Subj: A little rant.....
Date: 10/17/00 11:47:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time

A spiritual universe has been considered mythological by science ever since
it separated from religion. Or put another way, science holds up persons
like Galileo who was forced to recant his discovery that the earth revolves
around the Sun (and not vice versa) by the so-called Church as a martyr of
scientific superiority. And in effect ever since science has cringed or
loathed to admit anything worthy coming from a theological point of view. I
sometimes love to walk way beyond even the fine line between the two
twilights. Religion cannot blame science for superceding its
"authoritarian" sway over the masses, but science acts way too arrogant in
the face of such overwhelming proof against even its own theoretical
propositions. In effect science has become the new inquisitor and you can
forget study or job grants unless you follow the "status quo".( i.e., Big
Bang theory, Darwinian-Lamarckian Evolution, etc.)

I guess what I am trying to say is that both religious and scientific
"attitudes" are at fault, because one could display the mathematics and
physics proving that a "higher" universe exists to many so-called "believers
in God" and they would try to have you committed to an asylum, just like in
the inquisition days. Likewise, if you try to impress the scientists who
made the discovery that we are on the verge of scientific "proof" of a
spiritual universe, he too would muzzle your enthusiasm so quickly, that it
too would feel like an inquisition.

It seems too many are content to really go about blindly, and without
sounding judgemental, happily on their merry way towards oblivion. It seems
that "we all go to heaven when we die" is blindly assumed to be fact, even
though I have never seen an actual scripture in any of the myriads of sacred
texts that explicity state that as a fact. Thus, who cares about our
health, the health of the planet, wars, prison overpopulation, taxation to
death, global warming, etc, etc, the list goes on and on and life, human
life is becoming increasingly less valued.

If there never was any religions (and by religion I do mean dogma, not
sacred scriptures which in most cases bear no resemblence whatsoever to
organized religions today) to pacify the "need to know" what happens to us
after we die, do you think people would ever get on an airplane? Smoke
cigarettes until the doctor says you've got 1 yr left to live? Go out binge
drinking? Manufacture diabolical chemical, biological and nuclear weapons
of mass destruction? Would so many people murder and pillage each other?
Would we be destroying what may be our only home in the cosmos? I think

So it is as if humanity is acting insane, because so much of what is so
important is just plainly ignored or considered absurd and its the next
generation who suffers because of those who simply seek "words of power"
rather than words of wisdom or peace.

Scenario: A fledgling humanity wakes up the day after a nuclear holocaust.
Remnants struggle to survive here and there, little groups emerge from the
bombed out cities, which are now mere pockets of a once global civilization.
Suddenly as if out of a dream, vast oceans of Light appear in the skies and
in the oceans, great Pyramid cities once hidden with advanced holographic
technology now make their appearance known. Huge biosatellites capable of
rescuing up to 100 million space immigrants land in the valley plains. And
God himself appears with a gazillion beings of Light, all smiling because
the great day of intergalactic cross-fertilization (another way of saying
genetic healing of all diseases), space colonization, and harmony has
finally come and will last forever and ever. The remaining earthlings are
so overwhelmed at the sight, they all instantly fall to their knees weeping
and crying for forgiveness on all the arrogant generations who have ever
walked the earth before them. The last generation of evil leaders names
become bywords for curses.

Question: Would you as an earthling, feel confident meeting a million
advanced ET's from a billion inhabited worlds feel proud saying you were
from planet earth, the planet that destroyed itself in an insane chemical,
biological, and nuclear holocaust?

Anyhow just something for you to ponder.

*Remember Your Future*
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