Date: 11/27/01 6:56:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mark Andrews does it again, Kent!  Neato news of our future!  This
should get people thinking all right!

Found first from Earth Rainbow Network:

(c) 2001 Mark Andrews

As I Prepare To Mark My 50th Birthday On 11-28-01, This Is My Gift To

Our time-traveling Galactic friends brought "me" back to the year 1978
(from the year 2018) to leave and share messages of hope for all of us
in these seemingly uncertain times.

At the time, I did not directly encounter my future self. However, " I "
dropped in (literally) on some of my friends and left messages with
them. In the Spring of 1978, I was 26 years old. My future self was
described (by those who saw me) as looking younger than 26. At the same
time, the "me" of 1978 was encountering individuals who I did not yet
know ( but have since met ) who left similar messages with me.

I'm going to ask you to verify the truth of what I am telling you by
seeking verification from God as to its reality. If someone were to tell
me this, that is what I would do before believing anything I was told.

The process by which the information was conveyed was through a series
of coded / cryptic clues, designed to keep the meanings of their content
hidden until corresponding events would make the meanings clear; only
with the passing of time. By the year 1978, I had given almost no
thought whatsoever as to the possibility of time travel, although
nebulous encounters with more advanced Galactic visitors had already
become frequent events. Needless to say, the experience of being visited
by time-travelers was something for which I had no preparation. It took
several years for me to accept this and to come to terms with the
reality of it all.

It would take hours for me to give a detailed description of each of the
cryptic messages. So, instead, I'm going to go right to the content and
try to relay it to you as simply and as easily as possible.

As best as I am able to interpret and understand:

1. The year of my 50th birthday (2001) would be a time of major
transition. Events will be presented to be other than they really are.
(9-11) The events of September 11 were "staged" to advance the
consolidation of global power on the part of those earthly financial and
governmental interests who fear that their power and control may soon
collapse following open contact with more advanced extraterrestrial

2. What we are being told of a "war on terrorism" is a facade to cover
efforts by the earth's power structures
to gain the "unquestioning" submission of the people of earth, as well
as to gain their support for (covert) military actions against
extraterrestrials - both "good" and "bad" - who are accelerating their
inclusions of this planet within their own spheres of influence.

3. Actual military confrontations between opposing ET groups (as well as
military clashes between earth forces and ETs) have already occurred on
and around earth, and will continue for several years. (The "United
Earth" military forces are now far more advanced than anyone could
imagine, due to technologies gleaned through secret trade agreements
with alien worlds. This was / is one of the primary reasons for secrecy
surrounding contact with alien races.)

4. More advanced humans from Sirius, Alcyone, and Taygeta are assisting
in the conflict and prepared to mount an evacuation (rapture) of a large
segment of the earth's population. The evacuation spoken of will be a
much more gradual process than our conceived "rapture".

5. The one who we know as the Biblical Anti-Christ will come to power in
the year 2005.

6. The survivors of earth will form the "New World" that will be
mentored by extraterrestrials and brought into the "Federation Of

7. Through the applications of Galactic knowledge and technology, our
life spans will average around 1,200 years. All disease will be
eliminated. Our physical bodies can be re-oriented back to a vibrational
level of our choosing. (If you want to be 18 again - and stay "18", it
will be yours for the asking.) 8. With the assistance of our Galactic
friends, we will be able to access the knowledge of (and visit) more
than 40,000,000 other planets in our galaxy populated by intelligent
civilizations. The average trans-planetary journey is accomplished in
less than 3 hours. (We'll be able to have breakfast on earth - attend a
lecture on Alcyone Prime - and be back on earth for dinner the same

9. Time travel will (obviously) also be accessible.

I was invited to watch as the time-ship made its passage "back to the

Much of the coded information given to me was of a much more personal
nature; such as revealing locations and addresses where I would be
living in the coming years etc. Again, it was all given in cryptic
messages so that I would be able to neither cause nor prevent anything
spoken of along the way.

The over-all message is simply this:

"Life goes on / the planet earth continues. - Past the transition / past
the year 2012."

Since 1978, I have come to know - and begin direct dialogue with - some
of the extraterrestrials (both human and non-human) who were / will be
part of the time- travel experience.

When it comes to your ability to accept what I've just shared with you,
it would seem that both you and I are in the same boat, because we're
both just going to have to take "my" word for it.

I'd like to close with a Biblical quote that carries the power of the
experience that I hope to share with you.


And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no
more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more
pain; for the former things are passed away.

Mark Andrews