An elder gray Raven flew in a big spruce tree near my porch and said, hello, no not a symbolic, hello, but HELLO, one old coot to another! Don't know about the tribal wargods of writ, but at least the Great Spirit still Watches, good goin, GS!



Instead of hawking guns hand out fiddles and drums! Dance! Through Jerusalem, Palestine, The Pentagon, Parliament, the Whitehouse lawn, the Vatican! DANCE! DANCE!

Date: 11/1/00 3:41:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

The dark ones are using technology to implant destructive traits into the brains of ignorant (therefore susceptible) individuals - ie the touted 'memory chip'. Whilst it is their attempt at immortality, it is also their means of creating an army of physically powerful, Godless creatures to do their bidding. To become Godless, one has to reject one's conscience and submit to the allure of self-delusion.

To summon the Force, one rejects the illusion of singular importance, listens intently to one's conscience, and tunes in to the vibration of The Source. The internal (heartfelt) decision to align one's 'self' totally with the will of The Source, even at the risk of possible loss of 'self', is how we liberate The Force. No technology required, merely the knowledge of the deception (of separation from the Source), and the decision to allow the Will of The Source to be done on Earth.

Date: 11/1/00 3:52:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey old coot! Quit the self pity on behalf of all humanity right now! We are not losers so let's not act like losers!

Take a walk in the enchanted forest, breathe deeply, stretch out your wings and flap them around a bit, say a cheery hello to the elves. Take time out to replenish self.

You can do this, we can all do this - otherwise we wouldn't be here.

Date: 11/1/00 4:39:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, You should know that reading your website, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is inspiration to alot of people. I enjoy your artwork and your views. There is a force at work and even when it looks and feels the worst, when I pray to the Creator I pray for peace, healing and positive energy for heart, mind, and spirit on, above and below the earth for his creation. I never understood the reason for all the different beliefs and religions...just knew there was a Father I could talk to and he listened. Peace to you Kent. Thanks for the great winter scenes. Candy in Texas.

Date: 11/1/00 7:34:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

Yes it was definitely a rough All Hallow's Eve. It was as if 10's of thousands of spirits (many many more than usual) were walking all at once and not all with good intentions, but all seeing things to come that are not necessarily easy.

It even carried over into mid-morning as the one's with good intentions sighed goodbye as they felt their messages were left unheard. It left me with an uneasiness that words cannot express.

As we drudge our way through the upcoming election and possible ensuing chaos through the New Year until the next President takes office, we must all reach our earthbound spirits to the Great Spirit - The Source - The Force - All powers within and without, to maintain our 'push onward' attitudes until things, hopefully, begin to settle.

For whatever reasons we each believe that we are here for, we must maintain as positive of an attitude as possible and use our inner strengths in unison (prayer, meditation), to bring about the changes we all need.

There is strength in the numbers of people we consider 'friends' be they your next door neighbor, your spouse, or your cyber-friends. Thanks for being you, and cyber-hugs to all.

Date: 11/1/00 11:45:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent -

The way to get back a sense of spirit again is to take a short break from
your website. You update it all the time, which I imagine takes a lot of

I know, because I ran a chemtrail website during the early period when
chemtrails were just starting to become a hot topic. Art Bell mentioned my
site on the air and I was off to the races. I found myself constantly
inudated with e-mails, pictures, news, rumors, etc. that I posted as fast as
I could. Several months into it, I was deep in the doldrums, feeling a
malaise I'd never felt before. My soul was black indeed.

"Why am I feeling this way?" I wondered. Well, the answer was simple. The
chemtrail issue had immersed me in nothing but bad news, dark conspiracy
theories, darker extremist ranting, and none of it was good. I was convinced
(late 1998/early 1999) that the U.S. government was just weeks from an
all-out mass culling of the American population. We were all going to die
because the elite finally decided enough was enough (that was what all my
"anonymous" e-mails were telling me anyway).

Well it was obviously wrong, so I decided enough was enough with my website.
I stopped updating it, stopped obsessing over chemtrails, and immediately
felt better about life. I actually started paying attention to my favorite
football team again, started reading books for the pleasure of it (and not
to glean more dark conspiracy theories about HAARP, etc.) and started taking
walks outside that did not include a constant "chemtrail vigil".

