A WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!

October 2000


In our last newsletter/update, The September 13th Events, at

we went into great detail as to the purpose and reasoning behind the heavenly alignment and cosmic events that were to unfold. We explained that an inbound would direct itself at earth (asteroid/comet etc) but would “bounce” off the grid still in place around the planet.

This in fact did occur, however, many may have doubted or ignored the fact that this scenario did actually take place. Because it was not a direct hit, being bounced off somewhere in the region of the outer limits of the orbital path of our moon, the effects (as we described in that article) would be felt over a few days after the event, thus continuing to escalate for some time.

The main purpose of this update is to demonstrate, utilizing as much as the available data as possible that this scenario did take place and the post effects culminating from the event that we are still witnessing today.


Because the major incoming was averted, or rather postponed, this has offered a limited time in which for certain people to prepare for what will be an interesting and eye opening period leading up to December 21st this year. A period of unsetting earth changes, extreme solar activity and earthquakes and a time when the Anti Christ will certainly make his move amongst the increasing confusion on this planet.


Immediately post September 13th a number of interesting cosmic events began, in fact so many that it would take a complete dissertation to list and explain all of the events. However, as a guide we list the main events, with the site references, in relation to our September 13th article to demonstrate what actually occurred, and in fact is ongoing as one reads this article.


On September 12th, a full halo CME was observed and was thought to impact earth by September 14th – 15th. This was later termed the Madonna CME and by September 17th massive readings were observed on all the solar charts. The events and chart data for these events may be observed at the following site - sept3.html


See also Solar storm smacks earth  sept3.html


While on the same day Charlie from the Elfrad Group posted this note:


Would like to call your attention to a very unusual and strange event. The .9 hertz signal Elfrad has been monitoring for the past while has been joined by other transmissions. The regularly scheduled broadcast between 900 and 1000 hrs UT has some companions. The first signal burst started at 822 UT for a duration of 30 minutes. Then the regular daily signal began at 940UT for a duration of 57 minutes. At 1208 UT another transmission began with a larger amount of power. All three events were of the same frequency however each one had different amplitudes. Am unable to determine if originating from same location. Will update you in the event of further anomalies. Charlie Elfrad Group


 On the 13th Space science issued this interesting article A Surprising CME at


 While on the 14th;


Quote…Date: 9/14/00 4:07:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Blondel – Tampa Bay (New Millennium)

The magnetic storm watch for tomorrow, September 15th, has been upgraded to the maximum storm watch values issued by the SEC. Previously the watch was for magnetic-A indices of >30 ... The replacement watch is for indices of >50, which should they occur will represent a major to severe magnetic storm event.

This watch is in response to two impressive CMEs that were observed on the 12th that appeared to be highly geoeffective [directed at Earth.] The latest advisory from the SEC suggests that the storm will begin very early tomorrow [UTC] which actually begins this evening in the USA.


 On the 16th it appeared that the plasma storm veered north, did the grid divert this incoming solar storm?


It is interesting to note that prior to this date, on the 7th, the SOHO satellite images picked up our old friend the SunCruiser as seen and analysed by Liz Edwards at


 On the 15th China experienced a 6.6 earthquake…the details of which are posted at this site;



On 15th some very strange radar rings were observed, (shields going up?) see FLASH at


On the 17th this quote was posted:


Hi Kent, This latest round of flares is getting scary....(see the graph for today) @ 5:30 P.M. 09.17.2000 Pacific Time.......these Speeds are NOT seen in this whole solar cycle except 1 or 2 times, that's the rarity.


From this point on events seem to escalate and we attempt to describe and offer the full references wherever possible. Bear in mind solar and magnetometer chart readings are regularly updated, so one will have to refer back to the relevant dates on each chart site.


Because of the diversity and seriousness of ongoing events Kent Steadman has collated all the essential information, notes, references and chart links on a specially developed page entitled incoming commentary (The Madonna Object), which can be linked here;



However, we pull out sections in order for you to follow and check the data for yourselves.


On the 14th and 15th anomalous objects were observed moving on the LASCO satellite images as can be seen (includes all the relevant commentary) here; sun/incmngvb.html


Comment on this object/s on the 15th was as follows;


Trajectory is 15 degrees off elliptic.

 Its aspect ratio is changing as evidenced by differing levels of reflected light coming off of it from frame to frame. Possible rotation of a non-spherical body?

Speed across star field seems high. This would tend to make me feel its closer to earth rather that far away, big and very fast.

If it’s as far away as Mercury's orbit it is very big (remember Mercury transit a month or so ago, it wasn't much bigger).

Lack of reflective wings makes me feel it's on this side of the sun, not the far side.


 Also on the 15th the following comment from Charlie Plyler of Elfrad:


From: (Charlie Plyler)

Very strange indeed! There is also an unexplained signal, which corresponds with that time period. At 1300 UT on the 14, the Elfrad detectors began recording electromagnetic pulses in the frequency range of 2.76 to 2.95 hertz. These signals became stronger during the day reaching a peak amplitude at 1730 UT then gradually became weaker and faded out around 2400 UT. The beginning frequency started at 2.76hz and reached its peak of 2.95hz at the same time as the peak amplitude. This is an indication of doppler shift perhaps caused by the earth's rotation if the source is in the direction of the Sun. The peaks also coincided with the time of local noon considering daylight savings time.

