Subj: Druggie Dubya Once Busted For Drunk Driving!
Date: 11/3/00 6:05:11 AM Pacific Standard Time

Druggie Dubya Once Busted For Drunk Driving!

Police and court records in Kennebunkport, Maine prove that Bush was
arrested in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol. Dubya
pleaded guilty, was convicted and fined. His driving privileges were
also temporarily suspended in Maine following the arrest.

Bush acknowledged Thursday night that he was arrested on that charge
near his parents' Kennebunkport home.

Al Gore's campaign aides and Democratic National Committee officials
both said they first learned of the arrest from news reports Thursday
and said it would be inappropriate to comment on the matter.

WPXT-TV news director Kevin Kelly, of a Fox television affiliate station
in Portland, Maine, said his station broke the story after a reporter
learned of the arrest while covering an unrelated matter at the local courthouse.

"Somebody made a reference to it," Kelly said. The reporter followed up
with phone calls, including one to the Maine Department of Secretary of
State. Kelly said the department responded with a fax detailing the
arrest, and that the reporter also talked to the arresting officer, who
verified the incident.

Kennebunkport Police told CNN on Thursday night that the charge against
Bush -- operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor -- was a
Class D misdemeanor.

This is the kind of offense that NOW could result in MANDATED probation
and even jail time, having huge fines imposed, your license being taken
away etc.; but Dub was lucky bought to have gotten popped for this in
1976, when he was such a cocaine-snorting, drug and alcohol-abusing
party beast. (Now, he; just a beast, period.)

THESE days Dubya would fair far worse for his potentially deadly and
monumentally irresponsible action of getting behind the wheel of a car
while heavily intoxicated; a brain-dead move which far too often results
in INNOCENT PEOPLE GETTING KILLED... but that idea probably didn't
bother Dub a whit, judging by the number of
questionably-convicted/sentenced people he's had executed since becoming
governor of Texas.

Probably, beast Dubya was cock-sure his "rich" daddy (Poppy) and the
vast international drug/crime syndicate Poppy ran and still RUNS would
ensure that Dubya would suffer no serious punishment for his criminal behavior.

And this guy is SO SURE he's about TO BECOME PRESIDENT?????????

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