Point being, this fringe/conspiracy stuff can screw with your head big time.
It's not the harmless past-time we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking it
is. I'm a writer (struggling, anyway) so I consider myself a bit more
sensitive to the world than most. You seem to be the same way. I can't
imagine then, how your mind has dealt with the constant onslaught of weird
and bad news you must get everyday in your e-mail box. At first I found that
kind of stuff fun and interesting, but pretty soon it warped my worldview
and I truly started to believe the human race was a month or two from
NWO-decreed extinction.

Yeah, we should be vigilant, no we shouldn't stick our head in the sand. But
neither should we sacrifice our mental well-being over rumors that seem to
be more false than true most of the time.

I guess I'm saying take a short vacation from your website, clear your mind
and forget about the world of Cyberspace Orbit for awhile. I bet you'd be
amazed just how much your whole outlook on life has been effected by it.
It's a gradual, but very destructive process for the health of the old
noggin'. It sure was with my chemtrail effort -- but I didn't realize until
I had stepped back and got some perspective on life.

I suspect your website probably hits close to home on some stuff the spooks
would rather you ignore. In the past, it seems like one of their favorite
"psyop" strategies when dealing with pesky folks like you is to overload you
with so much bad news that you really do start to have a nervous breakdown.
So don't let them win. Pace yourself, take a break, regain some faith in
humanity and then dive back into the fight if it still suits you.


EDITOR: Folks warned me not to take on the mid-East crises. It seems that whatever is reported in ORBIT, even in an attempt to be balanced, pisses somebody off bigtime. As for me I'm having a God-crises, these ancient deities of Judah, Islam and Christianity are starting to appear like tribal war-gods, with little concern for the fragility of human existence, except to demand worship and bring what is left of the human spirit, essentially creative and wild, to ruin.  Suddenly I perceive bad religions, bad gods-- with Israel , the focus of world religious institutions, a so-called "holy" city, about to be pulverized by hate, dogma, stupidity, all in the name of the Ancient One.  

I know, I know, the new-seekers insist that we must look for god within, but I worry that the deadly weapons at threat now on this world might cause a destruction so profound that all of us, naughty or nice, will get our butts sucked down into some black hole where without-ness and within-ness cease to exist at all.  I sense the human soul to be a kind of plasma, a refined existence, but identifiable.  What happens to plasma when the world implodes?

It seems no longer valid to play the game: "well whatever comes down I'll be saved because the soul is eternal"--this attitude is actually is beginning to seem like part of the problem, a dangerous weakness in human-responsibility. I even hear about people praying to bring on the Apocalypse! Damn, I want to go fishin'--Kent


Date: 11/2/00 9:32:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi there, I was wondering if you have ever heard of the Urantia Book. Here is the web address if you are interested in learning more..the book is

Date: 11/2/00 3:42:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Perhaps we ARE the healing force, and have been all along, but have just not recognized it. Have been reading some interesting stuff about meditation in 3d holographs (thought-forms), and about how we have an egg-shaped structure in the center of our brains whose function is undefined by allopathic medicine, but which is believed to function as a crystalline transducer which was put there by our Maker to fulfill our potential in His image. What do you think?

Date: 11/2/00 7:50:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

I tell my Father exactly whats in my heart. How I feel about something or situation, and pray what for a better outcome. Y'all come see us.

Date: 11/3/00 12:03:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent..if your looking for "The Force" then look to a child...a can be human  or animal..and it will return to you through its humilty...innocence...pure "trust".... and truthfulness..and rambuncous attitude...all you seek. It doesn't "care" what the news is..or if its threatening. Or the problems of the world simply "lives" for the  glorious moment. And then if you think that the world wasn't worth the making.. or that there is not a the sunset...the stars...feel and hear a bubbling creek...smell the forest..or a pot roast in the oven.....listen by a "crackling fire" the sounds of "home" and remember where the "heart"(love) is at is where our home and/or peace within will be. At least if only a fleeting moment of time.