Elfrad also recorded the same sequence today, Sept. 15, with the same doppler shift and same peak frequency times. I have enclosed two screen shots of this signal. The first shows the six hour time period from 1200 to 1800 UT and the second shows the period from 1800 to 2400 UT. The total amplitude today compared to yesterday indicates a slightly stronger signal which may mean the source is closer than yesterday.


To observe these signals go to sun/incomment.html and scroll down to the above comment.


Various theories as to what this object may have been were posted, was it a comet (but no tail) or an asteroid? No satisfactory answer really came forward. However, it did seem “timely” that the BBC news website decided to place an article up on the 16th titled, Asteroids Threaten Earth, which may be read here;


On the 18th it appears that our old friend the solarcruiser re-appeared on the C3 solar images, as seen at 11 o’ clock here

This was further seen at 7 o’ clock position here; sun/9-23c2.jpg


On the 25th September, much discussion was banded about as to the possibility of the inbound object being that of Asteroid 1988 OX4, more of which can be read at

In addition the relevant satellite images may be seen at the top of the page at;



However, and this is where it now gets extremely interesting, on September 29th a rather highly unusual anomaly was observed, initially bathed in a large CME emitting at about 8 o’ clock position from the sun. The relevant satellite images, comments and animations may be read and linked via an article entitled A Dark Entity Defined Within the Solar Plasma linked here; sun/9-29.html


This article was also placed up at the Jeff Rense sightings news section –  at the following link behemoth.htm with additional commentary link.


Including the following comment:


Date: 10/1/00 7:47:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Twenty years ago I was reading excellent book written by some American astronomer (forgot his name) describing instant space travel by using a black hole, based on Einstein-Rosen's bridge theory (from here all space travel wormhole stories originate). This theory implies that on the exit side should be something opposite to the black hole, a white hole. A Sun.


That what Ambilac group predicted could well be, not the Sun birth of a Planet, but arrival of king-size ships not much unlike Death Star from Light Works.

All the best.




So, was this anomaly we observed in fact an interdimensional alignment?

We strongly believe that is the case.

We do understand the alignment and energy transference process that was implemented from within our own dimension on the above dates, however, it is important to note that not all of our known physics is less than correct. For in order for the Sun to give birth to the new planet, here in our dimension, there must exist an equal opposite in existence in our parallel dimension. This is the reason the Suncruiser was on site shortly following the alignment from within this dimension. The Suncruiser is of Eridean origin, and manned by the Erideans, who are true masters when it comes to the manipulation of energies.

For additional information on the Erideans, read our article written in 1999, entitled THE ERIDEANS AND THE ANUNNAKI -


Once the new planet in the parallel dimension stabilizes in its orbital plane, this will allow and justify the birth of our new planet in this dimension. This process will also help to stabilize our SUN. 


Earthquake activity:


Three earthquakes occurred during October 1st and 2nd, as anticipated.  If you recall, our original prediction was the following:


 Las Vegas, Nevada        approx  37N    117W


Murmansk, Russia         approx   68N    35E


Durban, South Africa     approx  30S     30E


 On September 30, an earthquake occurred on California-Nevada border, of unknown magnitude, but as there were so many unknowns in the data we felt it was not the Nevada event.

However, a series of three earthquakes did occur starting on the afternoon of October 1st and continued into the early hours of October 2nd.  These were:


Oct 1  14:43 UTC    11.23N  86.69W  33 km  4.6Mb      Near coast of Nicaragua


Oct 1  15:05 UTC    68.86N  16.28W  10 km  4.8Mb      Iceland Region


Oct 2   02:25 UTC    7.96S    30.53E   10 km  6.8Mb      Lake Tanganyika Region


An illustration depicting the location of these quake sites may be accessed at;



The main earthquake data was accessed at the following usgs government site


The deviation of degrees Latitude and Longitude from our original prediction may have averted a further quake, or tsunami, in Sydney. It certainly seems so at this stage, as a series of 3 earthquakes in a fairly tight triangle North and East of Sydney occurred on October 4.  These were South of Kermadec Islands, Tonga Islands, and Vanuatu Islands, ranging from 5.1Mb to 6.8Ms.


Further, the deviations indicate that there will be a further shifting of Earth, approximating 24 degrees, after an initial shift of approximately 3 1/2 degrees.  You can see this by mapping both sets of Latitudes and Longitudes and noting where the deviations have occurred.



The only remaining variable, yet to be accounted for, is the Comet we refer to as Wormwood. Our sources have informed us that this comet is presently on a collision course with our planet Earth. WE have also been informed that the COMET will make contact with our GRID within the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the incoming angle is unknown; therefore we have no way of diverting it thus preventing it from making contact with our Earth Grid.

However, what we can tell you is that the Comet itself will be deflected (or Bounced) once it comes into contact with our GRID. However, everyone on this planet will feel this impact and it is at that point they will realise that the material we have touched on prior to this update is in fact REAL!


The energy (Kinetic) that will be created by the Comet at the time of impact will be absorbed by and equally redistributed within the Grid. The effects this will produce on the physical Earth is not known at this time. But above all DO NOT PANIC. Under normal circumstances the impact would be of sufficient strength to knocked earth off of our orbital path. This scenario however, will not be allowed to occur, as preparations have been taken that will hold us in our present orbit, for that is HIS promise.

This is the message that we received from whom we shall call, for the time being, Joseph.


 Get the update out.  The comet did not hit, as you were told.  It would shake up the Earth and it will.  The earthquakes were your signal that this would occur.  Time to wake people up!


 To this we add:

Those with eyes shall see,

Those with ears shall hear