place of light?

A: No. She only tells it what to do.

Q: Is that not the same as directing it?

A: No it is not. It can still do anything it wants.

Q: Are you able to tell me who you are now?

A: I am a woman that is the lights and a woman that talks to time. It is not time to tell you.

(Later): The woman talking…the woman you talk to is not Isis. It is All That Is.

The past few nights I wake up several times with thoughts on my mind that must be coming from events which occur in my sleep state. The nights go by in this manner in what is apparently a more ethereal state. The concepts I have in the night seem, at the time, almost mundane – I think of them at the time as something elementary – something I always know. But when morning arrives, and I am fully seated back in the ‘normal’ physical world, I find that I have to struggle to remember just how the concepts were defined – and inevitably wish I had recorded them in the night.

This morning, I could vaguely remember such a thought I had last night that seemed absolutely obvious, almost trite at the time, and certainly didn’t seem to need to be written down. It was something to the effect that the reality we perceive is a result of the frequency at which we vibrate. I then wondered if we could consciously alter our frequency so as to experience other realities; and then, whether our past and our future vibrate at different frequencies, so that all the varying frequency waves are present simultaneously, and in this manner one could make "trips" to those other times.

Last weekend I heard a Native American speaker say that their medicine men or seers are able to know about events of the future because there is a twin world that is ahead of us in time that they visit. That seems very much like the message I had been given that, like the pattern of the living/creating zone of a tree, our world is moving through space in time, and that it therefore exists in a different part of space in the future. The aliens then (at least some of them) who are visiting us are not space aliens, but time aliens – they are our future selves.

Once again, I thank you most sincerely for your time and your revelations. I know you have been working with these energies for a long time now, and I honor your endurance.

I am off to look for "Earth Under Fire".





E-mail dated July 26, 2000



To: Michele Quinn


Dear Michele,

I can’t make much sense from your nightly downloads experience. It seems that asking about the superwave has led into a blind alley.

My experience with channelling is that it leaves a person open to receiving misinformation from "outside" sources. If you have not already seen it, my website (www.etheric.com) lists several examples of chanellers who are putting out misinformation that causes confusion for those studying the superwave phenomenon; see disinformation link at the end of the predictions page link. There seems to be a great effort being made to confound humanity about the timing of the next event. Maybe you are experiencing this same disinformation campaign with the confusing images that you report. Probably it is best to stay away from this subject and try to get your sleep. There is no reason to necessarily believe that the superwave will arrive in our lifetime. The event can be "rapidly approaching" but still be arriving hundreds of years from now. It is best to be detached about the subject, to avoid getting led astray.

I doubt the idea of conceiving Isis and Set as being the original pair. This would drastically change the symbology of the Osiris story leaving metaphysical nonsense. This is most probably channeled disinformation. If the source fails to explain his/her reasoning for making such a drastic revision of traditional mythology and how this better explains the ancient metaphysics, then I would be highly skeptical. Also, if the source of the chanelling claims that they are "All That Is," I would be very skeptical of its veracity. Like Socrates of ancient Greece, it is best to adopt a critical view and be convinced only by reason.

Best wishes,
Paul LaViolette


E-mail dated July 26, 2000

From: Michele Quinn



Thank you for your kind message.

Yes, I agree that there is much disinformation. I have come to believe that it is a matter of disinformation in our system, and in ‘higher’ realms perhaps, but that at the true source of all creation, it is simply a manifestation of the intent…I am not able to relate this as clearly as I see it. So that, all the information taken together balances the multiverse and permits its existence.

In other words, I am able to be detached from all messages, because I have no ‘reasonable’ way to judge their factuality. Facts, however, are not necessarily the same thing as truth. The lies and disinformation come from the same source as the ‘true’ information ultimately. So, in that respect, I was only yesterday wondering for a moment what you might do with any information that you put through your reasoning and testing which led you to believe it was true. And the answer, I think, is the same one for everyone who believes any information about anything in the course of their lives…we follow the path that we are meant to follow, and have the illusion that we are making choices.

I agree that ‘rapid’ is relative, and I think the play is already scripted. I have a somewhat fatalistic take on things, but at the same time, I am drawn to question all of the information I get. Maybe it has no meaning. Maybe it has meaning only for me. Maybe it’s not time for me to understand it. Maybe I never will. But the path I’m on at this time is one where I try to understand, whether I can or not.

I’m not at all convinced that any source is ‘outside’, even though it appears that way. And I am completely convinced that truth is not an absolute. In my current state (subject to flux, as is everything), I make the statement that everything is real and nothing is real.

I did ask two web contacts about whether anyone they knew was getting messages involving the ancients, and if I hear of any, I’ll forward them.

Thank you so much for this time and your input.

With best wishes and highest regard,

Michele Quinn



Additional – Current (June 22, 2002)

Now, after that lengthy background that only touches on my current question but gives you an idea of the way I’ve received my idea, the issue that I am asking you about is of the identity of certain gray aliens…whether, in fact, they actually are ‘future’ humans.

Those correspondences with Dr. LaViolette were in the summer of 2000. In the past year or two my ‘messages’ have consisted of audio and visual snips – a type of remote viewing/hearing and/or telepathic messages from various sources (mostly cryptic), as well as the continuing synchronicities that life provides everyone who is paying attention.

Please understand that these ‘messages’ have come to me over a period of four years and in varying ways. As with any message coming through any individual, there are individual filters and distortions. I do not put forth anything as being the truth. I put forth everything as being a limited understanding of ‘how things really are’. Nor am I stating that I believe everything that I have been given in the way of messages. I am searching and observing, and my understanding and beliefs are ever morphing. I’m simply in the GAME – and that is how I have come to see this thing we call our existence.

The basis of my question about the identity of ‘greys’ is a collection of messages I have received over the past four years. One of the messages was as put forth in an e-mail to Dr. LaViolette (quoted from above):

"That seems very much like the message I had been given that, like the pattern of the living/creating zone of a tree, our world is moving through space in time, and that it therefore exists in a different part of space in the future. The aliens then (at least some of them) who are visiting us are not space aliens, but time aliens – they are our future selves."

That message came in the form of a type that I simply call "thought packets" for want of any other term. Thought packets come full blown into my head in an instant – not as a series of sentences – sort of like a downloaded file onto a computer.

To even consider the presence of grey aliens as factual, I was given a thought packet in the summer of 1998 while I was at work one day. That one hit me with such intensity that I felt the blow physically, and became immediately nauseous. The packet of information contained the idea that there was indeed a crash in New Mexico, and that there were indeed ‘aliens’ killed in it. In addition, there was the information that our government/military were actually building their own ‘flying saucers’ based on knowledge gained from that crash. I believe the nausea came from the fact that the information was delivered in such a way that I had the very real sensation that I was one of the aliens. An assimilation of the energy of that being? I can’t explain these things, I only try to record them in the hopes that I may someday understand them.

For whatever reason, the idea of the greys as our future selves has returned to have me try and see what value or other insights might turn up. And so, I’ve written to you to ask if you are aware of anyone else thinking about that possibility. As I said, I wouldn’t have thought of it without the various ‘messages’, but having thought about it, it seems quite plausible to me. Earth moving through space in time would be located in a different part of the universe, and humans would have evolved into something that might look foreign to us (I have some messages about that, too, which I won’t go into now). If time travel is possible, then those alien-looking future selves might visit us in the present and appear to be from another planet, while in fact, it’s the same planet in another part of the universe.

Thanks for taking the time to wade through this.

Sincerely and with gratitude for your work and help,

Michele Quinn