Subj: Re: Free Energy
Date: 5/17/01 5:27:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: ConCreFo

Thanks for your interest in free electricity.  Below is the E brochure for the free electricity machine.  Yes, it really exists.  For proprietary reasons, the mechanics of the machine are not discussed or described in detail, but I can tell you generally that it is a 30kw/hr generator that is driven by a motor that utilizes fixed position, permanent magnets.  A slightly more in depth discussion of the motor is available on the video.  To the thought that, "you can't get something from nothing," the magnets shown in the video exert a force of 100 lbs. attaction/repulsion.  There is, therefore, energy present that is constant and being transformed into work, it's just energy that doesn't require refueling.

If you are interested in registering to have a machine installed in your home, follow all directions as written on the below application.  You may E mail me or Helena if you have questions.  

Best regards,

Karl Fink

     Better World Technology is developing a technology that will generate power from the natural energy found in magnets. This technology will produce zero pollution. Better World technology was inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 1996. This company has also done a show for Congress, including the President and the Attorney General in the same year. Shortly after the show, Congress called for the deregulation of the Electric utilities to allow the smaller independent power producers to sell their electricity using the power grid. ( Deregulation is a GOOD thing and was NOT meant to control the prices.  That is something the politicians added on to it (as in California which is PART of their problem today).
Better World Technology plans to provide this technology for United Community Services in partnership with International Tesla Electric Company to place on the market. BWT is developing a 30 KW generator that can be placed on a home and turn that home into a power generating site. UCSA plans soon to install this generator, which is no larger than a window air conditioner at your home for NO COST to you. You will not own this machine but as payment for the use of your property you will receive free electricity for as long as ITEC can sell power to the grid. You will receive 26,000 kilowatts of electricity per year for FREE. The average home doesn’t even use half of that amount at the peak of their energy consumption.
There is no risk of power failure because you will not be completely disconnected from the regular grid system. There will be a throw switch installed so that if for any reason you would need outside power you could throw the switch and you would be right back on line with your regular utility company.ITEC plans to sell the excess power to the grid as a supplier. This opportunity is available to you because ITEC needs public support and a generating site to produce the power. This is a symbiotic relationship and would eliminate your electric bills entirely!
BWT has hundreds of technologies and just to name a few, engines that run on water, a laser camera that can see into the body and watch a heart beating with absolutely no harm to the person, agricultural products that grow corn 16 feet tall, puncture proof tires, magnetic Laundry Balls that do a laundry without detergent, and the list goes on and on. UCSA is already marketing some of these products. The possibilities are endless for what these companies can do for our world. Call for information about our website.
We the people have a chance to declare our energy independence! Please send for a FREE LOOK at our video"Declaration of Energy Independence". I would like to extend the offer to you, that if you watch this video and want to sign up you can do so for a FREE LOOK. Send $13 money order or cash (US$16 in Canada). This will cover the cost of the video, the processing of the registration form and the shipping and handling. I thank you in advance for watching this video (22 minutes ) and considering the seriousness of this offer. If you decide that you do not want to sign up simply return the video to me within 2 weeks and I will return your money order.   If you’ld like to talk about this feel free to call, I’ll be happy to answer as many questions as I can. If you decide that you do not need to see a video, you may order your registration now by sending me $5 in CASH or MONEY ORDER. After you have sent me your filled out registration I will send it to the company and they will enter you in the computer and send you a confirmation of this within four weeks.
This free electricity offer is limited and is on a first come first served basis.PLEASE NOTE: When the company begins to DISTRIBUTE the generator all those who will want one at THAT time will have to pay at least $1,000 to register. So, get yours and tell your friends about it ( I bet you could find ten immediately) while it is NOW being offered FOR FREE plus the $5 cost for handling.
The President of our company, Dennis Lee, has announced that we need to register 1.6 million people before he will put the generator out.  He wants to show the attorney general that he has the grass roots support of these households waiting for their order to be fullfilled, representing 3 million voters. The hope is that they will stop harassing this project.
Remember that once you have 26,000 KW hours per year you can change ALL your appliances to run on electricity thereby not being dependent upon gas or petroleum products to heat, cool and run your home.  You will be OFF the grid, independent, with NO MORE  energy bills. In the event you would like to see a more detailed video of our current 24 alternative energy products and our forthcoming products, send $30 in a money order. If you are interested in becoming a sales rep under my dealership call or e-mail me. (see financial agreement below). I appreciate your interest and help in getting free energy out to the world.

Thank you very much.Helena Garvin, dealer for UCSA  505-477-7888            

If you received this flyer in error please indicate the word REMOVE in the subject line and send to : and you will not receive further information about free electricity and the progress we're making in getting it out to the public in the USA and the whole WORLD. Please forward this information to your e-mail lists. I'm sure everyone wants to know about this opportunity. These generators will only be offered to 16 million homes in the USA and Canada.  
We will be delighted to add you to our list of residences in line to receive free electricity with the installation of our Free Energy Machine on your premises.  Please follow these guide lines:

1. You must apply for a residence business, commercial or church buildings.
2. If you do not own the residence, you will need the permission of the owner.
3. ONLY ONE UNIT PER RESIDENCE or public utility hook up.
4. This program is only for the USA and Canada.
5. Please submit the following information: (Please Print)




Mailing address (if different)

DAY PHONE__________________________

Eve. Phone____________________________


Fax _______________________
APPLICANT'S signature


I own the property listed above as the INSTALLATION location and approve installation of a Free Electricity Generator on this RENTAL property.
Owner's Signature_____________________________________Date________

Print Owner's name __________________________________

1. Return this filled out application with a USA $5 money order or cash ( US$ 7 in Canada) to cover processing, shipping and handling made out to HELENA GARVIN and a  registration will be sent to you.

2. or return this filled out application with a $13 money order or cash ( US$16 in Canada)  made out to HELENA GARVIN and a registration and a 22 minute video will be mailed to you.
3. Return this application and your money order or cash ( please no personal checks ) to:
Sales Rep Karl Fink -