FRIEND: Greetings  
BARDSQUILL: howwwdyyyy
FRIEND: how are you this fine morning?
BARDSQUILL: sleeping alot lately, think I stay awake nine months then sleep three
FRIEND: I see....  
BARDSQUILL: Britain's intelligence services are seeking powers to seize all records of telephone calls, emails and internet connections made by every person living in this country.  
BARDSQUILL: need to wiretap them back
FRIEND: they are probably doing it already.
FRIEND: this is just to gauge public reaction ( as if it was not obvious)
FRIEND: so... any interesting tidbits?
BARDSQUILL: well on my Lake Steadman soapbox again after NASA's release that they figure to be awesome, sheesh, they say they have located ancient seabeds and expect us all to have intellectual orgasms
FRIEND: is that the latest information? I mean they did say it would be a fantastic announcement
BARDSQUILL: yea, they really hyped it up
BARDSQUILL: You know, when I first busted loose with the lake three NASA dudes emailed me QUICKLY!
FRIEND: the easiest way to prove water and everything else is to go there ones self.
BARDSQUILL: One was most supportive, another, seemed to be the image-guy, was skeptical at first but then came around although he was in shock, but actually improved the search and enhancement
BARDSQUILL: A third NASA dude was totally pissed off and did everything he could to disprove, but I fought back.  Finally he said in exit: ARTISTS DON'T DISCOVER LAKES!
FRIEND: sour grapes.
FRIEND: whatever happened to that 'face' they found? a guy found another face and it looked like someone scanned a face in and put it on one of the nasa frames.
BARDSQUILL: Yea, that was another ordinary person, my hero, Elaine Lucas
BARDSQUILL: she found the MOC released face thousands of miles away from Cydonia, using the Viking data
FRIEND: that is not the face I was thinking.... I cannot remember the guys name.... might ... actually I would have it on record in my old emails.
FRIEND: they are on another pc which is currently off.
FRIEND: one of your readers did make an interesting observation.
FRIEND: an emotional response is invoked when looking at images of mars.
BARDSQUILL: The planet that was the mother to the moon, Mars, was Eden
BARDSQUILL: all gone kahhhboom
BARDSQUILL: asteroid belt
FRIEND: AC's view is different to that  
FRIEND: I just really want to the truth to come out soon.
FRIEND: sick and tired of all these games.
BARDSQUILL: Near space probe finding this out, Eros is layered as though a piece of a larger body
BARDSQUILL: They ain't a-gonna give us the info, we have to fight for it.
BARDSQUILL: NASA has much funding from agencies that want to veil the truth to save their own butts
BARDSQUILL: such as I'm pretty sure, the Vatican
FRIEND: the problem with lies is that you don't remember what you lied about
FRIEND: all that we need to happen is one small crack to appear
FRIEND: like say, a second sun  
FRIEND: and wham, nasa's lie bricks come crashing down
BARDSQUILL: already have a second sun
BARDSQUILL: called Nemesis
FRIEND: such an event would literally mean that total doubt is cast over their research
FRIEND: I mean a second hydrogen sun
BARDSQUILL:      Sun's hidden twin stalks planet Earth Jonathan Leake, Science Editor  
FRIEND: I do remember reading that most solar system are binary stars and that single stars are actually not that common.
BARDSQUILL: Yep, I think the binary dynamics might be almost required to elucidate a solar system
BARDSQUILL: need a bright star and a dark star at interplay, two ends of the mobius loop
BARDSQUILL: and both manifestations are actually apertures in space-time
BARDSQUILL: the universe in another phase becoming visible
BARDSQUILL: most of the universe not visible at all, not even intellectually identifiable, we only perceive with our best human extensions about one percent.
BARDSQUILL: the rest is dark matter
BARDSQUILL: I MEAN DARK, even mathematics won't track into it.
BARDSQUILL: But as for Mars, Percival Lowell had it right when he observed the retreat of the water resources up there, Mars was cycling into drought.  Everybody back then accepted an inhabited Mars, even the unwashed peasants, then the spooks entered into the game, why I don't know, probably upon discovery that some Martian refugees made it to earth.
BARDSQUILL: Then came 70 years of Dark Ages concerning Mars.
BARDSQUILL: Rome probably unleashed their Jesuit spook patrol
BARDSQUILL: damage control
FRIEND: damage from what?!
BARDSQUILL: And all the hirelings in science had to go along or starve
BARDSQUILL: Doctrinal damage, sheesh the Jesuits that control the biggest astronomical resources in America are still arguing over Galileo's heretic views-- and the heresy of life on other worlds is a big doctrinal no-no
BARDSQUILL: Suggest that many of our ancestors may have immigrated from another world and they holler: SATAN!