Date: November 3, 2000

About: David Icke Seminar in Fort Worth, February 17, 2000

Contact: Jocelyn Savage, Director of Marketing and Public Relations ; Phone - 361-293-7698




The Truth Shall Set You Free! David Icke in Forth Worth February 17


YOAKUM, TEXAS . . . David Icke, world recognized spokesperson on issues pertaining to self-empowerment and spiritual growth, is a man of determination and courage. For the past ten years he has devoted his life to uncovering information about the corrupt, covert global conspiracy that, according to Icke and his following, threatens to take over the world and form what will be called the New World Order. His one-day seminar at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Auditorium, Saturday, February 17, is expected to sell out well in advance.

Son of a working class English family, 48-year-old Icke looks more like a movie star or athlete than a global activist. In fact, Icke probably would be a world class soccer player today, if severe rheumatoid arthritis had not abruptly ended his professional career. Says Icke: "The arthritis activated still more determination I have always had, not to capitulate to adversity, and to overcome whatever life may choose to put before me. Or, in truth, what my own journey chooses."

That journey also included a previous career with the BBC and other media, and a short stint as national spokesman for the British Green Party at the time of the Greens’ greatest and only success at national elections in the UK. Today, Icke’s website,, is one of the fastest growing destinations on the Internet. Traveling the world and speaking to whomever cares to listen, Icke has been dubbed the most controversial speaker on the planet today.

Icke’s five books that include big hitters, The Biggest Secret, and . . . and the Truth Shall Set You Free; three videos and website material; deal with information about politics, religion, medicine, ancient societies, and the corruption and graft that have eaten away at the foundations of human liberty and self-empowerment. He has researched and written extensively about the Illuminati. According to Icke, this insidious secret global society "has been holding the reigns of power in the world since ancient times." In The Biggest Secret, Icke attacks the major power structures of the world, exploding myths and superstitions and exposing a conspiracy that has its origins in the oldest societies on the planet.

Icke’s Fort Worth seminar will deliver new information about the Illuminati’s plan to consolidate all global powers into One World Government. Witty, brusque and outspoken, Icke has attracted enemies within virtually every government in the world, especially England, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the United States. By the same token, Icke has become a hero to a growing public that knows how to read the hieroglyphics on the wall. He has earned the love and respect of truth seekers throughout the world. The greater the resistance from the elite One World power to attempt to keep him from speaking out in so-called "free countries," the larger his following.

"Freedom comes from within, but only with knowledge," declares Icke. Thus, solutions to the current dilemma have little to do with flailing and wailing and a lot to do with introspection and inner growth; serious inner exploration of the meaning of truth and spirituality. His mission is to "empower the people," to give them back their inalienable rights to think and speak for themselves. He inspires them to resist any institution, creed or credo, whether religious, social, political, educational or scientific, that threatens to encroach upon these rights. "People do not rebel against being free when they think they are!" states Icke.

Hidden Mysteries, a bookstore that specializes in cutting-edge, rare and out-of-print books, is sponsoring the February Fort Worth event, urges those who plan to attend to purchase tickets well in advance. "David hasn’t been here in awhile, and we expect people to come from all over North America, to attend this historic event,," states Jocelyn Savage, Hidden Mysteries’ Director of Marketing and Public Relations.