Subj: This is unbelievable
Date: 11/9/00 7:09:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just went though the numbers projecting what might happen when the
recount is finished. The results are mind boggling.

First count Bush has 1,765 votes more than Gore. As of this moment they
are saying that 32 of 67 counties have been recounted, and that Bush has
gained 346 votes and Gore has gained 1189 votes.

If we project the same gain in votes for the remaining counties, we get

843 vote gain for 32/67 of the counties. So if we multiply 843 by
67/32, we would expect to get, hold you hat, 1765 additional votes for

Subtracting the expected gain from the margin, we get:

1765 margin
-1765 gain for Gore

An absolute tie with almost 6 million votes cast!!!!!

Now, if we look at the difference between the gains of
346 and 1189,
statistically, we find that it is virtually impossible for this to be a
statistical fluctuation. It was reported that the reason that the
ballots were not counted before was that the holes were not punched out

I can think of only 3 possible reasons for this.

1. 3 out of 4 not so bright people voted for Gore.
2. 3 out of 4 people who are careless voted for Gore.
3. That there was ballot stuffing for Gore, and they were under such
time pressure that they did not fully punch many of the holes. Remember
the "lost boxes" and that the late returns came from areas where 90% of
the voters supposedly voted, and they were very heavily weighted for

Maybe there are other explainations but I cannot think of any.