Date: 11/3/00 8:10:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

hi kent, to contact the force we simply 'know'. it is there, here, with us. it is there, here, against them. all things are being made new, as in the blink of the eye. i see it, the trees and stones see it also.  i spoke to the earth yesterday... i asked which is it? are you dead mother earth, or are we being made new? still small voice choose. i have already chosen. i say no to everything that does not match my conscience. i see fear and tears in cops eyes and gov't agents eyes...but average joe's eyes light up... i see cops and gov't agents eyes light up lately too...some of them are average joe's us. we ain't slaves kent. period.  no more will we let them use us. the beast, the lies, the murder and mayhem...we must stop it... gently. the earth and sun reflect our mindset and heartfelt beliefs. so go with the joy! sincerely, liberty the gardener

Date: 11/3/00 1:17:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent:) My thoughts on this are that everyone's seeking answers. Perhaps we've missed the point, and it's not the answers that are important, it's the question. Trying to imagine the question which holds the answer. Then again, I might be full of crap. I sure hope not, cause i'm gonna keep askin'!


Date: 11/3/00 7:02:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

The stars are beautiful tonight in the mountains of Colorado. The bad guys can't win, dear Bardsquill Kent, as long as you keep watching the stars and seeing how beautiful they are. I think the subtlety of our wonder is more powerful than we can imagine. And for all you hard working guys out there who donate all your information to Kent, don't forget to look up and smile. I did tonight.

Date: 11/3/00 7:21:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent :)

I read your "Force Page" and was touced by your comments on the "holy land"
and religions in general.

Here's a thought or 2 that might help.

One way you could look at what you are experiencing might be to see it as a
MAJOR mythological cleansing. The whole planet is being stirred up in this
cleansing area.

Folks on this planet have so many old mythologies to clear away that it
seems almost overwhelming at times. Also, new age mythologies are also being
created on an almost constant basis.

Just a couple of examples here:

Remember the book "The Stargate COnspiracy?" That book helped to clear away
a lot of New Age mythology regarding et and such with relation to the New
Age movement. It did anyway, for those who took the time to read the book
and digest it.

A real problem now, as I see it, since this was a part of my mythological
clearings, has to do with "Christianity, Judaism, the bible, the holy land,
and other such ilk."

You might want to get a copy of "The Jesus Mysteries" by Timothy Frake and
Peter Gandy. If you choose to do so, you might get even madder at the scam
that has been played on folks for the last 2000 or so years. The book is
well documented.

I know a number of folks that have been working through the clearing of
their own personal mythologies (those that are fostered by the major
religions and other sources). All of em had one thing in common, THEY ALL
GOT MAD. Me included. So, I am beginning to think that the anger at being
hoodwinked for so long is just a part of the liberation process for many

A key here is to know within, that behind all this garbage, the ONE, SOURCE,
ALL THAT IS, however you describe or choose to name IT, IS, and that you and
us all are a part of IT. A very Loving IT. :) That realization, of course
must come from within.

The advice your friend gave you to balance was good advice as far as I am
concerned. I spend some time on the net and a lot more planting trees,
working on the old homestead, and following my inner direction and
expression of creativity.

For what it is worth, there was (and still is in many New Age circles) the
idea that all folks on this planet, or most anyway, will somehow "make it."
"Make it" here means many things to many folks, but the idea that all on
this planet are going to experience the same reality is not so clear to me,
considering the mass consciousness and so many folks being so asleep. This
"all make it" theme gets twanged with stuff like the so called holy land
unrest and violence. Some say it is just clearing of stuck patterns, and I
tend to agree with that, but the clearing methodology is coarse to say the
least. Perhaps the next few paragraphs may shed some light on that theme.

I have watched the current election cycle as it is coming to its end, and I
am amazed beyond belief. The only thing I can say that makes any sense to me
is this: I am on the philofractal list and some interesting fractal
creator's thoughts periodically come thru. No more than a couple of weeks
ago, the following thought was posted (I am paraphrasing here): No matter
how you view it, by definition, HALF the population of this planet is BELOW
AVERAGE IQ. Scary thought for a guy who is above the top 2% mark.

It took almost 58 yrs for me to come to grips with that idea, and the
spinoff ideas of what being asleep and in the mass consciousness really

Add to this the idea that in any given population there are about 6%
sociopaths. The low IQ ones usually wind up in trouble of some kind and many
are incarcerated. The higher IQ ones, well, some of em are the folks many
love to hate. Since they don't feel squat, they have no problem creating
their wonderful reality on the backs of those who are not smart enuf to see
what is going on. The problem gets compounded by the fact that most folks,
when they reach a certain point in their own inner development, tend to be a
bit reclusive and at the beginning, and well in to the process, don't handle
the difficult energies from other folks so well.

