11/7/02 4:17:55 AM Pacific Standard Time 

I think it is safe to say at this point that the election of 2002 lacks any credibility at this point. Too many "mistakes", too many malfunctions, too many missing documents, too many dirty tricks, all combine to destroy the illusion that the results to be announced have any basis other than in wishful thinking by those in control of the vote counting process. Certainly the sudden abandonment of the VNS exit polls suggests that the actual polling results are so far out of alignment with the desired results that the media predictions had to be shut down. 

  The change in the Senate had no effect on the war. Too many Democrats had caved in on the war to change that outcome. The numerical shift is to small to suggest a popular mandate, although no doubt Bush will try to claim there is one. But in truth, no matter what the outcome was, the sheer volume of voting problems, whether accident or malice, renders this election wholly untrustworthy. There is no way any thinking American can assume that the announced results of this election in any way accurately reflect the wishes of the people.  It's a fraud, a total fraud! The only contest was whose vote riggers were better. Politically, I tend towards conservative, yet the capture of the Senate by the GOP is overshadowed by the object lesson that the American people no longer have any voice in the government at all. Voters are merely required decorations used to conceal election fraud.


Minnesota and Missouri results may be invalid.


11/6/02 A collection of articles on vote fraud 2002

11/6/02 "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge."

11/6/02 SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE ASSASSINATED BY COVERT US TERROR GROUP LINKED TO BUSH The eerie resemblance to an identical Senator assassination two years ago goes completely unmentioned in the media

11/6/02 The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks

11/6/02 The fall of the house of Ariel A cornered Ariel is a dangerous Ariel. And he still has those IDF commandoes already inside Iraq.

11/6/02 Objections emerge to new US revised resolution US still trying to push for authority to attack at will.

11/6/02 No Cover For Sharon When Sharon is no longer a head of state, there's that war-crimes tribunal waiting for his ass! Another reason to be concerned about an act of desperation from this madman.

11/6/02 NYC Medical Scare: Two Being Treated At Area Hospital For Bubonic Plague Bubonic plague was one of the world's first biological weapons. Indeed a story of a terror war involving Bubonic Plague as a weapon can be found in the old testament. In 1 Samuel 6-8 the enemy of the Israelites, the people of Ashdod, were struck down with a disease which arrived with mice, the symptoms of which are those of bubonic plague. Mice, as is now known, can carry the fleas that carry bubonic plague. While the Israelites and later Christians attributed the illness to the wrath of god (a good cover story when one is using biological weapons on ones enemies), 1 Samuel 6:5 reports that the people of Ashdod included gold statues of mice and spheres (representing swollen "buboes") in the tribute sent to the Israelites, proof that they knew exactly what had been done to them and how.

11/6/02 11 arrested for protesting at the UN

11/6/02 Mondale Fraud, Vote Scam (the book), VNS crash How did Mondale go from what was widely reported as an 8 point lead (margin of error being something less than 5%) to losing?

11/6/02 Stage Set for Homeland Act A little-known amendment in the Senate version of the bill makes it much easier for ISPs to disclose e-mail communications without being served with a warrant, which had been prohibited before the Patriot Act of 2001.

11/6/02 Friends in high places When George W Bush arrived in the White House, it was hardly surprising that he looked after Enron - the company had been looking after him for years. In the final extract of his book, Robert Bryce describes how the firm bought its way into Washington's corridors of power

11/6/02 Alabama Governor Race in Dispute "Siegelman charged that the Baldwin County figures were changed after midnight when poll watchers had left, and he stood by the higher number that would give him a second term."

11/6/02 New congress as deep in Israel's pocket as the old

11/6/02 Outcome of U.S. Elections Won't Affect U.S.-Israeli Relations, New FM Says "I can tell you...that in the U.S. it's not important who wins," Netanyahu said. "Israel is always in a good situation." Translation: "We own 'em all!"

11/6/02 A STATE OF TERROR: How many 'terrorist' groups has your government established, sponsored or networked lately? On the issue of right-wing terrorism, little has been reported. On America's intelligence connection to 'Islamic' guerrillas (and their manipulation of Islam), nothing has been said. Yet, the truth is that amongst those who utilize religious faith to justify war, the majority are closer to Langley, Virginia, than they are to Tehran or Tripoli.


11/6/02 How Television Images Affect Children Actually, cartoons are the most violent thing on TV these days. I learned that when my nephew was staying with us!

11/6/02 A History of Corporate Rule and Popular Protest

11/6/02 The Privatization of Water Next it will be air.

11/6/02 FOREIGN PRESS REPORTS ON AMERICAN VOTING "IRREGULARITIES". "A similar controversy raged in Minnesota, where voters still lining up to cast their vote when the polls closed, were told they could not vote, contradicting a state law that permits anyone still in line when the polls close to cast their ballot."