I have been sending Kent radar stuff on and off for a two years.

As some have probably peiced together. I flew kerosene burners up high in the air, and they carry radar. I also watch the ground based radars more than I would like, but its part of the job.

Be it known that the doppler radar are tuned to H2O molecules , which you are 90% made of. Is it wonderful to know that you are being exposed to radiation that excites your personal water molecules like a cup of coffee in the microwave? Wonder why it is hotter than it is supposed to be? Ever get irritated at nothing? Me too.

The radar used to "see" aircraft in the sky by ATC are attenuated to show the paint and skin of the aircraft, and not water. You would not see the plane in the rain. They can tune these freq´s up or down (limited).

The radar in aircraft are tuned to water also, do not turn your radar on while pointed at the close range groundspeople, unless you want to sterilize them and their water molecules. We can paint shorelines and lakes on the ground too from above. And to think of all the cosmic radiation pouring down from beyond the "heavens." No wonder were burning. Carcinoma anyone?

There is no bridge that was there and then was not, there is no ufo landing, yet. Wait til they shut the radars down and then the real sky action will start. People will get clear heads and literaly will cool off. I am amazed at what we can take. Guess ma was right again, "what you can´t see won´t hurt you." I guess if you do not know about it, it really is not there and shortening your life. Be interesting to see who drops in if we would put down the guns, these included.

Please tune in tomorrow and we will catch some damning data on scalar microwave ground based doppler weather radar anomolies. It is a very consistent long running show.

Then we can write our congressmen and tell them to shut the show off or be replaced with a green party candidate.

Now there is a new idea.

My apologies for believing that its "only small insignificant doses," while it cumulatively fries us all bit by bit. It was a belief that is now knowledge. My apologies for cooking you all. I have ceased.

Please forgive me.

May you have mercy on me.

Bless us all, everyone.