There is a lot of social bias against calling someone's genetics "better"
than someone elses. I don't care for the "better" idea, but there are
genetic differences on this planet that are meaningful. Skin color is NOT
one of those as far as I am concerned, but note that the old eugenics
movement tried that with folks of color and now genetics has a bad rap at a
deep inner level for many on this planet.

That doesn't however, change the fact that sociopaths have different
functioning brains. Different, from birth as I now understand it.

Oh, as far as racism is concerned, it is really one of the biggest scams on
the planet. This I say from both a common point of view and a metaphysical
point of view as well. As I understand it, there is more genetic divergence
in any small town in America than there are racial differences between the
so called races. Also, I recently read a report that was about to be
published in some peer reviewed science mag. The report said skin color was
simply a function of what latitude your ancestors spent most of their time
living at. The idea had to do with Vitamin D, and how much of it you
produced through solar exposure. If I remember correctly, either too much or
not enuff causes fertility rates to go way down. From the report, the
conclusion is made that skin color on this planet had to do with group
survival at any given latitude. How long skin color took to change, I don't
know, but the whole theme of the report makes sense to me. In my reality, we
are One race here on this planet, skin color means nothing, and the old
saying that "God is Colorblind" is a real good idea from my point of view.

I mention the above because the idea that some folks genetics may be
different, in a different way than skin color, may be viewed as racist in
some way. That is not my intent at all, but the sociopath stuff is well
documented, but not so widely promulgated. Especially so regarding the hi IQ
sociopaths. There is, I believe, a bell curve of IQ for those folks too.
There are, of course, many disagreements within the science community, but
the evidence is there.

Oh, this gives a whole new way to view the "Heartless and Unfeeling ET's",
if you look at concepts concerning "same dimensional parallel reality"

If you are interested in book titles about sociopathy, let me know and I
will dig em out and send em along.

Finally, for what it is worth, I do think there was a person named Jesus
(many actually), and I suspect the Romans may have killed him, but since
there is NO historical evidence to support that, I suspect he was of little
consequence to those folks. Metaphysically, it is another story, however,
Christian mythology, and AND ESPECIALLY APPLIED CHRISTIANITY has decimated
this planet, IMHO. In any event, the book "The Jesus Mysteries" I mentioned
earlier in this rather long and rambling e mail, may well shed some light in
your personal inner strugle with the "Holy Land" drama.

Feel free to post this if you choose, leave my name off as usual.

Golden Light Love & Joy this night!!!


GENEVA--For more than 20 years, scientists around the world have been searching for an invisible particle that determines the basic properties of matter. The particle, called a Higgs boson, is thought to be a vibrating chunk of the unseen vacuum that underlies everything in the universe.

EDITOR: so THIS is what they think they are chasing. Why do I yet sense danger? I suppose had I gone the way of the Eisenhower decree in the 50s, physics, engineering, Sputnik revenge, I might be doing the same thing. Glad I did not. Then I was shy to become Igor for the Mil-industrial mob. They seek a god all right, but a dark one, perhaps now unleashed. Is this what I am feeling? Collider's fate in the balance

Ever wonder what the "strangelets" might look like?, EDITOR: Brookhaven is now parroting the techniques of DESY and CERN, namely, pulsing the particle beam using the Tesla cadences, YIKES!

Underground radio experiment  Brookhaven live radar watch  Collider-Accelerator TV

Date: 11/4/00 10:00:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Personally, I am getting ready to leave the country for the Chiapan rain forest, for the duration of this Earthly existence, as for the rest of you: I suggest you turn off the damn cell phones, etc.. Maybe if you weren't so busy yacking all the time you just might hear a small, quiet, sane voice...

This is the voice of spirit. Then: Listen!

You can spend your whole life PETITIONING THE LORD WITH PRAYER, but if you are not willing to switch the radio to receive, then...

I will leave a light on for you...

