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To my American readers:  You were not on the earlier traffic re
this matter -- but it is becoming much bigger than I thought.....
I want to go ahead and send this now -- for you to catch

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Hello Guru

I had started a long post about what happened with my film and my book,
out in September, and what's happening in France, but I'll complete it
later. This Santini affair is a landmark event. France is at WAR on the
mobile antennas' case. And it's evolving fast.

Here is the gist of it. Right now, we have more than 150 grass-roots
against mobile phone antennas in French towns, all because of health
and health reports of headaches, insomnia, miscarriages, one case of
leukemia, damages on poultry.... Mayors take restrictive measures. Legal
courts cancel operators' authorizations. And mobile operators are running
panic, admitting 30 % delay in their current planning for new antennas.
is becoming like the mad cow furor. All because of PEOPLE's actions (and
some journalists and honest scientists too...)

Our government has shamefully betrayed its electors and sided with the
operators. On July 25th, it confiscated from the parliament the right to
discuss norms and risks (there were 2 law proposals about that),
an European directive. There is NO European directive, just a
recommandation. Now, 3 weeks ago, they  put into LAW the pitifully
inadequate safetely limits from ICNIRP and WHO (41 v/m for 900 Mhz, 58
for 1800 Mhz). It think France is now the only country in the world where
these norms are national law. The government, in it's decree, pretends
based on the "principle of precaution". This is both hilarious and

Yesterday, this gross manipulation was denounced by "Le Canard Enchaîné",
French best-loved political/satirical weekly. On the same day, the new
of "Sciences & Avenir", one of the 2 most popular science magazines,
publishes an 8 pages special with new research about antenna's syndrome.
Both journals quote the brilliant and courageous work of Pr Roger
who has 2 publications to be released soon in peer reviewed science
"La presse médicale" and "Pathologie biologie". His study on 530 antenna
victims and 18 symptoms is a world first. Henry Lai has the preprint and
describes it as "a major breakthrough". Neil Cherry, I think, already has
English translation.

Now, today, we learned than Santini is fired and forbidden to speak. I'll
have more details about it soon but it's unbelievable. It stinks of the
worst totalitarian methods. Santini's institute, INSA is a state-funded
research institute. The order came from a high ranking technocrat at the
Health Ministry, who was already the industry's big friend during the
powerline controversy 10 years ago.

I think the industry committed a terrible mistake. They thought they had
every right but now the grass-roots committees and the health-conscious
media are infuriated. I predict in one month's time the phone operators
be confronted with a major industrial crisis, as antenna rejection
reaches a
new peak. They brought it on themselves.

Of course, we'll keep you posted on future events.

Bye for now !