Wednesday, 11/08/00, 5:45:09pm (#291508 of 291544)

I've lived in South Florida for 12 years and find it shameful that "latin"

corruption has spread beyond this state to now affect the rest of the country.

As of 8:30am, there were still 9 reported "missing" ballot boxes from the

Pembroke Pines area (Broward county) which represent a majority in favor of

Gore. Therefore, how can we have 100% of the votes in if 9 boxes are still

missing since 11pm last night!

Also, a friend, who is a registered Democrat was refused at the poll due to the

fact he did not have his registration card with him, only his drivers license, and

was told that he was not on the list. After it was verified and told that his name

was "purged" from the system for whatever reason , he was NOT allowed to


In the Hialeah area which is heavily hispanic, people were asked to cast their

vote "in pencil". Same scenario occurred in several areas in Dade county.

The rest of the country has no idea what "election fraud" means until they've

lived in South FLA. For such reasons, I chose NOT to vote, which I am not

proud of. However, in the end, as always, the heavily corrrupted South

Florida system prevails... even in the run for the most prestigious political

appointment in the world... the United States Presidency.

I don't think that our ancestors fought for freedom for it to come to this. I

hope future elections will be heavily scrutinized in Florida... as this state is

alarmingly becoming an extension of Cuba...

Need I say more?