Date: 11/4/00 9:25:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, there was a book I checked out at the Richardon, Texas Library called Sky Coyote by Kage Barker or Baker. It's one of the most fun and facinating books I've read in a long time. I plan to see if I can find it at half-price books, cuz I don't know if it's still in print. Anyway the story line tells of humans who were created far into the future and genetically changed/enhanced by the "Company" who can send them anywhere in the past to search for loot or treasure and bring it back. One of the funniest parts of the book deals with one of these altered humans being made to look like the mythical Sky Coyote and is sent back to the time where a tribe of Native Americans who were said to have disappeared completely from that time without a trace. What's funny about the book is it uses the language as spoken today. Sky Coyote has to make the tribe believe he's the "real deal" and the more time he spends with the tribe, he grows to love them and wants to save them from an inevitable destruction which he's not really supposed to do because he's not supposed to get involved emotionally with them. The ideas in this book about time travel and the weaving of past myths and history are written in such a way that you can't put the book down and makes you laugh all the way through it. If you don't already know of this book and need some inspiration to the lighter side, please read this.

Date: 11/4/00 3:30:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

read _Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX

Date: 11/5/00 8:12:31 AM Pacific Standard Time (from a dragon-lady)

I know you probably can't use this right now (too many "prophets" around all saying various dire things, I know), although possibly soon if Goddess Venus predictions of collapsing banking system and soaring gold start to unfold here shortly. I am going to be moving and not around my computer for some time, so I thought I would send this to you now, just in case.

Goddess Venus says the fifth dimensional Illuminati spirit Beings are gone as of Sept 30. They have essentially been raptured our of here (all 144,000 of them as Revelations discusses). Sept 30, the day the Illuminati were "raptured" from here, was Rosh Hashana, or termed Jewish "Judgement Day". In truth, "Judgement Day" probably refers to a higher dimensional ascension timing date, and does not have the truly vindictive connotation commonly associated with the term "judgement day". Goddess Venus says that the higher Divine are now operating the former Illuminati container bodies to complete karmic type lessons on earth for us remaining mortal human beings. GV says that during this time period, the economic collapse will be quite dire and enduring (the fall of Babylon does refer primarily to the fall of the Illuminati created banking system and related institutions). GV also says that during this time no wars or major acts of terrorism such as a nuclear bomb will be allowed, although there will be alot of skirmishes and posturing. Finally, GV says that dishonorable, NWO portions of governments will be removed and constitutional governments refortified. The USA will have a relatively short time period of legitimate, loyal US military martial law during this process. Again, the economic disaster will be quite dire and enduring. Y2K type supplies are in order. Iona

Date: 11/5/00 9:47:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dearest Kent, The magic of your heartbeat is the force by which you can retune your physical instrument. This is the rhythm of GOD, the rhythm by which the planets intermingle with each other, and the force of creation.

Sit still and place the fingers of your left hand on your wrist pulse. Just concentrate on the rhythm of this flub/dub rhythm for a period of 7 will be surprised by the input from spirit during that 7 minutes. This is a magical rhythm, one which a fetus misses when it leaves the womb, and it is a life-giving and life-saving affirmation of the MIRACLE OF THIS LIFE. That BEAT, that RHYTHM, that WONDER.......the reason for our physical placement on this planet at this particular time......the miracle that GOD placed within our being at the moment of our separation from the MOTHER'S WOMB, now independent and totally SPIRIT SUPPORTED, we look to the world for our sustenance, not the BEAT OF OUR SPIRIT.

Tune in KENT, and then turn on your SPIRIT LIGHT!

Date: 11/5/00 12:26:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent and Wendy! I hope all is well. Kent, you said all prophetic thoughts are welcome, and this one may need interpretation. In 1999 on Dec. 6, I saw this and wrote it down. Normally only my family is subjected to these spurts of"whoa, what was that?" but since you asked...

"Invisible,the lizard saw all. Tiny feet drew strength from the rock it sheltered on, ready to leap at a moments notice. The eagle stood motionless on the butte, beak open she watched the lizard, also ready to leap at a moments notice.

Unnoticed the black snake struck leaving only an angry eagle in its wake."

My interpretation of what I saw is that the lizard is the UN, the eagle the U.S., and the black snake could've been China, but was definitely tied in with Africa. May Peace be with you all.

Date: 11/5/00 1:49:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi. Thank you for being born...I feel you are very important to all of  us...I'm making this short and sweet...I know you are a very busy man.. I read your Cyberorbit many times during the week....I am responding to your call for some suggestions...for goodwill.... I saw the movie "Pay Forward" last night..I want you see it (you'll nevern be the same), and then suggest seeing it>>> to all of your readers...and voyeurs... who have the passion and are feel moved to help the world and humankind...I plan on implementing this here in Alaska also...

EDITOR: Been thinking--I started this unruly ORBIT project by publishing a children's tale--reading my own work again for clues, and by gum, finding them. I think ye ORBIT visitors ought to do the same, after all it's the greatest tale over told! Raise your hand when you've finished.

Bear looked up. The stars shone brightly now. There was only a faint glow of purple where the sun cradled. He whispered to himself, "look at all those numberless worlds out there, so many. It makes me feel really small.

Maybe I'm so small that I don't exist, like something is just making me up."

Yawning again, he continued blubbering to himself, "on the other hand, maybe it's me that is making up all this. . ."

"Or maybe, it's a two-way deal." Bear confused himself to sleep.

The cloud glided gently over the many villages of the Enchanted Lands; it climbed the slopes of the foothills, blown by night winds toward the mountains. A snowy peak loomed ahead. The lofty spire glowed strangely with a halo of blue-green light.

Date: 11/7/00 6:39:24 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Not sure if you're still wanting force comment to 'summon but thought to send this your way. Can't help but and feel a core ..a central calling here.  Noticing too that the comments are coming from compassion.. a reality even the coldness of cyber-connection cannot remove.

Distance from love is an ILLUSION.

Perhaps you need not summon healing....accepting and taking it might be more the fact and summon for all of us.

Accepting firstly that we all go away from it... through distraction and away from OUR CORE...and heart..not trusting or believing what NEVER GOES AWAY  is a life time journey through many doors..only to end up always back to where it all started ..the gift..the heart. . Our God and Creator..never leaves.

We all leave more and less at times..OUR HEART AND LOVE is always and forever in and through our CREATOR GOD.

It all came to YOU Kent...all you had to do was get there and say again you needed something. Your heart like all of ours never is away  from the answers..we just think it is.

Love seeks love...and it will fill the cracks.

We are all one through love..God.

Accept the gift you never lost...keep your HEART Kent.

Date: 11/10/00 8:01:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent
Years ago when I first found out about AIDS and the veritable
mountain of circumstantial evidence that it was intentionally created
by WHO and the US government, I spent alot of time and energy trying
to alert people to what was going on. Then I discovered the Rife
inventions and their suppression. More negative networking. More
bummer. Gradually I watched the quality of my life go down the
tubes, and eventually I gave it all up and went back to having a
life. I noticed the same phenomena when I succombed to the Y2K
nightmare, and to some extent when I get too caught up in some of the
threads on your site, much as it fascinates me. I guess the dark
side is kind of like TV -- we are steadily drawn into increasingly
immobilized fascination.

One of the principles I have found true in my life that explains what
happened to me with AIDS and Y2K, is that ENERGY FOLLOWS FOCUS. When
I continually focus on the dark side (and fear), my life goes down
the tubes, and worse, the dark side gets bigger!

An exercise. Make a list of everything that is wrong with your life.
Then observe how you are feeling. Next, make a list of all the
things that are right with your life, that you are grateful for.
Look at how you feel now. Looking at what is wrong, we feel bad. If
you keep feeling bad, badness infects your life. If we look at what
is right, what's working, we feel good. And then more things start
working. Gooodness infects our life! I guess what I am saying is
whichever of these lists we are giving our attention to...grows. And
we choose the list. By choosing what we pay attention to, we choose
how we feel, and we choose what grows... what WE grow!

Another principle that has helped me comes from Rosalyn Bruyere, an
energy healer from California. In order to balance the energy drain
and the darkness she meets in her work, she says she has to spend
time every day "gathering goodness". For her that may be spending
time playing with her granddaughter, or walking on the mountain
behind her house. Sounds like for you it might be fishing....Been
fishing lately?

And then there is regeneration -- nourishing my spiritual and
physical energy on a daily basis. Prayer. Chi Kung. Yoga.
Dancing. Connecting with THE FORCE every day, standing in the juice,
drinking from the Forcesource. Giving the Light at least as much
energy and focus as I give the dark. And I forget all the time.
Remembering is my challenge.

With great appreciation for all you have taken on, and for your
creativity and passion, which touch us all.

Date: 11/10/00 6:23:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

hi Kent..thought to send these to you all for the HEART of the matter...and it isn't dark.

HEART CODE...the the bathtub ? !!

Heart intelligence>>emotion chemicals


HEART of the Angel... the trumpets


ISRAEL'S mystic path to the HEART...Qabala